Part 1. Root Android Device on Mac

I wil come out this week in the Netherlands, cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excited tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thank you so much in advance Max!!!! You got the international version and it was micro SIM. Will all versions use micro SIM from now on? Thanx to ZedoMax, hope Sixaxis Controller will then work.

You can use CWM. To get out simply hold down power button until your phone resets. Haiii friends… Can u help me pls. I get a same problem here. After rooted, I have superuser but cannot reboot into recovery. I cannot flash any custom rom. Pls…pls…pls… help me. But i cant boot into cwm recovery. Haiii Max… It is ok or not, using rom manager to enter recovery mode to flashing custom rom. While Is LTE version. Do you think i should get the note 2, i love my original note but with all these new phones coming out like the optimus g that are getting close to on quadrant, will the note 2 be future proof, thinking about the htc j butterfly when an international version comes out, cant go smaller than 5 inches.

Note 2 is def. My original Note is still going strong, Note 2 will also last good 2 years. Are there any compatible cifs library modules to get cifs working on a rooted stock ROM Galaxy Note 2 yet? How do I go about un-rooting the phone? I used it on my T-mobile note 2 successfully, however I too am trying to figure out how to unroot.

After root successfully installed superuser. Reboot phone and now phone is stuck in boot. Try master reset throught CWM still stuck in same boot. I have install rom toolbox in my rooted galaxy note 2 GT-N and download theme from ROM Toolbox and install after rebooting it hangs up in samsung logo. Got the note 2 GT-N for 7 days nows, rooted after one day. Let me know, no rush buddy, thanks. As usual great videos… -Chris Carlo. Hi i hope any one can help. I have a galaxy note 2 but it was given to me as a demo stock so there is no imei or baseband version.

So i think samsung jussed messed with firmware on it. Can someone tell me step by step how to root it and do something to make the phone features work. Hello Asif, I am in the same situation as you, I have a Note 2 demo phone and I was wondering if you had had any luck with yours? Hi Max, I just rooted my galaxy note 2 using your method but it looks like wifi tether does not work.

I am hearing that T mobile has blocked this. Is there any workaround this? Any help would be appreciated. I have rooted many phones. I was unable to do step 2. Also read some other issues with T-mobile and this setup.. Is this the correct rom for Galaxy Note 2?

Oh and I am on T-mobile, thanks. Hi Max, I have done this method on my S2 before and it worked great. Now that I bought the Note2 I want to do the same. However I have also updated to Windows8 and Odin will not open. Let me know if you will have an update for W8. Hi Max, I rooted my note 2 tmobile but I want to unroot. Do I have to wait for the stock firmware to be available for US carrier or can I just choose from the firmware available?

Why do you want to unroot your tmobile galaxy note 2? Can some one please confirm if this up and running smooth for the sprint note 2 SPH-L Thank you mine will be here shortly. Gonna miss HTC animated weather thou. GT-N …. Is that possible? You would have to add different frequencies to the phone, that is physically built into the phone.

You cannot change that. How Can I even download the files? Every time I click on the links to download the respected files, it takes me to a new window where there are at least 3 buttons that say download, which I know are ads, but I do not know where to click to start the download.

Supposedly blobs folder delete themselves as you make future back ups as long as the old backups have since been deleted. Was a shock to me to ha takes up some amount of memory but to help keep its usage down I just keep my most recent back up and delete all unused and old roms. Hi got a REAL problem. Flash went absolutely fine rebooted fine. Last, I tried your reflash again all went well BUT still no solution still cycling through reboot after reboot. Any thoghts?

Hi Max. Many thx. Had this problem see above. Finally found out there seems to be a problem with the version of Clockworkmod included in the flash. Go look at the Clockwork mod site. You still have to boot into recovery in order to flash the working version. I had same problem but would boot in to recovery eventually. CWM site has all versions so just download correct zip file ,transfer to phone and keep trying to boot into recovery in order to flash it will work eventually.

