Can't increase font size in message list in Mac for Thunderbird 52.4.0
Is there a way to increase the font size in the message list pane and folder list with MacOS?

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Related 2. With the screen size of 27 inches the font size is way too small and puts strain on vision.

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How Do I Change the Font Size In Mail for the ‘Mailbox’ Section?

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How Do I Change the Font Size In Mail for the ‘Mailbox’ Section?

Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Thanks for stopping by the Apple Support Communities. Thanks much, c somers. You really should start a new question. The original question was about the menus, lists and the answer was about an add-on.

How to Increase & Decrease Font Size on Mac OS Mojave

Be aware that in following the previous two suggestions you may find they counteract each other. Setting fonts and sizes to suit you stops Thunderbird from being wysiwyg, so you may not get a fair idea of what your greeting will look like for Dad.

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In general email is NOT wysiwyg. I would add the text to the picture, using a graphics editor e. Paint, Gimp , and then send the altered image. This way you have total control of the text vs image size, something that cannot be guaranteed using email or web technologies. And why are you using a beta version? Beta versions are for experienced users who are looking for faults and bugs.

Hi Zenos. Can you help me out on this? Thanks much, charlie S.