Activate AirPrint by adding or removing the required files.

Following the iPad 's introduction in , user concerns were raised about the product's inability to print, at least through a supported Apple solution.


AirPrint's Fall introduction, as part of iOS 4. As of July , that number had grown to about 1, compatible printer models from two dozen different manufacturers. The current list can be found on Apple's support site. A number of software solutions allow for non-AirPrint printers to be used with iOS devices, by configuring support on an intermediary system accessible via Wi-Fi, connected to the printer.

Since AirPrint is driverless, such a configuration compensates for the printer's lack of native AirPrint support by using the drivers on the intermediary system instead. The simplest solution for all platforms is to create a new Bonjour service that tricks iOS clients into believing they're talking to an AirPrint device.

How to make any Printer AirPrint compatible on Mac OS X

Many blog posts and commercial software products exist to accomplish this, as well as open source solutions in Linux. This approach is limited however, as the AirPrint-specific components of the protocol are missing.

How To Print From Your iPad or iPhone [MacRx] | Cult of Mac

This can lead to compatibility issues and unexpected results. Some software packages address this completely by translating between the two dialects of IPP, avoiding compatibility issues, while most just re-share printers using the AirPrint service name.

Installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard in VirtualBox

For Microsoft Windows, there are free [10] and paid solutions. CUPS servers before version 1. There are a number of 3rd party solutions, available on the Apple App Store and elsewhere, that allow printing to legacy printers directly or via an application helper. Genie permits any shared, network attached printer to be made accessible via Airprint. The application is free for customers of current Netgear routers. It offers features useful to large organizations including centralized management, directory integration, and allows AirPrint to operate across subnets. More AirPrint functionality is in the works from Apple as well as printer manufacturers.

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In the meantime, these programs can be set up to activate AirPrint with your current peripherals. If you're in the market for a new printer, Apple currently lists the following HP printers as AirPrint-enabled:. Step 1: Download the file this was actually one of the hardest parts, since I don't read German and the download sites given resulted in "page not found" errors. I Googled it and eventually found a download site.

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It saved the files as a. I eventually found some freeware called IZArc that did the trick.

Enable AirPrint for your network's printers

Downloaded, installed, and then extracted the RAR. Noticed that it installed some junkware called CCleaner which I removed. Very non-eventful. Double-clicked the icon after installing the program about 3 seconds later a litle window popped up that said "done.

Step 4: Go into Windows Firewall and make airprint. I had to browse for it. Step 5: Set up computer with a user account My computer didn't have a password associated with my user account. My iPad didn't like this. It kept prompting me endlessly for a username and password. So, I went into control panel, created a password for my account I'm the administrator , and then rebooted. Once I reached my desktop and the computer had fully booted, I proceeded to Step 6. I opened a webpage, clicked on the little "send file" icon where you would normally set a bookmark, forward in an e-mail, etc.

How do I uninstall this mess. It worked for one printing. Now I cannot print anything on my computer. It says they printer software was installed incorrectly. My airprint works perfectly only when the laptop where I installed the files is turned on. When that laptop is turned off airprint does not work. Is this they way it is for everybody?

I am experiencing the same thing. This is awesome, if your printer is connected to your computer. I have my printer connected to my Airport Express base station.

Enable AirPrint in Mac OS X 10.6.5

Any hack for that? Many thanks to the submitter for the great hack. Will this work with network printers? So I have read this thread and I am still at a loss. Jeremy, what did you do exactly? Does it work?