Hello, everyone,, I am still kind of new to this stuff. Anyway I read that some people that cannot reboot into recovery my try this simple method. Make sure your rooted, and flash clockwork, then when rebooting hold the correct buttons after a few seconds release the power button and recovery will reveal itself. Hi if I have missed it sorry, but I have the im note 2…… I need to root!

I used your Method on my s3. By far the best site for instruction. After rooting. Can u still do the system update? Unable to update device. With all this rooting and stuff, is there really any different between the 2? How are we suppose to unroot the phone later on if we want to upgrade our stock firmware through Kies? Can you please show us the way to unroot it? Thanks a lot for the reply bro, really appreciate it… You are a great teacher of mine, almost learn everything bout android from you lol..

Use method posted by max for rooting this is just the correct cwm version I am advising you on and links are there for Odin method and flash method. How do I unbrick my galaxy s3. Hi, I have root my Note 2 successful by follow your guide. Really Thank for that. Then I root again because some problem. I try reroot many time but still got same problem. Hope you have som suggestion for that. Thank you. Hi all, I have solve my problem with setup back official firmware and the root back as usual.

This file does NOT root your phone it is a custom recovery. In order to root your phone use the method max has shown you above and once you have rooted your phone then you can apply this version of cwm so you have a working recovery, hope this helps. Thanks so much just tried it on Rogers Galaxy note 2 and it worked like a charm. Now iam fully rooted cant wait for my sd card to arrive. Make sure you have the Odin. Any idea if you will have that? I used this process and everything is fine. I can only advise you on what I have used, for more technical advise ask max directly or use the forum at xda if you are unsure.

I hope this helps. The Zip file is not downloading……when it reach at the middle.. I rooted my phone the galaxy note 2 from T-Mobile. First, can you load a video how to unroot the phone in case they push otas. Any app works for free tethering after this root. I followed the instructions exactly… I have the T-Mobile version, if that makes a difference. Now could somebody advise me on rooting it?

Hi Max.. Watch your tutorial on how to root samsung galaxy note 2, sound great to me. My note 2 is GT-N, can it root using your method? Hi, i have a t-mobile note 2 that i wanna root to get super user access. Will this method works for me? Take the minute or two to read a little bit. Thnx for the advice though. And will I lose everything will it erase everything like it does on iphones? Also, once rooted, will I be able to delete all the bloatware on the phone or is their another way to do so?

This would be my only reason for rooting the phone. Software updates are not available. How to unroot it?? You have to hold the recovery buttons for quite a bit but it will definitely load twrp!!! I have downloaded the root file but the odin is not opening also i cant get the. It still shows as a winzip file please help. You need to unzip the file in winzip once you extract the file then run odin and it will see the.

Where do I downloaded the correct Odin and root file? I have the SGH-iM model. Hi max ; first of all thanks so much for this website and give us this ways to root our phones you are the best bro and i want to say for all others here please read first before you ask any question. I have completed 5 th step that is unzipped file and has installed odin but my laptop is not showing window containing yellow box with random number. I successfully rooted my Samsung Note 2 LTE and I also successfully swaped my phone memory to my SD card memory, but some reason, it will change my phone memory to my sd card memory making me both memory are from sd card phone memory just disappeared and making both memory from sd card and some of my apps will not work properly, is there something I did wrong?

Is there anyway I can correct these changes? Thank you for your attention. I need HELP. I followed the process to root and it went thru perfect, im rooted and everything, the problem is i cant connect to my mobile network for calls or anything like that. After i rooted it i figured it was a glitch or something so i did a factory reset to no prevail. So I tried using this exact guide for my Tmobile Note 2, and once I get to the odin part to click Start, the process halts at SetupConnection.. Any idea what I should do?

Hi maxx,i tried your method and it didnt root my phone plus i dont have cellular signal,i have gn2 att…please help! Keep up the good work. Everything worked great for me. First time at rooting a phone and adding a custom rom. It deffinitly helped knowing all the ins and outs before I attempted this. SGH-T with 4. Hi Guys , Will this method work with T? If i flash the standard recovery back to note 2 and note Failed 2 times now.

