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This has never happened with any recommended update before, any ideas. I am using Kodi on windows laptop. Kodi stop working after couple of minutes every time. At the same time it works perfect for live streaming. Any help is highly appreciated. That should fix this issue. I recently tried to watch the BBC iplayer livestream and it did not work. Check the log for more information about this message. I also use a VPN. I run Kodi Quite a few have difficulty unblocking the iPlayer. Also, can you check and see if the addon has any available updates? It worked before I did the suggested update.. Just uninstall and download the correct version here:.

Trying to install no limits, but I have no idea what the deal is. Did a fresh install. After it installs and i put kodi on nothing happens. I go to install from zip file again but there is nothing there. Its like it never downloaded it. Any ideas. I have the newest version of Kodi on my Nvidia shield. I have downloaded 1 million repositories but I cannot get them into my files to where Kodi realizes it has anything in it. So I can turn Kodi on, jack with repositories and files for as long as I decide to, then turn it off.

That is all that I can do. To add a repository, you just go to Add-ons, then click the box icon in the top left, then hit Install from zip file and browse to wherever you saved the repo. Any other repo installation should work the exact same way. Can you see if this works? Some flashed up an icon like the no limits wizard did.

They were all repos I was able to find within Kodi. Can you click on root filesystem and see if you can navigate your way to the downloads folder from there? Just external storage, fusion add-on, network file system, root file sys, zeroconf browser. Kodi actually only comes with one repo installed — the official Kodi repo. Hi Andrew, definately a strange issue. Also, you installed No Limits, then reinstalled Kodi? Was there something wrong with it? Tried jarvis v16 , krypton v17 to see if it is the kodi program the problem.

But all the same problem. If so, try going into the settings menu and seeing if there are any options other than Confluence. Have you tried installing No Limits, then shutting Kodi down using the power options menu, instead of unplugging it? Usually, they come with all kinds of unofficial addons pre-installed, and they make troubleshooting quite a bit more difficult. I dont understand? Everytime is the same , i deleted and when i reinstall it , i open it and after 10 secs again stuck, dont give you even time to go to settings or to add the source. Hi, is it a Windows laptop?

If so, we can take a look at the log file. If you copy and paste this into pastebin. Thanks for the tip about the addons. Mine was names addons All other articles or videos I look at to resolve this just said to clear the data and then then start reinstalling after Kodi launches. Whentrying to instal an addon, when i try to open source, i get a message — remote share — network not connected. Would like toknow how to correct it. Hello Ian my Kodi recently disappeared and i had the guy who i bought it from reinstalled it.

Now I cant watch movies with Kodi. I click on the movie link and it loads but stop at the screen that say files. Hi Victoria, can I ask — is this when playing files stored on your computer or when using an addon? Hi Chuck, sometimes renaming your workgroup solves this problem, as does restarting Kodi. I installed IPVanish from the amazon app store onto the 3rd gen firestick and it connected as expected.

Apps like BBCiplayer, firefox, youtube worked. But when I installed kodi, the stick crashed- lost wifi connection; said the signal was out of range. I rebooted router, tried to restart the stick, to no avail. I can click launch an app eg ipvanish, but there is no internet connection. All I could do was factory reset the stick. I tried this a few times; same each time. It seems like the stick cant have streaming eg Kodi and vpn installed at the same time. I tried clearing the stick data and cache as you say below, to no effect. My broadband provider say they do not interfere with vpn.

Also, do you have any addons installed or is a fresh installation? Good morning. I have Dream Online 2 on my box, and it will not load anymore. Keeps saying portal not available. Have you come across this issue before? Thank you. Hi John, it sounds to me as though the service may have moved or gone offline. Can you check the error log and see what it says? I am unable to watch tv shows but I am able to watch movies. When I select a tv show, no sources load. No matter the addon, its the same issue. I have no clue at this point. Can you try looking for a small hole on the back or side of your box?

You may be able to reset it by inserting a paperclip and holding for a few seconds. Hi Eric, there are a couple of things that could be causing this. Sometimes, the black screen error is caused by improper shutdown, and flushing the cache might get you back to normal. Hi Gregor, could you try loading a TV show and check the error log after? There should be some indication of the problem in there.

So I am having trouble downloading add ons on kodi. Usually this is only an issue if the addon has been taken down. As of today aug 8 i came home and exodus genesis reborn and neptune wont search anything.. Any search menu just stays on the search screen of each addon. I was using it last night and now completely busted, is there an easy fix? Im on a pc with vpn running. If so, can you check your error log and see if anything stands out? I have added addons to my Kodi This has happened with several addons that appear to be currently working.

