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Also, one a couple of emulators are currently available in this configuration with Android Lollipop. Play and use more than one Android app by creating a clone of the Android operations. Emerging as a great alternative to Android Studio, the sole purpose of the emulator is to help the user in app development. Use it in a better way by configuring the emulator in different devices running on various Android versions.

After configuring, you can quickly switch between the devices according to your preference. Any person can install the apps manually and makes it an excellent tool for testers. No Google app comes pre-installed on the emulator, so one has to install GApps for this emulator. Initially, the emulator comes with Android 5. The additional benefit is that you can use the root apps on the emulator as it comes with special root privileges for the users. The interface of the app is entirely fresh and other than a typical Android device. The taskbar of the emulator is on the floor giving you instant access to all the games and apps present.

This Android emulator allows the user to play more than one game at one screen at the same time easily. Try the emulator for experiencing the newer version of Android not available in any. If you are looking for a simple and efficient Android emulator, then YouWave is a perfect choice. Around here for a long time, the free version comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. It was updated last year to the users, and a premium version was made available running on Android 5. There are no game-specific features and characteristics, but playing the game on it is a smooth experience.

Installation of the emulator is easy, and you can develop apps on it. Like any other Android device, it comes with rotating feature giving phone like response instantly. The best thing about ManyMo is that it does not need to be downloaded or installed for accessing its features.

The emulator is available mostly online and is open for every desktop virtually. Any person can use it regardless of the configuration and chipsets used. Unlike some of the other emulators available, AMIDuOS is not something that focuses on gamer-oriented features, or developer-oriented features. It is a pretty basic Android emulator that can test all your apps without an issue. For many, the Droid4X has some ups and downs, and it is not the perfect emulator. However, its simplicity means that it works well in all situations.

The emulator is created with Android gamers in mind. Hence, the focus primarily lies on the games. Since Droid4X is mainly for Android games, it can run the entire Android game library with ease. However, if you want to, you can use it for productivity purpose as well. Sure, your experience may vary, but it should work smoothly. Droid4X is not the perfect Android emulator, but it is the one that will get your job done All thanks to its simple interface and polished experience.

If you are a developer who always needs a device running a different version of Android just so you can efficiently check your apps, then Genymotion is excellent.

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This emulator is for developers who need to test their apps and games on multiple devices without having the devices. The developers can configure the emulator to emulate different versions of Android like 4. While this may not be very important for the general consumer, it is fantastic for developers. They can make sure their app works on all Android versions without any issue.

When it comes to Android emulators, I believe Genymotion is a step in the right direction. The fact that the services are free for personal use is something I admire.

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The emulator can be used for purposes other than development as well. If you want an Android simulator strictly for playing games, then Nox is the right option for you. Available for free, this Android emulator for windows pc aims to bring a right amount of control to the gamers. It gives the user some a slew of advanced features and controls. The features revolve around making sure that gamers get the most out of their experience.

Nox is one of the few emulators that will allow you to use a full-sized game controller to play your games. Talk about having a good experience, eh? If you are wondering about productivity, then yes, you can test your apps on Nox. However, keep in mind that it is primarily made for gamers.

It is also free to download. Remix OS Player was a surprise as soon as its arrival, and that too for many reasons. For starters, it was one of the first few Android simulators for windows that were running Android 6.

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Other emulators were still on the older OS versions. That is not all; Remix OS Player is also incredibly simple and straightforward when it comes to setting up. Once you are done, you can start using it the way you would want it to use. There are some handful of features in this Android emulator.

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On paper, and during use, the Remix OS Player is a reliable option for everyone who wants to get their hands on an Android emulator. It is easily one of the best Android emulators available for download, and yes, it is free. However, that may change shortly with an update.

Virtual Box is something different than the rest of the best Android emulators on the list. Virtual Box is not an emulator per say. Instead, it is a tool that will help you create your own. You are going to need a couple of other tools like some images from Android-x It is almost like an exam, you will have a lot of bugs in the beginning, but you can iron them out.

Once you create the perfect version, you can call it your own. Sure, it is very challenging and impossible for a person who does not know how to code. However, for someone who likes to code, this is a great start. YouWave can be considered as an Android emulator from the Jurassic era. That is because it is one of the older Android simulators for PC. However, the good thing is that it is still relevant since it got an update last year. The emulator is available for free and paid versions.

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Now the use tells that YouWave is not meant for gamers. Yes, there is some lightweight gaming that can quickly be done since it will play games, just not have specific features. The emulator focuses more on the developers, that explains the slew of development options that are available for you to use. An emerging Indian company develops the product. You will be able to install the Remix OS easily and will satisfy the demand of gamers. The Remix OS Player also includes gamer specific features alongside a customizable toolbar. You can easily run multiple games simultaneously, including the ability to use it as a productivity tool.

We observed that the official site is inactive with no activity on the social media accounts. You can install and work with the Remix OS Player if you like, but we are concerned about its future. Xamarin is an Integrated development environment identical to that of Android Studio. It is available in both free and enterprise versions. Xamarin can be easily integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. The emulator included with the Xamarin can be used for app and game testing.


You should note that the installation process is a bit tedious for a beginner. It is to be noted that the emulator is not powerful like Genymotion. However, it completes the intended job. You can also customize Xamarin as per your requirements. You can use Xamarin free of cost for personal use, but enterprise companies will have to pay based on the terms. The free version is developed using Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and the last update was in the year You can either use PayPal or Amazon Pay to purchase the emulator.

You should download the free version to test drive the features and functionalities before investing for the premium version. You can install Youwave on Windows guests if you have installed VirtualBox. You should not install the emulator on the host machines until you have uninstalled VirtualBox. If you are not satisfied with the emulators, you can build your emulator.

You should download VirtualBox and the relevant image from Android-x The setting up of your DIY Android emulators is difficult, and it requires tedious effort. If you are not experienced in coding, then you will find it difficult to resolve bugs. Hence, you should venture into the development of your Android emulator only if you are confident of programming. Every person is different and you might not like the emulator that your friend does.

Requirements and recommendations

All the ones we mentioned have free versions, which you can download and try for yourself. Then, continue using the one you liked. Make sure you never allocate more than 50 percent of your computer space to an Android emulator. Tips: If you accidentally deleted important files from your Android devices while having no backup, there is a free Android data recovery software that can help you get them back quickly. With it, you are no need to worry about data loss. Pros: You can open multiple windows on one computer. Roots easily. You can map shortcuts on the computer. Cons: Puts an excess load on the computer, so you cannot use multiple apps at once.

Supports multiple accounts at one time. Supports the latest Android OS version.