Enter the character code, and then select Redeem. How can I tell if my card or code was redeemed?


What happens after I redeem my gift card or code? If the card or code has money on it, we'll apply the entire balance to your Microsoft account. If the card or code is for a specific app or game, we'll add it to your personal library, where you can download and install it. When some apps or games are redeemed, they will take you to the product page where you can also download and install. Follow the instructions on the screen to redeem your gift card or code.

Select the app or game, then select Install. Press the Guide button on the controller. The code was already redeemed Once a code has been redeemed, it can't be redeemed again.

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Check your order history to see if it was already redeemed on your account. If you have more than one Microsoft account, you might have redeemed it on the other one. Try signing in with your other Microsoft account and try redeeming again, or checking your order history. The code wasn't found Check that you entered the code correctly.

The code was damaged or not readable If the code was damaged, scratched, or warped in some way you may not be seeing the correct characters. You can't find content after redeeming a code There are a couple of places you can look for your content after redeeming a code. You have a pending balance on a subscription You might not be able to redeem a code to your account if you have a pending balance due on a subscription. The code hasn't been activated If the code hasn't been activated, return it to the place where it was purchased and ask for them to activate it so it can be redeemed.

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The code doesn't match your country or region The code was purchased for use in a different country or region than the one your account is set to, so you won't be able to redeem it. The code is for a pre-paid subscription Some subscriptions limit the amount of time you can add using a code. Other limitations Gift cards can be redeemed to personal Microsoft accounts, not business or corporate accounts.

Gift cards can't be used to shop at Microsoft Store retail locations. A gift card can only be redeemed in the currency printed on the card, or described on the web site. Example : a gift card in U. The gift card or code may have additional instructions, and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

More info. For more info about Microsoft gift cards and codes, see Microsoft gift cards and codes and Microsoft gift cards terms and conditions. Get more info about how you can spend the money in your Microsoft account. See Microsoft gift card terms and conditions for more info about gift card refunds.

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Malaysia - English. Nederland - Nederlands. New Zealand - English. Nancy and Nicolle, you need to report your accounts as hacked to initiate an alternative recovery process. You might have to prove your identity to Facebook. This only works if your Facebook profile name is identical or at least reasonably similar to your legal name. Some readers have reported that emailing a copy of their passport or US driver's license to security facebookmail.

This approach hasn't worked for everyone though, possibly due to a name mismatch. I have the very same issue. Extremely frustrating! I have even provided a form of identification to prove myself and I still have not revived a 6 digit code. I log in but they replies and asked code generator but I didn't received I have mobile number that was registered with in I need ur help plz Its a humble request to u. Code Generator is part of your Facebook mobile app. Is that what you did? I know it works because I used it several times recently with a non-US mobile phone number.

Hello,i lost my mobile and also sim which is fb number ,how can i login to my fb account, without having code generator Did you back up any codes when you set up code generator? If not, you'll have to reach out to Facebook and prove your identity. The SMS approval code method works some times and not working some times. Some times it took 2 days for the code to come.

In this latest time, it did not come at all Saw many other comments and options from the Internet but ALL requires you to be logged into your FB account in order to perform that. The question is, I can't even login into my FB account from any device as I always sign out from all devices after I'm done with my session. My cell phone number is still working and still the same. Thank you. I've used the SMS approval code method several times recently when I didn't have access to code generator, and it worked like a charm every time. The codes always arrived within seconds of requesting them.

Could this be an issue with your mobile provider, rather than Facebook? Do you have spotty reception? Are other text messages ever delayed or lost? Hi, as far as I am concerned, all other SMS are coming in as usual without a problem. I have even used the option to take selfie with the code provided to verify myself. But to no response at all.

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  • I'm sorry you're experiencing these issues and I wish I could help, but unfortunately, I can't. All I know is covered in the article above and in the comments below. Happy to learn new details and pass them on to others.

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    So if you manage to recover your account after all, please report back. Good luck and thank you in advance. Hi there, its all good tipps here and nice suggestions. This is exactly what happened to me just the other day: i lost access to my account as FB tells me to enter a security code that has been sent to my mobile which i lost meanwhile - so i have NO ACCESS to these!

    Developing the extension

    What am i gonna do now? All attempts to change my password, tell FB that i want to regain access identifiying myself thru id, letting them know my account was hacked - everthing failed! No chance to access my account ever again? So what am i gonna do? Any suggestion on the worst case?

    You try to contact Facebook at an email address known to work and you try to prove your identity. Only works if you used your full real name for the Facebook account you wish to recover. Hi Bro, I already suffering a problem with my facebook account. I changed the facebook password and log out all session include my phone.

