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Mac tells us to not worry about all the negatives in your current situation, things will always turn around given time.

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A highlight of the track is how the synths, seem to glide through the track like waves of water. Mac sings about his significant other that he has been together with for some time, who he sees in a different perspective now. Mac speaks on a lost love who he thinks he is better off without. The melancholy lyrics contrasted with the more mellow syrupy instrumental create an interesting dynamic that we see Mac visit consistently on this album.

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To my surprise, Mac sits perfectly over this type of instrumental. It was you While good enough in execution, it seems out of place instrumentally on this very smooth, spacious album. Lyrically, Mac speaks on staying true to self, be weary of people you meet, don't take anything for granted. And the frets were dead and buzzing and it sounded God awful unless I played it really, really hard.

I took a nail file and tried to fix all the frets to get it a playable level, but I never really knew what to do with the action.

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It took a long time to get it to where I wanted it to be. But after a few years the neck finally did wear in, and the pickup was great. If you play it clean and soft it has a very specific tone and if you hit it really hard it sounds completely different.

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And from that point on, the guitar became special to me, even though it was always hard to play, and could never stay in tune, and always had broken strings. What can I say?

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It had a magic sound so I had to keep on playing it. I took the special shitty guitar with me to Montreal, kept on playing it, and eventually people started noticing it and asking me about it.

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Then kids started posting pictures and questions on the Internet. I remember playing shows in Montreal where I would just chuck it across the stage and shit. At one point I snapped the neck and had to put a new one on.

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Then I broke the pick guard and had to replace that too. I went in recently to fix the pickup but I saw that the magnets inside had broken into five or six little pieces. With the old guitar I could switch out a string pretty quickly or just play power chords for the rest of the song! People have asked me about my love for other objects before. For example, I once wrote a song about Viceroy cigarettes.

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The song will probably stay with me forever, but the smoke is gone in minutes. A few years ago I bought my own machine so I could play at home. That may not mean much to non-pinball player, but to players it matters a lot. There are maybe twenty or thirty machines out there that are common but good and also a whole other bunch of oddball machines that are so intense.