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We ended up running this at each login to give the teacher access. I'm no expert here but maybe this will work for you. Thanks guys for your replies. Really appreaciate. We have a share facility in place. But we want the student work from local because their files are huge, usually 1 to 2 GB.

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We don't want 25 students editing video from the same share server at the same time. For the same reason, we only use the share drive for students to submit final work. Kids are not patient enough to upload their work to server after every class. So when the teacher want to monitor their process, he needs to log in to the local computer check student's work. I think for now I will ask the teacher to log in as Root user. Thanks Kenny for your little trick. I have to test it on Monday.

But the problem with AD users is: Even you give full permission to an admin account to access users' home folder, when another new AD user logs in and created a new home folder, it will become unaccessible to the admin again. I would suggest using the admin Dropbox as a submission of work, it's kinda why it is there. If they drop in the local admins directory, then it isn't a copy to a server and shouldn't take long, although it would obviously be nicer to upload it to the teacher's Dropbox directly.

If a teacher wants to monitor progress, then shouldn't they be doing that with the student there or if the student submits the work? I'd like to think a teacher wouldn't take an exercise book from a students bag to see how they are getting on, but this is equivalent to what you are trying to achieve.

How to fix when you don't have the necessary permission on Mac?

I'm with talkingmoose on this. You shouldn't really be allowing admin access to users accounts. Get the students to submit their work. Jamf Nation, hosted by Jamf, is a knowledgeable community of Apple-focused admins and Jamf users. Learn more about JNUC. Like Comment. Order by: Most Likes Oldest Newest. This isn't Mac OS 9 anymore: If you're already an administrator you can access user files any time you need.

Administrators don't need to change user folder permissions to grant themselves access because they can elevate themselves to root. Being an administrator doesn't mean you should give yourself carte blanche to everything under your purview. Yes, as an administrator you can do this, but that doesn't mean you should. My point is that I feel you're handling this issue incorrectly. Log in to post a response.

Cannot change permission status for Applications folder - error code 8076

Spam This is an advertisement—it is not useful or relevant. Inappropriate This is offensive or in violation of our Community Etiquette. This has been flagged. Is there any other user account listed there that is admin?

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If so, try using that user name assuming you know that user's password. No other account is listed as the Admin, just the account "Admin" is the Admin Would making a new Admin name or user help? That might work. But you'll need to give authorization using an admin user name and password, which seems to be precisely the problem are having now when you try to change permissions on that folder.

When you enter "Admin" as the user name, it may be case sensitive, so make sure you are entering it precisly as it appears in the Accounts pane. I have been corretly entering the name case sensative wise. Also now another folder popped up this morning with the red circle, when it was in complete open use yesterday and no one at my company changed any of the settings on the folder. I've also tried to run disk utility to run a repair permissions, which isn't highlighted so I tried to Verify Disk and I recieve the message "Verify volume failed with error Could not unmount disk ".

This folder that it happened to today is extremly important.

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Please does any one have any idea of what's happening and how I can change these permissions with out damaging anything as my knowledge of using terminal and running commands or things of that nature is at novice level. Aug 10, AM.

How To Repair Permissions On A Mac

That could happen if there is another process that is presently accessing the volume. I don't think it related to the volume having data corruption. The fact that is it a "server" may be relevant.

Administrator access to /users folder

You can also try restarting it with the Shift key held down. That should do a Safe Mode startup, if an Xserve acts like a regular Mac. The Safe Boot will do some maintenance and tests during startup, and start up with only essential proceses running. Try accessing that folder now. If you can access it, you should probably save it off on another volume, such as an external drive, so that you have a current backup. Repair Disk Permissions will probably give you a lot of messages; they are usually just "informational" so don't be concerned.

However, if Verify Disk reports an error, that is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. It only applies when there is a system installed on that volume. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question.

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Question: Q: Question: Q: Can't change permission on folder and says "Admin" name isn't a valid Hey every one, first time user of the forum Here is my issue.