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Hero pilot saved lives. Woman survives parachute fail. Miley isn't 'happy' following split. Queen cooks for palace staff. PH rep: Won't run away unlike Naik. Dr Zakir Naik di Bukit Aman? Saya tak salah'. Mat Sabu breaks his silence. Anak siapa kurang ajar sangat ni? Afieq syukur semua selamat. Anti-Lynas gathering in limbo. Road rage deaths in Malaysia, a worrying trend. Why does Beijing keep getting Hong Kong wrong? AirAsia X lawsuit thrown out. Dua wanita kena 'kencing'. Canada's PM 'found guilty'. Wang RMk lesap dalam kereta. Polly Taylor. Click to expand. Replay Video. See more videos. What to watch next.

Prince William and Prince Harry talk about their mum. Mamamia The Witches official trailer. Full Screen. With his parents in Kensington Palace in London in February Taking a stroll in the gardens of Kensington Palace on Dec. During a portrait shoot with his mother in Playtime in the gardens of the Highgrove House in Gloucestershire, England, in Watches the Wimbledon ladies final with his mother in London in On his first day at Eton College, near Windsor on Sept.

Looks at the floral tributes for his mother, at Kensington Palace in September Photographed on June 16, , in Eton. Tries his hand at cooking during his days at Eton, photographed on June 16, During his volunteer program in Chile on Dec. Browses for magazines at a store in St. Andrews on Dec. During a game of water polo at St. Andrews University on April 17, Poses with a sheep in Tetbury, on May 29, Tries his hand at pool at a pub in St. Andrews in November Practices his kick in Wellington, New Zealand on July 1, During an army training exercise at the Paramali village in Cyprus on Nov.

Talks with a young homeless person at a hostel in London on Dec. Attends the Christmas Day service at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, England, in Daily News, United Hiring the wrong staff. Dali, Mohd Hasani The experience of schooling through the eyes of disaffected students. Scholar's Press.

Asian Economic and Financial Review, 3 6. Dandago, Kabiru Isa and Shaari, Nor Azlina Effects of focus of accounting research on the quality of accounting education in Malaysian Universities. Asian Economic and Financial Review, 2 Daraha, Kanlaya Pattani's community perception on high school students use of internet and their wellbeing. Darshan Singh, Ranjit Singh It's time to close the chapter.

Darwi, Sahbulah Aura pemimpin muda di Kedah. Dass, Mary Victoria Bergelandangan sejak remaja. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 4 3. Davou, Kenneth I. Devindran, Vanes The feel good factor at work. Devindran, Vanes A safe haven for the young: Psychiatric evaluation for children home's residents meant to address their mental, emotional health. Dhammika, K. International Journal of Business and Social Science, 4 6. Din, Badariah and Omar, Khadijah The mediating effect of performance measures used in budget participation and managerial performance relationship.

Din, Badariah and Yatim, Bidin The mediating effect of performance measures used in budget participation and managerial performance relationship. Journal of Teaching and Education, 2 4. Downing, Kevin Monitoring university performance and adherence to strategy: Creating a sustainable ranking strategy.

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Business and Management Research, 1 2. Emirullah, Chandra The budgetary role of the Indonesian parliament: The impact of the law on state finances. American Journal of Mathematics and Sciences, 2 1. Escobar, Diego and Garcia, Francisco and Cadena-Gaitan, Carlos Political determinants and impact analysis of using a cable system as a complement to an urban transport system. Fakharudin, Abdul Sahli and Sulaiman, Md Nasir and Salihon, Jailani and Zainol, Norazwina Implementing artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms to solve modeling and optimisation of blogas production.

Feakins, Jonathan Planning like its The use and distribution of smartphone transit applications in Chicago,Illinois. Feminine, , popular subject.

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Feminine, , Pang Soon Gi drowned to dead. American-Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 7 5. Firdhous, Mohamed and Hassan, Suhaidi and Ghazali, Osman Statistically enhanced multi-dimensional trust computing mechanism for cloud computing. Firdhous, Mohamed and Hassan, Suhaidi and Ghazali, Osman A comprehensive survey on quality of service implementations in cloud computing.

