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More macOS updates. August 08, I love your software. I have a non profit called Book buddies and I was trying to keep a log of all the books we give away and I was typing out each title. Finding your sofware was very helpful. July 15, I currently have entered in Book Collector over books and have about more to go. Your software is the greatest!

Besides organizing my collection so that I can know what I have read, I use Book Collector on my cellphone when I am in a book store so that I can determine if already a book in my collection or not, to prevent buying a duplicate. It has saved me spending money when I have forgotten that I have a book already.

Also to know what format, condition, and cover, that I have, if I want to get a book in a different copy version. Thanks again for you marvellous software and your advice. July 11, I would like to mention that I have used Book Collector from the early days when I think it was your only program.

I am always impressed by the quick service provided. I greatly appreciate all the help that you have offered i. July 03, Book Collector is so much easier and friendlier to work with - I love it! March 29, I am a retired librarian doing a favour for an old friend.

Feature-rich and highly customizable desktop software

And I have to say that, from day one, I have found your software to be of the very highest quality. Congratulations on a superb product! I should also add that I have found your after-sales service team to be most helpful and efficient. All Good Wishes for the future and for Ajax! March 21, I'm really pleased with the program, and appreciate everyone's hard work in developing and maintaining the application. Please tell the whole team 'Thank You' from me.

March 08, You've added the resize window to image for every image, wicked! I nearly missed it as it wasn't mentioned in the "what's new" and fixed all those damn toolbars too. Really great stuff and thanks to all. February 12, You guys are impressive in how you keep the product maintained. I use it a lot in my writing. I use the software multiple times a day some days to do key word searches for 'color' detail information about an historical topic I am writing about. I am very careful about setting up keywords etc when I enter a book so looking up information is a breeze.

February 02, I absolutely adore your software, and have had a blast adding my nearly 3, books to my database. I've included a pic of one wall of my library. Librarian Pro is intended as a home inventory solution. While it offers many powerful features, it is not a replacement for a full library management system for a school or business.

The free integrated library system - ILS

When the program first launches, a clean database will be automatically created and displayed. Begin adding items by making a selection from the "New Enter the item details as desired, and close the window to be prompted if the changes should be kept and applied to your database. Items can be dragged and dropped between databases, onto borrowers, and onto regular collections. Specify a name, and hit the enter key to enact the change. Please see the additional sections in this manual for help on reloading details from the web, importing, exporting, and other useful features.

The database format for Librarian Pro is interchangeable between both the Mac and Windows versions without any need for updating or converting. Additionally, the feature set in both applications is identical and licenses are valid for both versions. After purchasing your Bluetooth-enabled wireless barcode scanner, follow the steps below to ensure successful integration with Librarian Pro:. Optional Plan Lifetime License no subscription Upgrades are free for life! Coupon Code.

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Thanks for downloading Librarian Pro! Librarian Pro 5. Version 5. It is difficult to sort through all of your books, movies, music, and so forth to see which ones you have on file, or to find where you last shelved a particular one. Librarian Pro is a complete personal inventory system! Smart Auto-Complete. This system keeps track of all previous data you've entered and will offer suggestions as you type! View a summary of all of your library items at once.

7 Apps for Cataloguing Your Home Library

Viewing charts that outline the total value of items in your library, genres, actors, musicians, and literally any other value you've entered! Auto-Fill Details. With as little as a barcode or item title, Librarian Pro can scour the web and find all matching items and fill in the missing details. From cover artwork to the list of tracks on an album or even the full list of cast in a movie. Complete Inventory Control If you are managing a full inventory of items for sale on eBay, or using Librarian Pro to track which friend borrowed which movies, the power-user features in Librarian Pro will make your life a breeze.

Other Highlights. Detailed Pre-defined item types that come with a variety of fields to enter all information you could ever possibly desire. Collections Create smart collections that automatically include items based on a set of criteria you specify. Multi-Database Support Create an unlimited number of databases: one for each collection you own!

Isolate Duplicates Easily identify and delete duplicate library items. Statistics View a summary of all items in your library to compare prices and more. Web Auto-Fill Integrates with numerous web sites to automatically download item information. Multi-Database Support Create an unlimited number of separate databases.

