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Transferring Photos and Videos to a Mac — Sony Xperia T

If both devices support NFC, select that option by tapping the switches, then place the backs of the devices together. Enter this number on your old phone to pair them. A few more screens will show the data transfer status, but you won't need to do anything with your old phone. On your new phone, you'll see a list of data types that can be transferred.

Progress bars will notify you how long the data is taking to move across. Each line will show a tick when that particular item has transferred.


When your data has finished transferring, you'll see a Transfer Completed message, along with a summary. You'll see examples of data that has been transferred. If your previous phone is an Android device, you can use your Google account to transfer over contacts. You may need to retrieve them from your old handset first. Open the Contacts app from the Home screen or Apps screen. If you don't have that cable to hand, you can use iCloud to import your contacts.

Account Options

You can transfer content directly from the iPhone, or from an iCloud backup. We will be covering using a cable, but in order to copy from an iCloud backup, sign in with your account information. The other end is a normal female USB connection, which you can connect to your iPhone lightning charging cable. Both phones will ask for access to your content. The Xperia might ask which app to use for the transfer. Your Xperia will scan the iPhone to decide what data can be copied over. This process may take several minutes. Choose which items you wish to copy over.

Bear in mind that music or videos can take longer to transfer.

Xperia Companion – Sony’s new PC software to manage your Xperia device

If you transfer apps, you'll see a privacy message, telling you how your information will be used for recommending apps. The apps themselves won't be transferred, as the two phones use different operating systems, but many developers have their apps available for both iOS and Android.

Your data will start to transfer across. You'll see progress bars which will show you how the data is transferring. If you are transferring apps, you'll see a list of Android apps which are similar to your iPhone apps. Tap on an app to go to the Play Store if you wish to download an app. You'll see a reminder to deactivate iMessage on your iPhone.

Transferring contacts from an Android phone

This may take a few minutes. You'll see your Google address book. Choose the. Open this to see your Windows address book. To transfer contacts from a Windows phone, you'll need to export them from your Microsoft account and import them to your Google account. Check the Xperia is connected to the internet, through Wi-Fi a or mobile connection. Your Google contacts will soon sync to your phone. If you're not able to transfer your contacts by any of the previous methods, you can use Sony's PC or Mac software to transfer information from backups of your old phone. The first time this opens, it will download and install the module, which will open on screen.

Sony Media Go

You'll see a list of phone types Apple, Android etc. Do not disconnect your Xperia from the computer, unless instructed to on screen. You can also use a SIM or memory cards to transfer data. We recommend using a memory card, as it can store more information. To transfer contacts from your old phone using a SIM or memory card, you'll need to export them from your handset.

The following steps will apply for most Android phones, but it may differ slightly. Place the SIM or memory card into your new phone and follow the steps below to import them.

We recommend importing them to a Google account for future devices. And even more. Whole folders with files can be synced between your devices. You can not only read the text messages that you received, deleted, or sent but also comfortably use your Mac keyboard to type, delete, send, and export SMS messages of your Android Sony Xperia.

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Sync your Android phone or tablet SyncMate is compatible with any Android 4. Supported Sony Xperia models.

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