I reloaded stock rom, tried again, same effect. Will this method work for me? Thanks in advance. Does rooting void the warranty or make it non-returnable? If so, am I able to revert back to factory settings if I need to? I honestly just want to have the stock ROM, nothing more. So I know it have been verified that this method of rooting work with the t-mobile variant of the note 2, but will this still work after the ota update that was released around December 19th?

It was the update that added the multi window feautre. What could be the problem? Also, I am waiting for the Galaxy note 2 to arive any day now,I ordered it through Amazon and go thru Sprint. Will this routing method work on this late model phone. Not sure of model yet. Its on amazon for Srry,just one more question..

Can I route the Galaxy note 2 as soon as I get it b4 I call Sprint and activate it ir does it have to be activated first? Once again ty…. What could be the issue with mine? It just does NOT want to root… Gets to cache. Is the phone prone to such bugs? Can I route the galaxy note 2 as soon as I get it or do I need to call Sprint to activate it first?

Is this Zip file no longer good? I used this method to root my international note 2 n, its all ok, but i have a question — how to back to full stock form — stock recovery, stock rom now i have custom rom , without root, etc…. Same here, except on Windows. Will this method work with our variants? Nevermind, I saw FAQ 3 and seen my model number is not right.

I just got my screen changed trough samsung and when i got the screen back, i can only flash the cmw 6. If i do, the screen flickers like there is some kind of driver failing. Have you heard of any thing about this? This also happens when i try to flash a CM 10 og CM The Galaxy Note II text flickering over the screen. Firstly, thank you for the video. The screen shows the samsung sign and goes blank for a while and boots up in the normal mode. So is their anyway i can reinstall CWM???

JOdin3 = Odin for Mac OS X

Right after you see SS sign, release power button but still keep the other two. You can check the way people did at youtube. So is their anyway i can reinstall CWM????? Thanks bro, really you helped me to root my new Samsung GT N Bro, max i have ques. Good stuff bud!! First of all, thanks for your guides and your site, it has been very helpful. I would like to ask your advice about a problem I am encountering. Everything worked for a while. Then after a month or so, I suddenly lost network connection no internet, cannot make phone calls, no sms, etc.

Then I decided to unroot my phone again with your provided guide. Unrooting was succesful as well and to my surprise, I regained network connections. A few weeks has passed and all of sudden, today after I rebooted my phone because for some reason my lower bar menu was gone. I have no network connection. Do you know how I can solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Never mind this post. I found out it has nothing to do with rooting or unrooting. Once deleted and rebooted, everything worked again.

Rooting this way will block you from samsung from getting update. It will be detected that your phone is rooted. Are there any other way to root my Note2 4. Hi, i just root on 4. My name is nicholas. I have just rooted my note 2 using ur step by step instruction. All when well no issue.. What i want to know is, how do I go back to original?

In case there is updates from sumsung. Or will there be some kind of up dates from you.. Next thing is.. Hello max i just bought a galaxy note LTE and the dealer failed to tell me it was an international! I need help. Hi Max i just got galaxy note 2 model SGH-I31 from telus, would you mind telling me what file to download in order to root my phone and if i rooted and install custom room would i lose my unlock?

Kernel : 3. From a relatively non-tech guy, this instruction was easy and very understandable. Everything took place exactly as described. My first root and I walk away excited that I finally have control of my phone and eager to dump all the proprietary garbage, much the way I pillage a new pre-loaded computer.

Max, thank you for making my day! Can I upgrade to 4. And I cant see super user app in the application screen but found on search. If not, can I replace the recovery. OK, I rooted using hte method described in the article and the same files. Anyway, it just takes an extra minute to do it this way. Can you make a video about rooting a galaxy tab 8. Hi, I able to root my new galaxy note 2. Can anyone help me everytime im in the terminal and try to put sudo it says to enter the password but when i try my keys dont respond on the terminal? Anyone else get that?