    So, I cannot access my code generator and I cannot login. My phone number is already lost. But my verification email address is work. Although,Security code is not sent to my email account. So, Plz help me. Thanks anyway. I have tried everything that Facebook has to offer to recover my account lost yesterday and nothing is working I just keep getting a cycle and it goes no where.

    Not phone number recovery not changing password, not email code nothing not trusted friends. I am blocked and Facebook is not listening. It is still there they know it but nothing is helping or being done to get my account back nothing at all. Just the same ring around the rosie. Put in a security code emailed it takes me to phone code security get that it takes me to login, put in password says invaild or changed put in new password get the same thing. I am not being recognized at all Yet get emails to my email and phone calls to the number provided but not getting into to recover my account.

    I try and login and it won't let me says password was changed which I changed and it says it was changed in email but still can't get in. Refused trusted friends like my husband said they are not the ones. Something is wrong and Facebook team, staff is not listening. Sent photos they asked for ID have heard nothing back Still locked out of my 13 year account and all the groups I own and administer and my sale items, my photos, everything. I don't know how or why and yes I had a super long very hard to crack password and it had upper, lower case, characters, numbers it does not work nor do any news ones I was asked to create Now what I sent them emails and have filed consumer complaints with AG of Washington and California sent them certified return reciept letter as well.

    It is like they deliberately blocked me and refusing to allow me access and don't know why I did nothing at all illegal so what is going on. I am 68 and an associate pastor one group is our church group another group is grieving support group in loss of children and have others. I have not bullied, maligned or bashed anyone, Shared some video footage about the NFL and some personal pet photos. Tuesday evening the 26th.

    Sept Wedensday woke to my account blocked and nothing I was asked to do to recover helped. First of all the sent me a text code which does not work to my land line phone. I don't have mobile phone service we live in a dead zone. Finally they sent email saying that had been deactivated but it was never a cell phone number it has always been a land line. They finally sent me email code it did not work it took me to phone code. I finally got them to call me with code put it in and just took me to phone code again. Tried password change get email it was changed.

    Put new one in and it says not valid it does not work. I am so stressed and upset crying, have headache and not getting help Friends are emailing me about why they don't see me on Facebook, what happened said they can't find me or my photo and account are there but it is not clickable. Something is wrong and without some sort of tech phone help they don't get it their support system is not working at all. It is just a run around and very abusive. I even changed the IP did not help and tried laptop and hubbys computer and sons nada. Don't have mobile phone device or tablets just lap top and Desk top.

    Others can't get in or see my account or said it is inactive and wonder why. So do I. I did find someone who used my name on an account but no one on it no people or friends. I emailed or called as many friends as able and family notified others of the problem. I am crippled without it and losing income from items trying to sell as well.

    I am having the same problem. Can somebody please help me. I can't log in bec I am not receiving the code. Thank you very much. Same to me I have a new phone and number. I tried logging into FB but it is asking for code generator and sending the code to a number I no longer have. I scanned my ID several times to FB as well as took a photo of myself from the need help indicator on login screen but still cannot get access. Did you get it to work? I have the same phone and number on my account. Did they ever contact you with a code?

    I still am not receiving the code on my phone. I sent them a pic of my ID and a selfie with the written code. I get no response. I have a new device but same number, the code generator says it's sending me a code, but I never receive it I assume that's what you did. Is it possible that you used the wrong format for your phone number when you set up your account? Do you remember confirming your number Facebook offers that option when adding a new number and did it work?

    I know receiving the code via SMS as an alternative to Code Generator works because I've used it multiple times recently. If you have access to Code Generator on another device and the codes it gives you won't work, it might be due to a time mismatch. Let your device to set its time automatically in time and date settings.

    That's all I can really think of. If you do find a solution, please let us know what worked. Thank you! Hi there! Its been three days that i cannot retrieve my fb account,i cannot access my messenger to contact my trusted contact so how can contact them? Code generator does not send text messages unless you request it to. If you asked the Facebook app to text you the code instead, it will use the phone number you specified when you signed up for Facebook. I know this works because I've used it very recently. If your phone number has changed and you didn't update your information, you have to try a different method of logging in or recovering your account.

    Hi Tina, I forgot to change my number on my Facebook account. I didn't even login to my facebook account for quite a while. Now when I am not able to login to facebook, neither through pc nor through app. Please give me a solution. There is no solution I can give you. You messed up. Try to contact Facebook and if that doesn't work, create a new Facebook account and take better care of it. Good luck! Rob Nightingale. Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Unlock the free "Facebook Security Checklist" now! This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email.

    Read our privacy policy. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. I have tried all that but it's not working pls help me I can't login, Facebook isn't sending me d code I have even sent my ID to them but till now no response, pls help me. I have lost access too because of these stupid facebook security loop holes. I have the exact same problem.

    Have you found a solution? Hi there, The SMS approval code method works some times and not working some times.