Hi David, can you check your error log and see if anything stands out? If you upload the log to pastebin. And if it dose it will stop after a few and thin go back to the links and I have to start all over. How do I fix this? I have turned screen saver off turned off the advanced stuff in the settings that this page said to do. I also cleaned out the cashe. Hi Amanda, would you mind uploading your debug log so I can take a closer look and hopefully find the issue?

I uninstalled the old version and installed the new one. I also emptied the cache on my mac.. I click on the icon and nothing happens. Hi Christina, are you on Windows? Unfortunately the only option is to wait for a patch. Kodi After the recent update the app will freeze up with 20 seconds no matter what build is installed. No this Xbox one can not berolled back to before the update. If there abuild that works without freezing or another work around for the Xbox one kodi build?

Ive had it for months and it worked just fine until the latest update. What gives? Sadly, for the time being, we just have to wait for a patch. If we were change the settings to advanced or expert would that allow us to tweak the settings to roll back to an older version or at least make Hey Greg, it seems as though the software update has broken things on Xbox, so there really is nothing we can do for the time being.

Wish I had better news, Ian. Just started after latest update. Hello Ian How are you? After startup and opens up Durex minutes after freezup. I can even do what you are showing and explaining. If you can help me I appreciate. Is something wrong with the new alpha 3 update for Kodi 18 on the xbox? I thought of that as well… I was first using duff then I switched to xenon and on the other xbox I have Stevenwizard, none of which work now. I think I might just have to buy a fire tv….

If you do decide to get a Fire TV and have any issues with it, just leave a comment. Can you try installing a version of Kodi 17 instead? Also, does this happen without Durex installed? I have the latest Kodi and using the Durex Build. Everything was fine for a while, but recently it started acting up. Now when I watch some it plays for a while and then it boots me out. It did this multiple while watching a movie.

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Would you mind uploading it to a site like pastebin. Hey thank you for taking the time to write this guide! When trying to skip forward or back during playback via the mouse wheel it skips many minutes ahead or behind instead of the 10 seconds I have it set for. It also crashes randomly. A non random crash though is when using Cinema Vision, it works great but when it goes to play the the actual movie file Kodi crashes. Windows 7 Kodi As for your other issues, can you trigger a crash and upload the debug log to a site like pastebin. Hey Sat, Android can be a little funny when it comes to external hard drives.

Can you check all of your storage and see if your drive has perhaps just been given a new name? Hope you can help. I have Kodi on windows computer. Using V Everything installed and ran fine. Today I installed a July Build and again it installed with no problems but no video will load. I rebooted a couple of times. When I click on a movie the Sources will populate 10,15, 20 suppliers showing that there are say 10 with the requested video. None of these sources will load. I found my way to the Log but I might as well have been in Chine since the information there was meaningless to me.

An suggestions short of reinstalling everything. This applies to both short and lengthy videos. Buffering is not a problem since I hav lots of cashe memory. Hi Harold, I know what you mean about the error log! Can you paste the full error log into pastebin. Hey I just wondering if you can help me. I have a problem with kodi everytime I place a build on Kodi, it keeps closing down.

No matter what way I install the build it closes it. Its quite annoying as the box is brand new. Many thanks. Can you intentionally cause the error, then upload your error log to pastebin? Kodi 18 is very new, have you tried installing Kodi 17 instead? I have installed NoLimits Magic as my build. However, this issue has been with different builds I believe and maybe even just a native version of Kodi. Anyway, if I download a.

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I can access this via WiFi or cat 6 cable, which is how the Shield is wired. My question is this -I only use the computer to download the file. The thumbnail next to the title is a blank rectangle. But once I play it briefly, it will play fine in Kodi.

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Hey Orion16, this is a weird but intriguing problem. You have a pretty complex network here, so I may not be able to help. Can you check the error log for me? So what happens is that I see the movie list in Kodi. Blank thumb nail as well. I only let it play for a second or two. Also, if you could trigger the error and paste the error log into pastebin. That is actually really good news! Kodi can be a bit fiddly at the best of times so removing it as a potential cause is huge. So… downloaded another mkv file of a TV show. Tried to watch it on my iPad using PlayerXtreme and it said unsupported file — same as on Shield with Kodi.

