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For as long as portable computers have existed we have chased the laptop that is both powerful enough to play games and also light enough to carry without sustaining a back injury. Now, you could carry a secondary monitor with you — but then you could just buy a proper gaming laptop in the first place. In other words, the concept of an external graphics card certainly sounds appealing at first blush, but once you analyze its actual use cases you can begin to see why the ViDock is really the only product of its kind.

Read more about ViDock and the Thunderbolt-enabled version.

External Graphics Card (eGPU)

Home Computing External Thunderbolt graphics card for Macs will not blow you away. You should stay on macOS Is there anywhere any information regarding this? Thank you kindly in advance. Work with Nvidia and get the 10 series working on Mojave. But if Apple allows, our engineers are ready and eager to help Apple deliver great drivers for Mac OS I just set everything up with the purge-wrangler.

Sonnet announces Thunderbolt 3 to PCIe Expansion System/1U Rackmount Enclosure for Apple Mac mini

Apple wants you to think so, and, for the first time, it has worked with an outside firm Blackmagic Design to produce a sanctioned eGPU solution for the Mac. The Contributors on eGPU. Boot screens, Boot picker screen, works with firmware updates and has Audio out in Mojave and Catalina. So which one should I get? As Neil said, which GPU are you using?

If you have a Mac straight from Apple, even one you customized, then yes, Apple provides the drivers. Fast shipping and low prices at Bizon-tech.

eGPU support in apps

The outlook for VR gaming on Mac in is extremely bright. If formatting an entire drive, ensure GUID is selected. That's why the old Mac Pro form factor is important so we all can fit in what we need to do our jobs. Hot-plug capability, internal display acceleration, and multiple eGPU support can truly transform an ultra-portable MacBook Pro into a powerful workstation.

Just like a GPU in a desktop it only benefits the monitor it is connected too. You supply the enclosure and power.

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Note: eGPU device works when Mac connected to power adapter. Once your eGPU device works fine in macOS, Parallels Desktop will use the available graphics resources to increase virtual machine video performance. Additional tools. More Tools. These fixes are -- not to put too fine a point on it -- hacks, and have limitations and known bugs. I'm going to hold off purchasing and see how the dust settles - I imagine someone here will give one a test, not sure I am brave enough.

I wonder if Apple will add some more CPU upgrade options. It is super cool that Mac Mini has standard desktop CPU, not a mobile version, so even i3 or i5 versions might be much better than our current builds. Also I hope that cooling will be much better than on MacBook Pro. Mac Mini is probably the biggest surprise of this year. I like the portability or a laptop coupled with egpu power, with the mini for only have the latter.

This is Apple's new pricing strategy. There's pent up demand in the first year but eventually sales will dwindle. Apple will then have reasons to axe the Mac mini. If they wanted it around long terms the Mac mini would have a complete redesign. External graphics card has great appeal amongst laptop users.

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I'm not so sure about full-time desktop use. NUC-type systems are great candidates but when they cost as much as a proper desktop the value proposition is no longer there. Interesting opinion on Apples strategy, to be fair its a full on redesign, just in the same case, not that what you say doesnt make sense I'm torn I wonder what the Pro will bring?

Thank you for the info zmyslony but I m running ,Mojave and even tried the automated EFI method yesterday and still get error Can you share additional information of your setup? Is the external monitor set as Primary display? In Windows I can only run with laptop screen open otherwise system crashes.

I hope this doesn't affect non-laptops but I have no idea. I thought the Mac mini was pretty interesting. I would be interested in seeing how well a 6 core Mac mini with a Vega 56 eGPU would compare to my current setup. I'd like to upgrade to something with Thunderbolt 3 eventually but I think I'll just give it another year. Hopefully the next Mac Pro will be released by then. I have the ultrafine 5k monitors and will buy mac mini. I want to use the eGPU in windows gaming.

How do I connect 5k with MacMini? If the method 1 is possible and there are not loss in bandwidth or performance, I will buy that immediately. If not, I will sell 5k of damned and buy another monitor with dp port. Check my builds - link in signature, for my experience with using the 5k in windows for gaming. There is prob some performance loss, would need someone smarter than me to run the numbers, but it works fine for me. Theoretically at 5K the GPU will be sending back 19 GBPS for display so your GPU will be throttled to just slightly over Thunderbolt 2 speeds which should give you a good idea check benchmarks what your performance will be like.

Macbook Pro 13 , then what you have said would be true. However, looking at the implementation of TB3, 22Gbps is the maximum bandwidth of pci-e lanes please see the above image. I am guessing that the 5k display image generated by the eGPU is going to get sent back through thunderbolt's pci-e bandwidth the same 22Gbps , not a separate DP channel that could utilize the remaining 10Gbps; Which means 22Gbps minus around 19Gbps, making not much bandwidth left 3Gbps for the operation of eGPU. Of course, the above is worst-case scenario, when it comes to pci-e communication, the display driver might implement some sort of compression to minimize bandwidth use when sending video back.

I still get error 12 and did a fresh install of bootcamp after upgrades. Tried Refind with the flag and it did not help at all. Curious where you fond this info as I would love to dig more to attempt to fix the error.

External Thunderbolt graphics card for Macs will not blow you away - ExtremeTech

I'm not sure why you make the distinction between using one and two Thunderbolt controllers. With a single Thunderbolt controller, can't you connect an eGPU to one port and the display to the other port? The theoretical DP channel may be more efficient in this case, by not having to exit the single Thunderbolt controller but the bandwidth used would be similar.

I think we both agree that this DP channel idea is too magical to be the method used for transferring graphics from the eGPU to the display. I have speculated about this method at So, why are we calling it "10Gbps-TB1"? How does Thunderbolt networking work? This news prompted me to make an account on here as I am finally considering upgrading my system and the mac mini seems to be a perfect solution for me.

I have reservations, however, about whether this will work properly with bootcamp having done some preliminary research. I also find the idea of troubleshooting problems such as error 12 to be quite daunting as someone who has no kind of IT or coding background. Am I right in understanding that, because the mac mini has no dGPU, it should be relatively straightforward and that this mac mini should, in theory, work like a charm?