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As the campaign goes on, you gather a fleet around your flagship. The best point is that true 3D combat though, allowing you to utilise bomber squadrons to target frigate's weak top armour or hide your craft behind gas clouds. Superb music, unparalleled visuals and a revamped UI make Homeworld Remastered a joy to experience.

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Master of Orion was the first game to move Civilizations 4X empire-building gameplay to the space stage - but it was Galactic Civilizations that perfected it. The first two games were ecstatically received and, whilst the third one launched much more anonymously it has quietly picked up plaudits for its moreish, horribly varied gameplay.

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In the campaign, humanity has cowered on Earth for ten years, watching the Drengin Empire exterminate or subjugate the free races of the galaxy. Now an errant Terran fleet has returned from a pocket universe and hopes to liberate humanity first and the galaxy second. In the much-more played skirmish and multiplayer modes, you start with a single planet and a handful of spacecraft.

The alien races you fight and treat with are charming and quirky, and their empires fit their personalities. The amount of tech to research, the types of structures you can build in space and on the ground, the variety of stars and anomalies to explore… this is a mammoth game designed to last you for a long time. Commander Shepard's last foray into space might have had a poorly-received ending, but Bioware's twisty space trilogy certainly made for a compelling five year arc. Taking the part of humanity's military representative on the galactic stage, players fought, talked and plotted their way through the galaxy's last days, travelling between the stars in their spaceship the SSV Normandy.

Mass Effect 2 followed a resurrected Commander Shepard as he or she sought to find more information on the insectoid Collectors. Soon, you realise that you need to destroy the enemy's base, but that you need a specialised team to take it down.

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The entire game is like the Dirty Dozen, as you recruit a bunch of psychopaths, murderers, and technological wizards, then win their loyalty to weld them into a team that can do this impossible suicide mission. We couldn't talk about space without shoehorning in a bit of the grim darkness of the far future. Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is a fleet management game set in the 41st Millenium. In the long singleplayer campaign, you take the side of the Empire, who are the 'goodies', as far as an ethnic cleansing empire run by an army of fascist supermen can be good.

You've got to defend several areas of space against the fleets of Chaos a sadistic, demon-worshipping version of said fascist supermen , the Orks space Orcs with a British yob attitude to enjoying a punch-up and the Eldar uptight space Elves who always think they're right. The battles both single- and multi-player are tough and tactically-rich where you have to manage your special abilities and your fleet, whilst keeping them alive for later battles.

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The campaign lets you slowly upgrade and expand your fleet as you start dealing with more and more enemies. And there are some horrible twists in the storyline.

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You can read the PC Gamer review over here. It's hard to believe that the long-awaited sequel to the first open universe space game 's Elite has actually been out since In Elite Dangerous you explore a huge persistent galaxy, trading between space stations, taking out space bandits, mining asteroids, and finding new star systems as you travel. Stunt across outrageous maps packed with plenty of bizarre terrain for an intense experience.

Collect coins, level up your ride, and WIN the offroad race.

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Crash Drive 2 will drive you mad! Crash Drive 2 is best played with friends. We at M2H love games with a lot of freedom. Drive around freely and explore the open world at your leisure. Find the best areas to score points, discover secret areas and search for the shady dealer. Random events offer fun challenges to any player that wishes to participate. When starting a game of Crash Drive 2 you will be automatically matched while playing.

This guarantees populated matches and saving you the hassle of finding an active match. Whenever an online connection is not available, the game smoothly transitions into a fully playable singleplayer version. Connectivity is never a problem! Doesnt excist, closest thing that comes to mind is UO, except you sound like someone obsessed with graphics.

OR Darkfall online.

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Thats about it. That doesn't exist. Lord of the ring online is kinda close to what you are describing and the combat is a lot better than the one in wow ;.

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Yeah I doubt a game like that exist. REason it would be chaos. Low lvl characters would be getting killed left and Right.