A free program for mac, by Logitech Inc.

This is not possible without an additional app. It has regular glitches and some of the settings do not work.

Has anyone else had issues with using Logitech webcams on their Macs and, if so, can you recommend any good control software? Many thanks. Are you using v2. Thanks for your reply Wayne. Unfortunately the v2.

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When you click on the OS button it just offers different versions of Windows. I use been using an app called Webcam Settings with my Logitech Ce for years and it continues to serve me well. The only solution for those who wish to record video and take photos is to purchase an external webcam. Logitech Webcam Software helps connect your webcam to your desktop and allows users to access settings and make adjustments that will benefit the overall picture quality and use. Take advantage of p or p quality to make video calls, record video and audio or simply take a snapshot.

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Logitech Webcam Software covers a variety of Logitech webcam models. Whichever model you use, find it on the Logitech website and you can download the corresponding software or driver required to connect it to your desktop. To receive even better service, you can register your product before downloading.

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Not working with Windows I would believe a company like Logitech would be able to provide us with a w ay to download their driver but oh well Cons: The product is not working. False Advertising, or at the very least "misleading. Very misleading. Their website says ok for Windows 8, but then you find out that windows 8. I had to give away the Logitech game I bought.

Logitech Support + Download

What's the use, won't work. This software does not support windows 8. Does not support windows 8. Pros: Nothing. Allows user to adjust pan, tilt, zoom and other camera settings.

I followed all of the suggestions from other reviewers and still this app is a total fail. All of the controls for adjustments are greyed out; I can't change any of the settings. I installed, uninstalled, downloaded tools from the Logitech website to control the camera - those settings don't "stick. Then I downloaded the whole gaming software package and installed that even though I'm not a gamer and don't use any of the peripherals mentioned.

Logitech Camera Settings

After installing the gaming tools, I reinstalled this app. Same results - an app with all the controls greyed out and unusable. When I initially downloaded and installed this app, it did not work.

Logitech C920 - C930 Set Up for Mac with Webcam Settings App

I began to research other apps, all which cost money with no guarantee they would work with High Sierra or Mojave, the two newest OSs for Mac. I deleted my installation of the Logitech Camera Settings app, installed Gaming Software, then reinstalled the Camera Settings app, and now it works beautifully!