Hi max , i am having problem with my phone all of a sudden my phone turn to No network after calling a friend and i found out that i key hash tag my keypad my IMEI is gone. Just as simple as that. I have been at awe with your work but a simple Yes or No answer you cannot deal with? As always thanks Max for all your hard work. Hey Max!

Samsung galaxy note 3, Easily connect to Mac

I used this method on my new note 2 ATT sgh-i 4. Hi Max, i tried this i am using windows 8 pro ,but odin shows the following error Added!! Odin v. File analysis.. All threads completed. Then proceeded to root it once again. Now the only problems I am having are : MMS not working, cant get the update to 4. An up to date 4. I suspect cwm is running but nothing can be seen.

Hi i rooted my note 2 but when i try to go to the root menu my screen just fucks up an then i restart and evrythigs works on the OS but i cant get into the root menu. You must just do everything correctly. I am running MacksRom and rooted per you guidelines for the Sprint variant. I am now being prompted to install an Android System Update. The size of file is MB. Is this safe to install or will it cause me to lose root? I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks!

Hey Max you think youappreciateppreciatecan help me out i tried this root which made boot screen wiappreciate itg out and went black when i tried to install cm I researched on the web a found no help except for downgrading from 4. If there is a way to flash cwm on note 2 or just downgrade Link would be great Thank You Max Great reviews By the wsy.

Odin doesnt recognize my phone in download mode. It doesnt turn yellow. But its okay with MTP and Kies. Its only not working in download mode. Read everything on the internet for troubleshoot, reinstall samsung usb driver, everything! What did I do wrong? I do not recommend you run the windows version on a small screen… it is very difficult to see. It did work though. Thank you! Thanks so much! It was completely idiot proof. I dont know how anyones having any promlems. Att SGH There is no PIT partition. He Max so I managed to push new.

So now my recovery turn to TWRP.. Thanks man…I come to you for every note 2 issues. You are the best. From Russia I say thanks! I am rooted on stock tmobile rom. I want to know this as well. I plan to root my phone but I want yo update LTE. Does anybody know if you will keep your phone rooted aftr the ota update.

I confirm you guys, it works. Rooting works flawlessly. One tip for un-rooting part is, make sure you download original stock rom that you feel comfortable to work with. Again, I confirm this method works on Jelly Bean 4. I rooted my phone and installed JediMaster Rom on it, but now my mobile data doesnt work…can anyone help me please.

I have superuser but cannot reboot into recovery! Hi Max!! Whenever I try to the screen flickers and I have to reboot my phone. Suggestions and help on this issue will be very helpful. Hey Max, thanks for the help. I have a problem. This application will not work. Please ensure that your Rom is rooted. Does my phone have to be unlocked from my phone carrier also? Great tutorial…. Do you have one for the Tablet So far, I have not made a backup because my backup card has not arrived.

It should be here next day or two. For all those who are having a flickering screen problem when booting into CWM. I have got a solution. Flash CF-Root using Odin. After this step, when you try to boot in to recovery you should get into stock recovery. Boot in recovery to verify. Make sure you download the correct CF-Root meant for your model. Hope its useful for someone. Ok i got my galaxy note 2 from a friend. I have tmobile service now and i just want to switch phones.

How can i get this phone to work? Master Max. Worked flawlessly. Do you know of any iM roms that are available? Dude please consider using a site other than downloadandroidrom. That site is garbage. Otherwise thanks for the good work and awesome info! Was to fast. I think was 5 seconds to root the phone. Maybe that? An interesting discussion is definitely worth comment.

Trois applications pour rooter Android sans PC

To the next! Many thanks!!

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For everyone who is wondering if you can perform this root procedure while you have full disk encryption turned on: you can! There are a lot of comments out there that indicate you may want to unencrypt your phone if you ever want to UNROOT to get OTA updates, or you will probably have problems.

My note is now saying Encryption failed unable to complete encryption due to iterruption…bla bla bla but i never interuppted the process any ideas what to do everytime i reboot goes to the same screen. I have the international version of Note 2 and rooted it exactly according to your steps. Jeff: Just select the zip file while browsing in PDA, and it detects the tar. Stupid question I used this root method on my galaxy note 2 but how do I get cwm or the twrp on my phone or did it install when I rooted it with this method im wanting to install the s4 translator all I did was root with this method did install anything or modify please help thanks.