Firth, Alison Intellectual property audits and patents in Europe. Galoji, Shehu Inuwa and Jibrin, Abubakar Shehu The relationship between leadership self-efficacy and relational leadership behavior. Gasper, Desiree Tresa Jeck of all trades. Gelaidan, Hamid Mahmood and Ahmad, Hartini Using partial least squares approach to predict the impact of transformational leadership on employee commitment to organizational change.

Gelaidan, Hamid Mahmood and Ahmad, Hartini The factors effecting employee commitment to change in public sector: Evidence from Yemen. International Business Research, 6 3. Ghazali, Noor Faizal Bimbang isu cabar Perlembagaan. Ghazali, Noor Faizal Zulkifli kota janji dapat ijazah: Pengaiiannya tergendala kerana memilih jadi polis. Ghazali, Noor Faizal Zulkifli kota janji dapat ijazah: Pengajiannya tergendala kerana memilih jadi polis.

Ghazali, Rahmah 'Royal address not related to petitions': Unprecedented: Call to remove part of speech is 'seditious'. Journal of Accounting, Finance and Economics, 3 2. Gomez, James Electoral court option to address irregularities. Gorondutse, Abdullahi Hassan Effect of corporate reputation and commitment of business social responsibility BSR on performance: Evidence from manufacturing sector in Nigeria.

Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 4 7. Guang Ming, Daily 70, litres of smuggled petrol seized within a week. Guang Ming, Daily Appeal to the court decision. Guang Ming, Daily Bomb found at Phuket. Guang Ming, Daily Criticise on the lawyer. Guang Ming, Daily Deceased's father want commit suicide as the defendant is acquitted.

Guang Ming, Daily Drowned university student rest in peace. Guang Ming, Daily Free education can be implemented. Guang Ming, Daily Gun shot arrested 5 bandits who involve several murder cases. Guang Ming, Daily No brain wash by the govt. Guang Ming, Daily Nomination on 12th, election on 24th. Guang Ming, Daily Putting down the power. Guang Ming, Daily Request Sharifah to apologize.

Guang Ming, Daily Sharifah to file police report. Guang Ming, Daily Signature Campaign. Guang Ming, Daily Suspicious phenomena on diesel shortage. Guang Ming, Daily Taiwan and Malaysia total trading amount around Guang Ming, Daily Unused Cyberjaya flyover collapses. Guang Ming, Daily Writer drown during training. Guang Ming, Daily Youth drown mysteriously.

Guglani, Rakesh Bridging socio-economic and cultural fissures: A case study on critical infrastructure in rural Karnataka of India. Gusti, Khalilah Masri selepas 10 tahun. A, Aljunid and Amphawan, Angela and H. Journal of European Optical Society. Rapid Publications, 8 Aljunid and Amphawan, Angela and H. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology, 53 3.

Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research , 2 1. Habash, Zaid A. Hasbullah Android-based application to assist doctor with Alzheimer's patient. Habbal, Adib M. Monzer and Hassan, Suhaidi A model for congestion control control of transmission control protocol in mobile wireless ad hoc networks.

Journal of Computer Science, 9 3. Habibu, Sira Listen, listen, listen Bawani has joined big league. An empirical evidence from Pakistan. Asian Social Science, 9 Hafizi, Mohd and Yean, Lily and Mohd. Halimah, Lilim and Nurlailiwangi, Eneng Studi tentang komitmen perkahwinan pada pasangan suami isteri yang tinggal berjauhan commuter marriage di Rancasari Kota Bandung. Halipah, Azizi and Shamsudin, Abdul Shukor Kompetensi pembelajaran, struktur organisasi dan prestasi perusahaan kecil dan sederhana di Utara Semenanjung Malaysia.

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The International Journal of Banking and Finance, 10 1. Hamid, Hashibah and Mahat, Nor Idayu Using principal component analysis to extract mixed variables for smoothed location model. Hamid, Nadia Terapi Seni ubat emosi: Remaja luahkan perasaan melalui seni visual. Hamzah, Jamilah Menanti sajian manifesto Pakatan Rakyat. Hamzah, Muhammad Sodbir and Abdullah, Hussin Effect of English proficiency on social capital and academic achievement among economic students.

