Click Next. On the Select Disk page, you may choose how much extra space should be added to the main C: partition. By default, the whole Unallocated partition will be added. Click Finish on the next page, and the Unallocated partition will be added to the C: partition. Right-click on the C: drive and select Properties. If you'd like to cancel the subscription to this article, follow the confirmation link from the email we've just sent you. Toggle navigation Knowledge Base Knowledge Base.

How to give more hard disk space to a Windows virtual machine users found this article helpful. How to check Windows hard disk for errors Unable to expand the virtual hard disk: Windows OS shows the same disk size as before Unable to increase hard disk space in Windows 10 virtual machine Available Translations: Get updates Download. Symptoms I am running out of free space on my virtual machine, and I want to increase the size of the virtual hard disk. Resolution Warning! To increase virtual hard disk size, do the following: Start Parallels Desktop and do not start your virtual machine. Click on the Parallels icon on Mac menu bar and select Control Center : Right-click on your virtual machine and choose Configure to open its configuration.

NOTE: As mentioned above, we strongly recommend to create a backup of the virtual machine. To make sure the changes were applied successfully, confirm that the size of the virtual hard disk has changed: Start the virtual machine. You can add this Unallocated partition manually to your main disk C: partition: Right-click on the main C: partition and select Extend Volume. Cancel Subscribe. Thank you for subscribing. Subscription activation email was sent. You're Already Subscribed You will get an email as soon as the article is updated.

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Mapa del lloc. However, there's no way to install a retail copy of Mac OS X Lion on Virtualbox, unless you already own a Mac which is a totally unreasonable requirement. If you want to install Lion on a virtual machine in Windows, you'll have to take a different approach: distros. For the unacquainted, distros are pirated copies of Mac OS X that have been modified to work with normal computers. To install Mac OS X Lion on a virtual machine, we're going to use Virtualbox, which is a free and open-source virtualization suite. It's important to note that Windows virtualization programs do not "officially" support Mac OS X, so you will not be able to enable full graphics support.

This tutorial should only be taken as a proof of concept. Computer Requirements.

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  • Step 0. Backup your current drive (optional).

You also need about 10 GB of unused hard drive space. Right click on "My Computer" on your desktop and click "Properties" to check the stats on your computer. If it doesn't directly tell you how many cores your processor has, look up your processor model on Wikipedia or Google. You also want to find out whether your processor is made by "Intel" or "AMD". Computers with AMD processors will not work with Lion. Step 1: Prep. Step 2: Create a new virtual machine. Virtualbox lets you run Mac OSX within Windows by creating a virtual machine, which is a program that simulates a normal computer.

To create a virtual machine, open up Virtualbox and click "New" on the upper left. If your version of Virtualbox asks you to choose between bit and bit, be sure to choose bit. Choosing bit will result in a critical "Guru Meditation" error later on. The RAM will be given back to your normal computer after you turn Virtualbox off. You'll need to create a new hard disk for the virtual machine.

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Otherwise, just choose VDI. I recommend creating a dynamically expanding disk; the only other option, fixed-size storage, will eat up your hard drive. Step 3: Give your new virtual machine an operating system. Your virtual machine will now be created. But don't stop now--you still need to change a few settings before your machine will actually work. Your new virtual machine will show up on the left column of the Virtualbox start page. Select your Mac OS X virtual machine single-click from the main page of Virtualbox, and open up the virtual machine settings.

This is by far the most important single setting that you will need to change. EFI, which stands for Extended Firmware Interface, is a feature that helps operating systems start up. Then, click on the "Acceleration" tab and check both of the options there. I'm not sure whether these options actually matter EFI is definitely the most important variable , but it's better safe than sorry.

Once you're done with that, go to the settings for "Storage". In the storage tree box, you'll see a CD icon labeled "Empty". In the window that pops up, choose the. Start up your virtual machine. Step 5: Make the screen bigger Though this step is optional, I still recommend you do it anyways. Anyways, when you first use your Mac OS X, you'll probably notice one thing: your screen resolution is x But here's how you can change it anyways:. Open up Finder and go to the folder "Extra" in the main hard drive, and open the file org.

Step 6: Turn off updates. Anyways, Mac OS X is set to automatically update itself. This is bad. Uncheck the box that says "Check for Updates". Recap I'll just repeat what I said in my Snow Leopard guide. Don't get too comfortable, though.

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Compared to most computers, Virtualbox virtual machines are very "vanilla", meaning that they're very compatible with Mac OS X in the first place. After all, ethernet works from the start. You can't count on being that lucky with a real PC. And even if you don't plan on doing this for real, with a Hackintosh, it's still a really cool thing to try out over the weekend.

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