Smart Collections Automatically sort items by specific criteria. Borrowers Track item lending and charge late fees. Export Export to the web and a variety of other formats. Beautiful View as a list, as a bookshelf, or in cover flow mode. Duplicate Filter Easily isolate and display duplicate items. Details Fill in countless details about items ranging from tracks on an album to the illustrator for a book.

Reviews Write internal reviews. Barcode Scanning Use your web cam or physical barcode scanner to add items or update inventory. Auto-Complete Auto-complete helps speed data entry by remembering entires for other items. Current Version. Easy to use and easy to find what we want. Like your softs. For a single-page listing of all help entries, click here.

Choose "Inventory Manager" from the "Borrow" menu. Setup the configuration for adding items by clicking the Options button. Hold up the item's barcode to the web cam or type the barcode in and hit enter. Borrowers Librarian Pro can manage basic user accounts for recording who has borrowed which items. Fill in the Borrower details. Close the window and click Save when prompted. Assuming you have at least one item in your library, you can assign it to the borrower by one of the following methods: Select the item in the main library list and choose "Mark as Borrowed You will then be prompted to select a borrower and a checked-out date.

Double click the item in the main library list to view its details, click the "Additional" tab, and then click the "Mark as Borrowed Drag and drop the item from the main library list onto the borrower's name in the sidebar. Create a basic design for the template and save it into this new folder as masterTemplate. Any and all required images for this design must go into a folder called "images".

Rename masterTemplate. Rename all copies so they have the names: music. Hereafter, these files will be referred to as "body files". Then, customize the item details area with any of the tags specified below. For instance, if the user is exporting movies, and specifies 3 movies per page on export, the HTML that will be outputted will be in a single file containing: the top of the page, [item] content, [item] content, [item] content, and the end of the page.

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Additional copies of this page will be created until their entire count has been exported. In this case, 34 pages for movies will be created. It will be removed from the final product, but will prevent the template from being loaded if it does not exist. If a [fillColor] optional is specified, the cover art will be exported and if it cannot be scaled down proportionally to fit exactly to the bounds specified, filler color will be used around the edges.

Otherwise, an image of "best fit" is exported. The width and height of this image may be smaller than the [coverHeight] and [coverWidth] specified, but never larger. Lastly, you must create an index. See the list of tags below for ones valid on the Index page. There must also be a [settings] tag set on the index. This is the new and modern format. Optionally, you can create a preview. Store images for this template in a different folder than "images". This way they will not be copied over to the final product.

Also, a style. The following files should now be created: index. Launch Librarian Pro and open the Export window. Choose the folder you just created for your template. It will then be added to the templates popup menu if it was created successfully. Perform an export as desired using your new template.

If on a header or footer page, total items exported of the type. Organize volumes in "1,2, Multi-field sorting options first by author, then by series, then by series number.

Five free cataloging applications

Spotlight-searchable databases. October or date ranges ie. Ability edit all borrowed item details ie. Clear borrow history or clear individual entries. Having a view "who has actually borrowed item X" like the borrow history, but only actual data. With a database window open, choose "Import Click the type of database or information you would like to import from the toolbar at the left side of the window.

Specify any additional options as desired and click "Import". Click the Text icon on the navigation pane. Specify both the record and field delimiters for the file you wish to open. Click the "Open If the field and record delimiters were correctly specified, the first record should now be shown in the list.

Specify where each field should go by clicking on each row in the "Map To" column. Click "Import". Introduction Librarian Pro is intended as a home inventory solution. Known Issues Verified Bugs Hitting delete key on non-collections still shows 'Would you like to hide' dialog.

Create a new item via the Item menu. Type in the title of the item. Choose "Search Web for Item" from the "Item" menu. The web will be queried for possible results and they will then be displayed in the new window which appeared. Click Auto-fill on the toolbar.

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Ensure you have paired the wireless scanner with the cradle by scanning the barcode on the cradle. If successful, after 10 seconds, the blue LED on the cradle will stop blinking and stay illuminated. Pairing will fail. Click the "Passcode Options Only continue to step 3 once the scanner is fully charged. Metrologic MS barcode scanners should work right out of the box.