Hanafi, Zahyah and Valdez, Nena P. Hanaysha, Jalal and Abd Ghani, Noor Hasmini The influence of product quality and service quality on brand leadership: Empirical evidence from Malaysia. Handayani, Bintang and Rashid, Basri Conceptualisation of nation brand image. Australian Journal of Business and Management Research, 3 9. Hared, Bashir Abdisamad and Abdullah, Zarifah and Rafiul Huque, Sheikh Mohammed The role of qualitative research methods in understanding management control systems. International Journal of Social Sciences and Entrepreneurship, 1 8.

Hared, Bashir Abdisamad and Abdullah, Zarifah and Rafiul Huque, Sheikh Mohammed Management control systems: a review of literature and a theoretical framework for future researches. European Journal of Business and Management, 5 Harian, Metro terima zakat RM25, Harian, Metro 5 tahun tak jumpa anak. Harian, Metro Belajar anyam ketupat. Harian, Metro Berhenti kerja jaga adik lumpuh.

Harian, Metro Cacat bukan halangan. Harian, Metro Diari Metro. Harian, Metro Gelora darah muda. Harian, Metro Langsai pinjaman mangsa Lahad Datu. Harian, Metro Lensa arena. Harian, Metro MCA diminta kaji semula keputusan. Harian, Metro OKU sambung pengajian diminta berhenti. Harian, Metro Pembabitan artis lama tak beri impak. Harian, Metro Program Santai Lensa. Harian, Metro Semarak kegemilangan Islam. Harian, Metro Sukan Sempadan erat hubungan dua negara.

Harian, Metro 'Tidak perlu ubah juruterbang': Pengundi harus beri keyakinan penuh kepada BN membela rakyat. Harian, Metro UUM bantu waris wira negara. Harian, Metro 'Usah terpedaya taktik pihak luar'. Harian, Metro Wafiyuddin pasang impian: Sertai dua kejohanan amatur antarabangsa. Harian, Metro Zahir langkah kanan. Harian Ekspres, KK Sarawak lakar sejarah tersendiri. Harian Ekspres, KK Swasta perlu tingkat daya saing.

Harian Ekspress, KK Biar pelajar bebas suarakan pandangan. Harian Ekspress, KK Langkawi masih fokus pembangunan. Harian Ekspress, KK Pembentukan kabinet transformasi baharu untuk penuhi aspirasi rakyat. Harian Ekspress, KK Pewartaan taman laut mampu tarik pelancong, jana ekonomi. Harian Ekspress, KK Punca untuk universiti ranking rendah? Harian Ekspress, KK Tunai umrah menerusi potongan gaji bulanan. Haris, Nurul Azwa and Mohd.

Harmoni, Harmoni Mior Abdul Malek berpegang pada nasihat bapa. Hartani, Nira Hariyatie Cross border cooperation in socio-economic Malaysia-Indonesia Sosek Malindo cooperation activities to regional development. Hartman, Dean Malaysia miliki bakat besar golf. Harun, Azhar Third party bent on creating havoc. Harun, Azhar Tourism development: An empirical study on Malaysia.

ISSN — Harun, Harryizman and Jamaludin, Zulikha Folktale conceptual model based on folktale classification system of type, motif, and function. Hasan, Liza Dalang konflik Mesir didedah. Modern Applied Science, 7 5. Hasan, Md. American Journal of Applied Sciences, 10 2. Hashim, Fahmy Perdana Menteri pilihan rakyat mengikut demografi. Hashim, Hydzulkifli and Ab. Kadir, Suhaila The structuring for development and management Waqf properties in Malaysia.

Hashim, Marina and Abd. Hashim, Normawati The dynamic moves towards recognizing right to women's dignity against sexual harassment and rape as part of human right. Hashim, Roslinda Azizan tak mahu saya menang: Kenangan Abd Isa bersama arwah tak dapat dilupakan.

