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Are you saying a partition is essential?

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Have used this method to successfully get Leopard onto an old 17 inch Powerbook with a dead optical drive — many thanks! Any ideas? Hi, trying to use these instructions to revive an old powerbook g4 laptop with broken diskdrive using a usb hard drive. Ah, I realize there was more to come after hitting space bar.

Step 2: Get the Q Emulator

I gave up after dozens of attempts…. If I can only find the cable…. I was hoping to get a definitive answer from this forum, but I think the instructions need a bit more clarification in some areas, this is tricky stuff for non-pros! I think the powerbook firmware is damage. Do you know how to instal the powerbook g4 firmware through the Openfirmare comand line? After lots of failed attempts with the USB keys and drives, I ended up formatting the internal HD with a partition big enough to restore Leopard. From there it worked flawlessly.

I resettled the pram etc too. I just got the computer off eBay so there is nothing but panther Formatting the hd drive works? No need to point to BootX or anything at all. This made the trick after hours of experimenting with other parameters. Any idea? I am very interested on learning how to do the same, Shora.

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Could you please share the details? I will very much appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you! This was a long shot but I was actually trying to boot the installer from a usb flash drive and also install the os to the flash drive. I used my fathers new MacBook Air to restore the installer from disc onto the flash drive. He said that some later Open Firmware based Apple machines allowed you to do this but not mine. My internal hdd and internal optical drives are broken, this is the reason I tried this method. My only option left is to install another internal hdd and run the installer through firewire.

Mac OS X Tiger Installation on my 17" Powerbook G4

But the hdd currently inside was only 2 months old before it broke and my technician said that it was probably a fault elsewhere in the machine that caused the extremely short life span of this new hdd. I think it is a new machine guys. Meanwhile, I have not been able to startup from the USB yet, and I am pretty sure that the solution has to be replacing the damaged internal HD.

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  8. And even if successfully booting from the USB flash memory was possible, if the internal HD is really dead, you can not get much farther than confirming that you have to buy a new drive. Obviosuly my copy of OS X install dvd was permanently damaged and there is a risk to damage the superdrive itself, but well, these are the risks of fixing it in on your own, I guess. Hi, i did everything that you have told in this forum, but i cant find a way more easier than this steps: 1.

    I create a new partition in my g4 disk of 10 gb 3. Restart my g4 and I have press Alt key before the sound of beginning 5. Chose my leopard image to boot it 6. I just want to reach through the interwebs and kiss you or, ahh, buy you a few drinks haha. Then I saw your post and tried it, booted straight in!

    Genius, thanks! For those respondents who reported getting a crossed circle — I had this problem too. My next mistake was to format my memory stick in GUID. You need to format it using Apple Partition Map as stated above using the option button in Disk Utility. I used the Disk Utility restore option on the same This fixed it for me. Hi, I am having difficulty following this guide.

    When I follow the OF, type in all that stuff above, etc etc… I get nothing. Please can somebody help??????

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    This works. One of the things that i got stuck on was that i was using a USB3 Stick. OSX was seeing the USB once it was fully loaded into the operating system — i was able to complete most of the steps; but i didnt realize that it cant see it after the Cmd-Opt-O-F terminal screen. Just want to reiterate this and this is why many are on this page. Not a bootable image from super duper and such. It could work…but if you get an authentic installer dmg, it should definately work! I just get stuck at an Apple logo with the spinning wheel forever.

    The USB drive does flash for a couple of minutes as it seems to be loading files but then it stops and it sits there just spinning eternally. Neighbor was throwing out an old mac and I said I would take it. I was able to get an install disc a version just higher than what was said possible for the laptop but that others said will still function on usb. Thanks, Bradley! This will rescan the USB bus. I spend 4 days to fix the powerbook, but then I found this instructions! Can you add a download link for leapord Thanks so much.

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    6. I was pulling my hair out with is old rig I found! It ran decently actually considering it only had k ram?! Beautiful screen! Abit different from DOS for sure. But yea.. So ya your little devalias detail here I just found showed me the right path and boom the dir command actually worked and there was BootX! Like 5 old accounts have been erased hd wiped clean for a fresh Osx Thanks to all!

      Please write to my mail or here. I have read all the comments and still nothing. How can you find the directory if using transmac to make a osx boot usb? As i dont have other mac to do this. I was fighting with this for DAYS. I tried like 6 different syntaxes for the dir and boot commands, tried aliasing, reading dev trees, NEVER got anything. That is the Then I just thought:. Hope this helps somebody running modern os x like high sierra to make bootable USB leopard install sticks.

      Well I tried the method above, but there was something bugging me, I did a Leopard USB stick, but I did it under macOS Sierra, in an intel machine, so, after thinking a lot, I was wondering if that could in any way affect the result. Here is the moment of truth. If this step does not work, I have had very limited success getting a machine to boot off USB2. In Open Firmware, type devalias, and you should get a list as output. Again, if you see this, I have not had this fail yet. See where this is going yet? You should get an ok back. Type printenv boot-device, and you should see the change displayed already.

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      Digital Started in In the following command, disk 1 should be replaced by what you found in Step 5, also every character is important this includes colon, forward slash, etc. It is the equivalent of the Environmental Variables in Windows tbxi is an alias to the binary boot loader. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading August 15, at pm. August 17, at am. Ronnie Quillen says:. August 26, at am. August 26, at pm. September 12, at am. September 12, at pm.

      Walt says:. October 12, at am. December 29, at pm. Daniel says:. February 27, at am. March 3, at pm. Martin Kidd Martin says:. April 8, at am. June 25, at pm. If your Mac meets the minimum requirements, Windows XP might not work or will be very slow. We found an emulator called Q. It is fully tested with Windows XP. For the best results, make sure Q is the only application running or Windows XP will slow down.

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      If your Mac is slow, try upgrading your RAM. Download the Q emulator. When you are done with the setup, install Windows XP! Beware of Windows XP scammers! And Windows XP is out of support! Reply 2 years ago. Windows XP is out of support so you can't obtain a new key! Reply 3 years ago. You have been reported for spam. You can't buy keys for cheap and you need to purchase it from Microsoft! Piracy is illegal. By thepcgeek Follow.