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April 8, at pm - Reply. Please help thx ;. April 22, at pm - Reply. Just Jory. August 11, at pm - Reply. November 20, at pm - Reply. Sorry for that Notch, but you are not my boss now. My boss is now miscrosoft. February 16, at pm - Reply. Yo Mama. March 2, at pm - Reply. March 25, at pm - Reply. June 5, at pm - Reply. July 6, at pm - Reply. March 26, at pm - Reply. Lapis Whovian. July 3, at pm - Reply. July 17, at am - Reply. May 7, at pm - Reply. June 1, at am - Reply. Seems like items placed on item frames still look horrible, as well as dropped items. June 7, at pm - Reply.

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.12.2/1.11.2

June 8, at am - Reply. June 12, at pm - Reply. June 17, at pm - Reply. August 10, at am - Reply. June 12, at am - Reply. July 26, at am - Reply. July 2, at am - Reply. July 5, at am - Reply. July 4, at am - Reply. July 12, at pm - Reply. July 6, at am - Reply. July 14, at am - Reply.

Anyone know what texture pack is being used in that very first picture at the top? September 7, at pm - Reply. February 3, at pm - Reply. July 16, at pm - Reply. July 17, at pm - Reply. Isaac Arsenault. August 6, at pm - Reply. August 12, at am - Reply. August 13, at pm - Reply. September 30, at pm - Reply. August 21, at pm - Reply. Berkay Kaya. July 23, at am - Reply. August 24, at am - Reply.

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Download Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders Mod

January 21, at am - Reply. November 5, at pm - Reply. What, I need a name? December 3, at pm - Reply.

Minecraft Shaders Mod Mac Tutorial! - video dailymotion

Kahlabise Varlandot. December 8, at am - Reply. Love it. Chestnut Marginal Seal. January 14, at am - Reply. Also white glass is completely see through, and regular glass looks vanilla. January 14, at pm - Reply. January 16, at am - Reply.

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  3. Minecraft FPS with Shader Mod | Tom's Hardware Forum;

July 21, at am - Reply. July 22, at pm - Reply. August 14, at am - Reply. I edited the shader pack and now it works properly I am on a MacBook Air. July 24, at pm - Reply. August 4, at am - Reply.

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Yeah uh…. August 5, at am - Reply. October 4, at am - Reply. November 18, at pm - Reply. I install forge I go back to page 4 and logically proceed with the next set of instructions I scroll down and it lists the optifine mod file as 1. After trying to follow all these instructions precisely and carefully avoiding all the shitty malware that is packaged with this I have asm 5.

Admin Author. December 13, at am - Reply. December 21, at am - Reply. February 16, at am - Reply. March 23, at am - Reply. What other content mods is this compatible with? Is it compatible with Thaumcraft? May 11, at pm - Reply. Anyways, Sonic Ether, I hope you remove Minecraft vanilla cloud out of your shader pack so it will more beautiful with realistic 2D cloud like small fully beach waves, water and rain reflections, good graphics, good sun and moon with star and more… I rate this shader as a ultra good shader as with good features but please, remove Minecraft vanilla clouds out of this shader pack.

July 7, at am - Reply. July 23, at pm - Reply.

I edited the shader pack and it works properly now I am on a MacBook Air. This shader has been made to be compatible with the major shader packs such as SEUS, making the final effect even more impressive. Soft natural lighting, rain that adds a glossy sheen to every surface it touches, procedurally generated clouds and much more await you. Everything here is top-notch. Resembling those benevolent beams of light you only seem to get at the least sociable hours of daylight, KUDA shader turns any rural scene into a masterpiece. Light yellow tones, a subtle depth of field effect and pristinely rendered water make Super Shaders an ideal graphics mod for lending Minecraft a serene and idyllic atmosphere.

It comes with some of the most realistic clouds and lighting available too, which is fantastic for capturing your creations at their very best. Experimenting, tinkering and modding like the mad scientists we are comes with the cost of severely reduce performance — not every budding Minecraft engineer has a computer rig capable of dealing with the demands of high-fidelity visuals. Thankfully, some clever so-and-so made lagless shaders , giving everyone a taste of jaw-dropping visuals with no framerate drops to speak of.

Few things compare to the warming glow of a summer sunset. Add some crisp, cartoony visuals to proceedings with this Borderlands-inspired, cel-shaded look. This expertly crafted shader introduces bold colours, crisp outlines and solid shadows in order to emulate the look of a classic comic or cartoon. Specially made for low-end setups, this humble shader gives lighting, effects and animations a dramatic boost with little to no toll on how well the game will run for you. Flawless visuals and breathtaking sunsets are one thing, but if you want to make your Minecraft session a little psychedelic there are few shaders as effective as this aptly named mind-bender.

Every shader has its best feature, this one has lots of them. This shader rests somewhere between photorealistic and classic Minecraft, making it an ideal bolt-on for anyone looking to add an aesthetic kick to the vanilla game. Survival mode places a great amount of emphasis on surviving the night, which means attempting to adequately light a pitch-black world while defending yourself. This useful shader lights the night up with a convincing moonlight glow, making slaying mobs and exploring your surroundings considerably easier in early game.

Stirring your vision as much as it stirs your stomach, The Wave makes the world around you roll about like… well… waves. And there you go, the best Minecraft shaders to upgrade your graphics outlook. The classic block and pixel laden style of the original will no doubt strike some nostalgia in some, but changing things up and trying out something weird is what Minecraft is all about.