Hashim, Roslinda Insaniah bakal diswastakan? Hashim, Roslinda Insaniah kekal milik Kedah: Sangkal dakwaan akan diswastakan, tidak pernah tawar kepada mana-mana pihak. Hassan, Azmi Building bridges between scholars and the law: A Prerequisite for an innovative society. Hassan, Kalthum Livelihood strategies and entrepreneurs' achievements: A study among successful entrepreneurs participated in KEDA entrepreneurship development programme. Hassan, Kalthum Sustainability of entrepreneurship approach to alleviate poverty in rural areas.

Hassan, Khairul Amri Etika kerahsiaan Emelda. Hassan, Marina and A. Jabar, Marzanah A landcsape of enterprise resource planning implementation. Hassan, Muhammad Saufi 'Jangan bunuh idea kreatif pelajar'. Hassan, Muhammad Saufi Sebak terima ijazah suami: Isteri wira Lahad Datu terharu arwah kotakan janji untuk tamatkan pengajian.

Kanun: Jurnal Undang-Undang Malaysia, 25 1. Hassan, Zaini Saya mahu beri balik kepada bangsa saya - MK. Hendar, Chairiawaty Perasaan komunitas perempuan kepala keluarga sebagai anggota serikat pekka. Heng, Natalie Political comedy. Hengky, S. Ho, Catherina S. Ho , Anlie Poh Chin Social capital in entrepreneurial strategic management for family business sustainability. Hossain, M. Journal of Applied Sciences, 13 4. Hossain, Md. Advances in Decision Sciences, Husin, Hartini and Abdul Malek, Marlin Marissa and Yaakub, Sabariah Effect of cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence and Islamic work ethics on individual work performance.

In: Advances in Visual Informatics. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer International Publishing, pp. Husni, Moath and Baharom, Fauziah and Ahmad, Faudziah Identification of suitable web application development methods for small software firms. Kanun: Jurnal Undang-Undang Malaysia, 25 2. Hussin, Fauzi The contribution of economic sectors to economic growth: The cases of Malaysia and China.

Golok - Rantau Panjang: Isu dan cabaran. Asian Journal of Empirical Research, 3 9. Hussin, Mohamad Bisikan suruh terjun bangunan: Pelajar patah kaki, pinggang dakwa alami mimpi buruk. English for Specific Purposes World, 14 Ibrahim, Hadziroh and Mohd Yusof, Yusliza The influence of techno stress and organizational-is related support on user satisfaction in government organizations: A proposed model and literature review. Malaysian Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, 9 4. Idris, Abdul Razak Ummu Kalthum minat kerja sukarela. Idris, Izian Psychological factors in advertising - Does it affect the choice of advertising medium?

Idros, Norlida Akmar Medan orang muda tunjuk bakat: Peserta perlu lebih kreatif dalam mempersembahkan karya masing-masing. Idros, Norlida Akmar Platform terbaik tonjolkan bakat: Pembangunan industri kreatif hari ini boleh melahirkan P. Ramlee kedua. International , Business Review The big squeeze: Monopolies and the stifling of Malaysian businesses.

Iqbal, Munawar Islamic finance: An attractive new way of financial intermediation. Isahak, Zulhisham Usaha pihak tertentu mahu jadikan Malaysia republik berani perlekeh simbol negara. Isam, Hishamudin Innovating instruction of Malay grammar through a word list program. International Journal of English Linguistics, 3 3. Ishak, Fadhli UUM duo sweep titles. Ishak, Khairol Anuar and Jantan, Muhamad The relationship quality in franchise networks: Is it important to performance?

Ishak, Mohamed Mustafa Pembudayaan pekerja dalam arus transformasi negara. Jdaitawi, Malek Emotional intelligence and psychographic profiles of the potential first class students. Jdaitawi, Malek Psychographic profile among potential first class public university undergraduates in Malaysia. Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, 7 4.

Asian Social Science, 9 9. Ishak, Suhaimi and Md Yusof, Mohd Atef The formation of separate risk management committee and the effect on modified audit report. Iskandar, Petah Wazzan Mahu beri perkhidmatan lebih baik. Islam, Rabiul and Patwary, Ataul Karim Factors influencing to the policy and strategies used to disabled employment in hospitality industry. Ismail, Ikram Khairy, Shahrizat expected to win again: Outcome of Umno elections likely to mirror wings polls.

