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If the clicks are executed perfectly, a perfect animal clone will be made. Like the animals in Zoo Tycoon, they get sick with diseases. Due to the extinction of these diseases, the player must utilize the Extinct Research Lab to investigate and find the cure.

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Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection was released on September 30, It contains the original game and all four official expansions, similar to Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection. Many people have had a formatting program on their Ultimate collection discs, causing this particular expansion to be not so popular. Many parents played the game with their children, which resulted in the numerous awards for the sequel. Although the game is aimed at children and teenagers, the educational side of the game was the rise to popularity.

However, there were numerous bugs. These include multiple awards from parent organizations for being a family-friendly game that could be played by young children with adult supervision. All of these have different gameplay and content, but all have the same basic concept.

The most recent competition is Deep Silver's Wildlife Park 2 , originated in Germany, which has produced many expansions in the following years, and eventually gained a short-lived sequel called Wildlife Park 3. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Zoo Tycoon 2. Contents [ show ].

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Add an image Zoo Tycoon 2. Categories :. Release Date:. November 9, Zoo Business Simulation. Blue Fang Games.

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Ring-Tailed Lemur. Acacia Caffra Tree. Balsam Fir Tree. Banana Tree. Baobab Tree. Birch Tree. Black Spruce Tree.

Camel Thorn Acacia Tree. Cypress Tree. Date Palm Tree. Elephant Ear Tree. Foxtail Palm Tree. Himalayan Birch. Himalayan Pine Tree. Kapok Tree. Kily Tree.

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  4. Mangrove Tree. Maple Tree. Orchid Tree.

    Red Cedar Tree. Tamarack Tree.

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    Tree Fern. Trembling Aspen Tree. Umbrella Acacia Tree. Weeping Myall. You will be provided with the materials required to build and maintain your zoo. You have to be creative, smart, and plan well because your oversell success depends on the happiness of the animals. In Zoo Tycoon, you will be hugely successful if you can add exciting animals like killer whales, manta rays and many ancient beasts to your zoo. The game is fascinating and highly challenging as well. You can combine animals from land and sea to build the wildest zoo ever.

    In Zoo Tycoon, nothing matters more than your animals. It creates the platform where you can have fun as you collect animals from the land and the sea. You also monitor and watch them live together happily under your tutelage in the most exciting zoo ever. Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection also includes the Dinosaur Digs expansion pack, which gives you access to add more ancient animals to your zoo. The game also includes over 80 new building materials and six new challenging scenarios. Whether you are just watching an amazing giraffe leaning over a pool to drink water or you are marveling at the exciting baby elephants romping around, every species in your collection of animals is beautiful to watch.

    You will be taught how to become a zookeeper through a ten well-documented training challenges that will give you the full idea of how to play the game. This is where you will learn how to build and manage the layout and know the valuable tips about your new job. However, as exciting as this game sounds, the developers still have some issues they will need to fix in the next upgrade to make it look better and more addictive.

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