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For the first time, the Mac mini offered a server version with two internal drives. Since Apple had recently introduced the MacBook Air with Remote Disk, customers were becoming more comfortable with no optical drive. We were the first to give a thorough look at the Mac minis. Apple introduces the aluminum Mac mini as the first redesign since the original Mac mini. There were three major changes that people loved. First, the new machine had an internal power supply so there was no longer a large external power brick.

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Second, the mac mini now had a HDMI port. And last, you no longer needed a putty knife to upgrade the RAM. The Mac mini could be upgraded with a quick twist of the bottom cover. The least popular change was the price.

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Apple announces that the Xserve will be discontinued in January They point to the Mac Pro and Mac mini as the best options if you want to host a Mac server. The Mac mini is updated with the power of i5 and i7 processors. With Macmini5,1, the machine really hit its stride. All of a sudden it was easier and much less expensive to run your own Mail, Web and Chat server.

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After a few Mac mini updates that only debuted online, the Mac mini actually saw some stage time at the October event. Phil Schiller called it a "beautiful, simple, small design. The benchmarks were a big jump from We waited and waited for a new machine. No Mac mini update for all of and most of The Mac mini went a total of days without an update. Customers were very glad to see a new Mac mini, but not all were happy with the update. The interest in this machine was very high, with a post we wrote getting over one million views in just a couple weeks.

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We confirmed the RAM could not be upgraded. The Macmini7,1 also did away with the quad-core processor and the dual-drive server version. However, the GPU and single core performance both had a nice upgrade. In late , I began talking with the folks at MacStadium. It was becoming apparent that Mac minis and other Mac hosting options were going to become more and more important.

If I was going to promote it the way that I had hoped, I was going to have to offload some of the other parts of running a hosting company like managing the data center, etc. MacStadium was a perfect fit. We decided to merge our companies and build the largest Mac hosting company in the world. In the span of a few months, both Phil Schiller and Tim Cook offer some hope to us mini fans.

We love it too. Our customers have found so many creative interesting uses for Mac mini. While it is not time to share any details, we plan for Mac mini to be an important part of our product line going forward. I never had my emails responded to by Mr Cook. Maybe daily is too often? In order to be closer to developers around the world, we opened new Mac mini data centers in Dublin and Las Vegas.

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We also offer Mac mini subscriptions in all of the locations so customers can expand quickly and also start without a large upfront cost. Do you remember that fantastic TV show called 24? The plot of the show was to follow Jack Bauer, a counter-terrorist agent, over a real-time hour period. It was intense and exciting and unbelievable. The show started with "I'm federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life. MacStadium, Ltd. Specific feature support varies, though. If you're not sure if your Mac will run OS X El Capitan, all of the supported systems can be identified by the above "subfamily" designations as well as by the Model Identifier in software.

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More details about specific identifiers are provided in EveryMac. However, just because a Mac runs OS X El Capitan does not mean that it is compatible with all features , most notably the new "Metal" graphics performance technology. MacBook "Core 2 Duo" 2. MacBook "Core M" 1. MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 1. MacBook Air "Core 2 Duo" 2. MacBook Air "Core i5" 1. MacBook Air "Core i7" 1. MacBook Air "Core i7" 2. MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.

MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 3. MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2. MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2. MacBook Pro "Core i7" 3.

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Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. Mac mini "Core i5" 2.

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Mac mini "Core i7" 2. Mac mini "Core i5" 1. Mac mini "Core i7" 3. Mac Pro "Quad Core" 2. Mac Pro "Eight Core" 2. Mac Pro "Eight Core" 3.