Played 1sec of the files on my Windows 10 PC and closed it. It now plays fine on both PlayerXtreme and Shield with Kodi. Any thoughts on what is going on? Hi my firestick was working well but its not letting me see any the movies i click on the most recent trending once then i click to see some old once and it doesnt let me see them either what can i do for i can be able to see my movies can you send me the steps as well please. When I watch a channel like the food network it buffers and goes for a bit and then there is video, but no sound.

Hello guys. But I hope. The kodi app on my Xbox one used to work fine. Then during the night it automatically updated to kodi Version and now every time I search for anything for example. The show the I get to th sources page and click on one then it crashes and does it everytime.

Wish I could be more help. Hi Andrea, has Leia worked for you before? Downloaded everything as instructed, but when I go into Neptune rising and placenta, I go to movies and click on something and nothing happens at all. Hey John, this sometimes happens when an addon stops working or is taken down. Hey I have Exodus Kodi Im back home in the United States and its still giving me the same issue. How can I fix this? Have you tried reinstalling it? I just updated my Kodi version from What is the best thing for me to do to resolve this problem.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Do you know how to view the error log? Have Kodi Third time this has happened where Kodi is not loading anything. The main home screen is different where the bottom is mirrored. Movies is selected and all the movies are listed with the cover, select one and it goes black for 3 seconds and then returns to the same page.

Chappaai error? Select anything and only get: files playlist, and video add-ons. Never brings you to the item selected. Do they keep happening once the build is uninstalled? I cannot get my Kodi to not crash after certain instances. It worked fine for about months and I made no changes to addons or anything. I use Kodi in my spare time from college so this is super frustrating for me. When I say it crashes i mean it will freeze for seconds and then just exit out of the app all together. Please help!!

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Hey Marcus, can you upload the debug log somewhere so I can take a look? Yes sir, I appreciate you and your time more than anything. How and where should I upload it to? I see where it says log files in Indigo. I tried clicking on Upload Log and it says error then tells me to check the Log Viewer for more info. I can open the log viewer but not upload log. Just wanted to let you know that I did what you had suggested. Deleted all the contents in that folder after the suggested pathway in Run. It still failed to work.

Would get to loading sources then closed program. Figured it would be my last chance with trying to fix it. Yeah, I went through the logs and checked all the errors and warnings. I saw one say something about my playstation controller so I disabled that feature to see if that worked. Same crash happened. I am not using any custom skin. I tried to do a Rejuvenation from the Indigo addon and it said there was an error and to just check the logs, which is what you probably noticed.

I have tried to completely Uninstall the program and redownload it to no avail. I am more than willing to start from the beginning and not worried about losing data, as I would just prefer it to work lol if I uninstall is there a separate folder I need to delete to get rid of my userdata. That said, you were on the right track.

Now delete everything in this folder and reinstall Kodi. I made an account on pastebin. So basically its on pastebin. Are you using a custom skin? It seems to be throwing an error, so you might want to disable this until we find the real problem. Not sure if this is the cause either, but there seems to be an issue with your startup rejuvenation. Try disabling this feature to see if this helps. I created an account via FB and pasted it under the username MarcusSwanegan. Marcus, you created a Facebook account and posted the Pastebin link there? Am I understanding you correctly?

If it makes you feel any better, the only personal information in your Kodi log will be your first name and possibly the names of locally stored shows. From here, you can either host the file directly using Dropbox, or paste the text into Pastebin. Hi Ian, I have an android box M9S which i purchased last year. Up until now, no problems. This past weekend I tried to watch a movie Jumanji 2 and it was telling me that no streams were available.

I know this is incorrect because I watched it 2 weeks ago. I cannot watch any movies. I have cleared my cache to no avail. Am I supposed to update my Exodus or something? I watch on my TV. Thanks for any help you can give. Hi Melissa. Yes, I have vanilla Kodi. How do I remove sources? From where? Unfortunately this has left vanilla Kodi unaffected: same update errors and impossibility to install anything new.

I installed Surprise: it still remembers all the addons I previously installed, tries to update them and fails. Hi Jan, that is a tricky one. When you reinstalled it, it consulted these files and discovered all your addons. Hi Ian, thanks for replying. This is unbelievable. I even tried to reset the TV by unplugging the manes. Try deleting the addons and removing the repository sources before reinstalling Kodi.

Would be glad if it was, tho. At least I could try a dalvik clear. How do I remove addons and reps before installing Kodi? Hi Jan, Kodi builds are versions of kodi that come with addons preinstalled, which could have been why they kept appearing. Supreme Titanium is actually one of these builds! Can you remove the sources, then reinstall?

