You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. Cross-industry adoption: V-Ray for Maya is used by architectural visualization studios, product designers and visual effects companies around the world to create photoreal imagery and animation.

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Almost every studio has a V-Ray integrated pipeline. Chaos Group is famous for its quick response times and large community user base. Changes to materials in the Hypershade Material Viewer are made in real time. Select objects, materials and camera focus directly in the frame buffer. Render natural, artificial and image-based lighting with a wide range of light types, shapes.

Please make sure that your system fulfills these requirements before installing V-Ray. Note that V-Ray is only supported for 64 bit operating systems and 64 bit versions of Maya. The following table shows the versions of Autodesk Maya and operating systems on which V-Ray is supported.

VRayPattern For Maya Manual - iCube R&D Group - support

Be the first to write your review! The three MEL files, manually copied into the installation directory, was modified by the V-Ray installer, and in order to avoid nagging warning messages when opening up the Render Globals you will have to source them into Maya. Create a file called source. In order to make sure no licensing issues arise, place the license XML file vrlclient. The contents should look something like this make sure to change the server IP address :. One way of dealing with all of the above would be to create a Python script which will launch Maya, having all parameters set.

Just make sure Python is installed in your machine or use the one version that comes bundled with Maya.

I would be happy to add Linux support if anyone out there would like to contribute with this code, as I do not use Linux myself. Be careful with the fact that you might already have some of the environment variables set on your machine, which may cause conflicts and make V-Ray unable to load. Also, you may want to add your own server paths to scripts or plug-ins directly into this launch script. It supports point cloud data and camera import that can be used as a modeling reference and fully compatible with any renderer available for Maya.

A must have plugin for texturing artists and matte painters. Download Renderman Studio Renderman was developed and implemented by a well-known Animation company Pixar for their own productions. Now they made it available to others too. This award winning rendering engine has lots of great features like, Production ready multi bounce Global Illumination , Volume Support , Ray-traced Sub-Surface Scattering , Advance Caching and lot more.

Download Golaem Crowd 3. It offers robust toolset for creating believable crowds that can be used for films, commercials and games cinematics. It has various placement modes with automatic obstacles detection. It supports physics simulation so that you can easily create crowds interacting with forces and explosions. You can Preview your crowds in real time within Maya and render them with license free procedural rendering plugins that comes with Golaem Crowd.

It is compatible with versions of Maya. It automatically generates foam and splashes with optimized shaders for faster rendering.

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Download Carbon Scatter Carbon Scatter is a great plugin to scatter and render thousands of instances quickly all over the scene. You can use it to create realistic landscapes, forests or battle grounds. It has fast collision detection and solving system that allows you to simulate life like hair in less time. It supports NURBS curves as input-output element and offers full compatibility with Maya native hair system and other hair tools.

Download Unwrella 3 For most of the people, it takes forever to create a nice and clean UV layout. For them, unwrapping is such a big pain.

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Through Unwrealla you can deal with UV maps in more easy and efficient way. You can get quality unfolding of your 3d models with minimal texture stretch. Some of the Key features of Unwrella are: User defined pixel based padding between UVs, advanced options for controlling texture stretching, automatic UV generation functionality etc. It provides event-driven and procedural solution for dynamic simulations.

It also supports subsequent fracturing to set up secondary and tertiary fracture set ups. Other than Voronoi-based destruction method; you can also use other alternatives, such as, Cluster , Radial , Crack image , Split Plane etc. Arnold is fully compatible with Maya versions.

Download Shave 8. It has a simple user interface that holds lots of handy tools to generate and manipulate hair. There is a long list of projects have been done by using Shave plugin.

VRayPattern For Maya Manual

Shave 8. Download Exocortex Fury 2 Fury 2 is a GPU-based particle renderer that enables user to render huge amount of particles quickly without compromising the quality. Its particle replication system replicates small particle chunks at render time to simulate large groups of particles. It uses advance voxel lighting system to render large number of particles a lot quicker. Download Mental Core MentalCore plugin is used for lighting, shading and rendering purposes.