“Spinning Ball of Death”

I am on Mojave Only started after todays patch. Doing some more research on this, the issue itself looks to be related to accessibility permissions. If Heroes of the Storm is listed here, make sure it is checked. This would need to be done in windowed mode.

Most common Mac freeze reasons and fixes

Will provided further updates as we get them. Windowed mouse works fine - I can play games but fullscreen mode, mouse still completely frozen.

I am having the same issue. Can I get the hours lost on my stimpack returned because of this issue? Playing in regular servers America. My mouse worked fine up until my game started.

How To Fix Frozen Cursor On Macbook Pro

I play in fullscreen. Once game started I could not move my mouse at all. It would become nearly impossible to change to a different display mode while the mouse cant move. I tried leaving the game and rejoining - same issue. Then the team started saying they were reporting me, so I got 3 reports from that game on my account. I also didnt get any of the exp I would have from my 3 day boost. I dont want to get in trobule with blizz — please remove those reports. I know you guys have AI tracking them - it will not be smart enough to tell this was because of the bug on your end.

Please make sure I dont get in trobuel with blizz on my account because the reporting system is so flawed. While in most cases you should see the cursor appear on screen when you move it or scroll, there are times when this might not happen.

How To Fix Frozen Cursor On MacBook Pro

This is likely due to a bug or two in the program you are using, but could also be an unseen problem in OS X. Either way, you may move the cursor or zoom in on it, and not be able to locate it.

How To Fix Frozen Cursor On Macbook Pro | Technobezz

While sometimes clicking the cursor will trigger it to appear, this might not always happen, and in addition it may trigger some function on your Mac that you do not intend. To manage a missing cursor, try simply switching applications by pressing Command-Tab, and then switch back by pressing Command-Tab again. This usually is enough to trigger a hidden cursor to reveal itself again. A final situation you might find yourself in is where your cursor does not work at all.

You might see it on screen but when you move your mouse or trackpad, it simply does not function.

How to Handle a Mac Freeze

In these cases, first see if your Mac is responsive at all, by pressing Command-Tab to switch applications, or Command-Space to invoke Spotlight. If these functions work properly, then you have several options instead of holding the power button to shut the system off:. The first thing one can do if they have the dock on the right side is to simply keep dragging to the right until one of the items in the dock shows a hit.

Big help if you are using a dual monitor setup.

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Keep holding those keys down until you here the startup chime for the second time. From there, let go and let your Mac boot up as normal. This will manually put your Mac to sleep. From there, you can press on the power button again to wake it up and you should be back at your desktop.

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