Hi I tried to flash using this method it didnt work please help. I got root but no recovery for some reason. Hey, Im using the latest build from ATT the 4. Please post a link or help me. Q: why the GalaxyNote2Root. I am having the same issue. I enter the capcha info, and it reloads and asks for it again…repeat.

K let me just start off by saying I probably the dumbest android user in the world and undeserving of my Note 2 but I have a very big problem and wanted to know if anyone here could help me. Last week I wanted to unroot my note 2 and go back to being unrooted so thats exactly what I did. I also wanted to restore my phone in complete factory, like i got it with nothing on it and for some reason factory reset was not doing that so I formatted my data using TWRP.

I have been trying to flash the stock rom for a couple hours now an realized I am no longer rooted and cannot do anything besides look at my TWRP screen or Samsung Logo boot loop. I so want for this phone to stay alive. If anyone can help please send me a personal email at akonrools hotmail. Any help is appreciated. I am having the same problem. Cannot get to the recovery mode. I have a backup on my external SD card, but I cannot get Titanium to back up from it either…..

Download & Install Odin (Jdoin3) For MAC OSX

Can someone please help? It stays off. I can then re-power the phone. I managed to re-install Apps with Titanium, but it was a very slow process as it asked for verification for each app I am a NOOB. I rooted using this method. Also, my phone showed as a using a modified rom not allowing me to update. Noobs beware, this is not an easily reversed, non detectable process. Just saying. I rooted my note 2 n n installed paranoidandroid v4. How can I get that sim toolkit back?

Urgently assist. I just used this methof on my t t-mobile phone. It appears to be rooted however CWM seems to be screwed up. I get a buch of garbled video and then darkness. Have to pull battery to get phone working again. Hi there i watched your video and downloaded files to root my note 2. All went well but when i tried to go into the cmw6 my screen just flickers a few times and then reboots as normal. What did you exactly do? Normally nothing on this page will end you up in a bootloop so I am not sure what you did. Dear Max your site is wonderful. Please help. I have the same issue.

I returned it to the stock ATT firmware and it still is laggy and non-responsive. Dear Max I tried using Hawkish premium but after installing the camera app doesnt work and when trying Aliance ROM i could not get mobile signal as whenever tried making calles message was coming that not register on network. Rooting does not cause signal loss by itself, not sure what you did but are you sure all you did was root? Hi i rooted my phone using this article it is rooted alright the superuser icon is in my apps the problem is :. I bricked my phone when i tried to reset it to stock, then, I unbricked my phone,then i bricked my phone when i flashed this because i lost my root after i flashed the stock firmware.

I rooted my note 2 at t now when I try to get in to recovery it spazzes out I did the steps on the web site could I just flash a new rc. I have a GT N china version. I followed the instructions to root my phone. Odin successfully installed the root. So after every Custom Rom the binary count goes up?

Or does it just go up once? Or how does that work? Should I not use a custom rom until I get the triangle away app?? I will not add a single thing to my phone until I get answers lol. I have the exact same problem as Lakshya Sinha. Once odin showed passed, the phone went to a continuous loop with the logo and the name of the handset all over the screen, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes to the extreme right or to the left. Then, i had to power it off and turn it on again. The binary count is up and i do not see the superuser app. Moreover, the triangle away does not work, neither do the super user apps by CM and CF.

Titanium backup does not get root access. What is the problem here and how can we solve it. The phone was not locked prior to rooting. It runs on 4. I rooted and now my screen is very unresponsive and laggy. Any fix for that? Hello good day and I hope to respond to my questions. I followed the steps to the letter but when I go to the recovery screen is flashing and I can not enter the recovery as for installation ago Well besides my vercion the telcel the im sgh supports the Canadian numbering almost equal its like to install Roms thank you very much.

