iPod Video vs Zune

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Taking music off Zune HD in OSX

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Microsoft Brings Zune HD Support to the Mac

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  • Microsoft Brings Zune HD Support to the Mac – The Mac Observer;

Joined: Mar 18, Posts: 22, Microsoft is late to the party once again. And before the slings and arrows come out, I actually kinda like the Zune HD. It's a nice piece of hardware.

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What will I need to make it work with my old Mac G4??? I have no sync adapter and of course the application program that comes with What virtual PC and windows operating system compatible with my Mac can I get for free Thanks, Bruno. Ain't it the truth! Why would you keep someone else's property like that? Such a raunchy, low-life maneuver. Instead of trying to find out how you can use it, you should be exerting the same effort to locate the owner.

I have had to track my Ipod down my granddaughters which was stolen by a football player on the school team: I got him suspended for 10 days for stealing my product.

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  7. She met me at Walmart with the stolen item after I scared her to death with the consequences of keeping it. She had actually robbed a retail store and took my Droid that was sitting on the counter being serviced. And, the store was held liable for their negligence. I don't play. And, you should be ashamed. If not, may the same misfortune happen to you.

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    What goes around comes around. Here's an idea There is something seriously wrong with people these days. Did you think to say "I found it on the bus" and everyone reading this blog would just think "Hey!

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    Let's help this guy get that Zune working on his Mac!! I have had my zune for 4 years and i got the mac for free with a college scholarship. I have struggled and found a good solution. I have two computers, my Macbook, and my Windows desktop, I have simply used the desktop for all my music and videos, and for when I want to take the files with me, I simply unplug the gig portable hard drive I have them on and go on my merry way.

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    8. Vary good post, I too am in the same boat. Unfortunately i dont know crap about Boot Camp or Parallels to be able to make this work, nor do i have any more money to buy such programs Instead of buying one of those apps you can download VirtualBox for free.

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      Though I cant sync it with my mac I have no problem going to my brothers house and syncing with his computer for like 30 minutes. My Ipod has been collecting dust. Its just not as user friendly as the zune.