Failing that, the only other option I can think of is uploading the debug log somewhere so I can take a look at it. Hopefully this would shed some light on the root cause. My android Kodi box started acting up last night. I would try an addon and sometimes it would let me choose a show, sometimes not. When it does let me choose, I can get to the stream page but no further.

It shows the play icon on the top next to the time but it will never play anything. It will just go back to the list and I am able to scroll to other streams. None of them work. I am completely lost. Can you help please? Hey Jaime, can you do an internet speed test for me? Does this problem occur with addons from the Kodi repo? It happens with Mobdro and YouTube. My connection works fine with my laptop and Kindles.

Would you mind posting the error log somewhere and linking me to it? It might allow me to see what exactly is causing this issue. Hi Ian, So I apologize for what I think is a rudimentary question, but I have a hard time keeping up with all the different jargon in your great article.

I was watching a movie via kodi on my firestick and it it just turned off. At first I thought it was just bc I paused it too long, maybe, but I had to start the movie over and when it got going, it shut down just over halfway. By shutdown I mean that the movie turned off , not the firestick itself. Any idea how to resolve the issue? Hi Jason, glad you enjoyed the article!

Try not to get disheartened by the jargon — we try to keep things as simple as possible, but Kodi is pretty complex software. First, does this happen with several different movies? With several different addons assuming youre not using local content? Best, Ian. The other day I went onto my usual Simple Client add on and there is nothing there. I have followed the instructions to try to reinstall the add on but there is still nothing there.

What am I doing wrong? I pay a subscription to Occultum and have tried to contact them to see if they can help with the problem but it seems the web site I use use no longer exists.

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Hiya, lots of info on this site, excellent. Kodi is not frozen thru all this. Hmm, can you check the log file and see if anything jumps out? Hey Scott, glad you like our content! As much as we love it, Kodi can be weird sometimes.

Kodi Not Working: 5 Most Common Reasons (with Fixes)

Does this problem happen with every addon or just some of them? Also, are you connected to a VPN? Next, you want XBMC to find your media stash. To point it to your video collection, navigate to Videos, and choose Add Source. From there, add the directory where your clips live.

Once you've done that, to add DVD art, select your newly-added source, and press c to get the context menu. Wash, rinse, and repeat for your music as well. In order to start flipping through the movie collection on your Mac under the TV while you relax on the couch, you want to enable the Apple remote to work with XBMC. To do so, in Settings, hit the Apple Remote section. If you've got a standard-issue Apple remote, set Mode to Standard.

Once I uninstalled Remote Buddy, all was well. As you can see from the photo, I couldn't coax the MacBook to work at the TV's full resolution, but it's still way more watchable than the laptop screen. Other small random things don't work on my Mac the way they do on the Xbox, like the CPU temperature reading, as shown.

It broke Kodi 17, so I tried 18 but got the same result. Pardon any ignorance I may be showing. I'm no dev. Mojave changed behavior in multiple areas. You should notice a strange startup delay with Kodi for example. Also we never fixed anything with spaces. SDL does not know about spaces at all. I have the same issue. I discovered the spaces workaround by accident. Worth noting I used the same computer on two seperate setups. One has 2 P screens and the spaces issue happens periodically, the other has a 4K display and a P display with Kodi being sent to the 4K which is the secondary display.

The issue here occurs nearly every time the machine goes to sleep. Unlike 2 x P which will work fine if I have disabled logged out reenabled logged out spaces, the computer will nearly always refuse to open Kodi on the secondary 4K display after it has been awakened from sleep. It was fixed once in a past Kodi version but emerged again when I moved from Sierra to Mojave. I tried to investigate this. Macos ignores the screen we assign to the full screen window when seperate spaces are enabled.

XBMC Turns Your Mac into the Ultimate Media Center

Had only 30 minutes time for this today and nothing I did made the window appear on the second screen. That spaces API is a big fuck up from apple. For the first time since my original post, this started working again with "Displays have separate Spaces" enabled The only thing that has changed is the recent Apple OS update for Mojave to If I use the monitor selection and full-screen settings from within Kodi, everything finally works! If I use Apple's window options or its full-screen mode, Kodi partially fills the space allotted. This is definitely new behavior in every respect.

I'll try to provide additional details as they arise. For the moment, I don't want to jinx it. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Copy link Quote reply.