I have no idea what is happening please help. I am facing the same issue. Can anyone help me. Need help. It only took me two days to root my N with this method. Five minutes to root, but two days to download the Winblows drivers for Boot Camp. Take it up with Apple. Hi I am having an issue with rooting my gn2. I have a model sgh-I, when I click the exe file an error pops up in another language, and the com box pops up really quick but disappears.

If not, how can i unroot my device. Thnks so much in advanced. I have the same problem as you are. Did you solve your problem yet. If you do, please help me because i want to install new ROM. I have rooted the phone and the rooting was a success. I trust almost only in your BLOG!!! Have a nice day. Sprint note 2 works great but GPS is int working any ideal thanks Max for all your hard work and time you put into your videos to show your fans whats new in the rom world.

Help please! I updated my note 2 to official 4. Did you ever figure out the answer to your question. I have the same issue with Note 2 Tv on windmobile. Hey Max thanks for the website instructions and files. Hey, Tim… same here, but I think that I have a little different problem. I previously rooted my N with Heimdall when I was running 4. Just to clarify, I was running the stock Rom when I was rooted with 4. I tried numerous times to root with 4. Not giving up yet tho. After download from odin the phone did not load cwm recovery like your picture.

It showed gt n on the screen then started to flicker real fast. After couple flickers it stops with a black screen. From there I can turn the phone on like normal. I have super user on the phone. I also rooted three times with the same results. Max, I rooted my sgh-i that was on 4. I factory reset it and it hung up on boot loop…. I was able to get into recovery once, now nothing…. I cannot get into recovery at all…. The only thing I can do is get into download mode…. So, I get into download mode and use odin and stock rom…. I tried this method on Android 4.

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Search and search for super and you should see superuser. Choose that and than select ALL install it.

1. First, All-In-One Samsung Galaxy Note Data Manager – dr.fone

Get PIT for mapping.. Will this method work to root a Windmobile Note 2 Tv running on Android 4. Or do I need to odin back to 4. I have checked Terminal Emulator. In Root Checker Pro, it did say that BusyBox was installed properly though, which shows it was previously rooted. I am thinking the person who had it before me rooted the device, flashed with CleanROM, and then unrooted it. I need help on figuring out what is going on.

[Updated Guide] Download & Install Odin (Jdoin3) For MAC OSX

I am new to the root and custom rom thing. I am wanting to go back to stock rom so I can do the update it or reroot it to download more up to date rom. Can someone give me some advice on where to go from here? All help will be much appreciated. Complete write operation failed. I cant restart the phone except in the ODIN download mode. Great — after one attempt at rooting, the hardware is fucked.

This was not my first root of a phone, I am not a total noob. Maybe something changed in a recent download for the Note2 that prevents rooting, but either way be warned — the method outlined above will brick your Note2! Mohamad, I had the same problem. After searching the web I found out that the 4. Some post suggested to go to the play store and select upgrade for the SuperSU application and give SuperSU root access when prompted, but this did not work for me.

I did not have the option to upgrade SuperSU. Its macks 5. I am very happy with the results otherwise but the hotspot is terrible. Please help I am frustrated and cannot find answers after much research and troubleshooting. Not related but you guys seem really smart. I have a samsung galaxy note 2 GT-N and it is encrypted and i do not have to code to unlock it.

Hi Max, you are the Note 2 Meister, if anyone has a solution to this problem, you will have it. Is there any way to kill KNOX? Have tried some of the solutions on the net without success. Thanks a million in advance. What do I do? Flashed Clockworkmod 11 nightly. Tried: Flashed the cwm6-root-note2. Unsure if I should try to return to original phone setup. The steps suggest I might have to boot into Recovery if phone hangs…but I am not certain I would be able to get to Recovery. Hi max I have rooted my note 2 by above method. Hi max sorry to ask this. I have note 2 n but I can not put google play on it..

Use philz touch root method, I used it and if you follow the instructions youll be rooted in no time, just google philz touch root method youll find it. Did you try that? Hi max I have a rooted N and it is stuck in a boot loop.

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I tried flashing it with the Original firmware and now it is stuck on the Samsung logo. Itried rooting it again and its still stuck on the Samsung logo. Hello friends My Galaxy note 2 with the 4. I have tried rooting my note2 GT N following all the mentioned steps,but somehow my phone is not getting rooted. Hi i just did everything right but when it started rebooting to the rooting mode my battery fell off.

But i just tried it again and it works well but it is not rooting it? After the last kitkat update using any of the four browsers including the stock browser has become completely aggravating. But when after I updated 4. Any ideas? Oh and I have tried to use the GalaxyNote2Root.

Please help! Then go back into each rooted apps and make sure they regain root privilege. I am having huge problems trying to find a Telcel rom 4. Any tips? Will this Method give me root access? My model no. Is N It stops as soon as I touch the icon. So u said to install a new version of it using cwm.

A lil detailed explanation plzz. I have downloaded the file, but now what? I have problem of NT, running 4. Hey guys one more thing. I updated the supersu n it says Their is no Su binary installed n this is a problem. U need to re-root ur device manually or consult ur forum. Help guys plzzzz. Thanks Max, it worked like a charm! Rooted my second device following your easy to follow guide. My first was a Galaxy S2, also rooted following your tutorial, elsewhere. Appreciate all your work. Pretty messy stuff if you ask me, but those days are long gone thanks to the new advancements in Magisk being able to avoid detection altogether.

It's almost bulletproof now that the platform has adopted the randomized package name and Magisk Hide features. The first thing you need to do on your quest for a worry-free experience is to randomize the package name of the Magisk Manager app itself. By ditching the original package name for something entirely random, the offending apps and games won't know what to look for. Open the Magisk Manager app, tap the menu icon on the left, then head to "Settings.

It will make the necessary changes in the background real fast, close the app, then reopen it once more with a newly randomized package name. Not only does the package name get changed to something undetectable, but the app name is also altered from "Magisk Manager" to just "Manager. It's essential to make sure you're using this feature all the time going forward, so keep that in mind. Now that you have the first half of the changes required to make everything work, it's time to use of the Magisk Hide feature to further complement your new randomized package name.

This is the other part required when trying to get all apps and games to play nicely with your root access. Many financial or banking apps like to block root users, so that's another thing to be aware of. To get started, open the newly named "Manager" app to the main screen like before, tap the menu on the left, then head to the "Magisk Hide" entry on the list. Locate the offending app s that are detecting your root access and tap the dot on each one to put a checkmark on them.

That's it! Tapping the down arrow icon will expand the rest of the entries for that specific app. It should enable them all by default when you tap the first dot, but it's always good to make sure everything is checked off when going through the list of offending apps anyway. From here, you can dive right into the apps and games that you thought you'd never be able to use as a root user.

You don't have to worry about doing a reboot when using Magisk Hide, but occasionally you might try that if an app is still not playing nice with root access. The apps and games listed below are just a few good examples you might find yourself using now that you can completely avoid root detection.

There are plenty more examples out there that try to block root users, but with the power of Magisk at your disposal, you should have little to no issues whatsoever. There's always a chance for new root detection methods, but everything is good right now. Some really cool new development for hiding your root status even further than this is coming with the new test versions of Magisk on Android 10 "Q," so stay tuned for future news on this very topic.

I'll be updating the guide when we start seeing some stable public builds for everyone to use as a daily driver. It still cannot hide xposed. EdXposed module may be a option, but my phone didn't take kindly to those riru modules anyway riru core module made me do a factory reset. EdXposed mod is a xposed mod to hide xposed, but I don't know how effective it is, as my phone had problems. After all this time magisk has been out, no one has solved this. Yeah, the original Xposed framework is a very particular case because it's the predecessor to Magisk and is also an entire platform within itself.

Since official development will most likely never happen beyond the current Android 8. It was made to unofficially bring Xposed support for current versions of Android. The official Xposed framework doesn't go beyond Android Oreo, which means it'll likely never pass SafetyNet checks on new versions of Android. So I don't think this will ever get solved now that development has ceased altogether on the original framework.