Ismail, Ikram 'Yes' for full-term parliament: Academicians say this will ensure stability and smooth transition of govt. Ismail, Izwan A mother's gift. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Amarah Alam. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Anak Gaza. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Gugur Wira Negara. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Guru. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Moga Tabah buat anak-anak Davao. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Persahabatan.

Ismail, Kamarulzaman Pohom ini milik kita. Ismail, Kamarulzaman Warung Dunia. Ismail, Md Daud and Md. Ismail, Noor Azizi [Review of the book 50 short case studies in business management, by Dr. Dileep Kumar M. Ismail, Nur Syakiran Akmal Impact of gender mainstreaming process on the achievement of women empowerment in Malaysia. Ismail, Shaarani PPPM mampu tingkat mutu pendidikan: Inisiatif dilaksana pendekatan unik, telus lahir pelajar mampu bersaing.

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Ismail, Zarina and Md. Salleh, Salniza and Ali, Juhary Kesan langsung prinsip transformasi perkhidmatan ke atas kualiti perkhidmatan di sektor awam. Jaafar, A. Bakar Ocean thermal potential in Malaysia and the energy-water-foof nexus for sustainability. Jaafar, Wadiassofi Kedah galak atlet lanjut pengajian UUM beri kerjasama permudah mereka sambung pelajaran,peluang pertingkat akademik.

Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Malaysia Workshop on social impact assessment and outcome evaluation of project: The best practice. Journal of Techno-Social, 5 2. Jamaluddin, Zakiyah Parent-child interaction in a low cost housing in Malaysia. Jamaluddin, Zakiyah Premarital pregnancy and abortion among adolescent. Jessica, Malaysia Julia Li - Excellent player in business game. Johari, Ayob and A.

Erdi and Ayob, M. Afif and Ayob, M. Johari, Husna and Ong, Choon Hee Personality traits and customer-oriented behavior in the health tourism hospitals in Malaysia. International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 4 4. Jumari, Nurkhairini Pengundi pertimbang tawaran: 'Apa saya dapat' penentu parti mana jadi pilihan terutama pengundi atas pagar. Kalyani, Brinda and Kumar M. Research India Publications, India. Hamzah, Robiah Kecemerlangan di rumah dan di tempat kerja. Wayamba Journal of Management, 3 2. Kabir Ahmad, Farzana and Yusoff, Nooraini Reconstructing gene regulatory network using heterogeneous biological data.

In: Multi-disciplinary Trends in Artificial Intelligence. Kaliappen, Narentheren and Abdullah, Haim Hilman Enhancing organizational performance through strategic alignment of cost leadership strategy and competitor orientation. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 18 Kaliappen, Narentheren and Abdullah, Haim Hilman Validity and reliability of the strategic factors and organizational performance scales. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 16 Kamaludin, Haslina 6 peratus tidak membebankan. Kamaruddin, Aida Rizmariza Hidup mati untuk Finas: Jins Shamsuddin tidak pernah lupa bebanan kerja yang pernah dipikul dulu.

Kamarudin, Khairunnisa Eksekutif jualan dan pemasaran perlu fahami produk. Kamarudin, Khairunnisa Pernah ditipu ribuan ringgit. World Applied Sciences Journal Kanniah, Uma S. World Applied Sciences Journal , Kareem, Olanrewaju and Aabdullateef, Aliyu Olayemi and Mukhtar, Sani Sanuri The consequences of qualitative overstretch on employee intention to quit in Malaysia call center industry: An implication of customer relationship management. Karim, Haryati Cabaran pembaca berita.

Karim, Sharmila and Ibrahim, Haslinda and Omar, Zurni Comparison between starter sets generation method for listing all permutations. Modern Applied Science, 7 8. Karim, Sharmila and Omar, Zurni and Ibrahim, Haslinda The division free parallel algorithm for finding determinant. Kasim, Azilah and Dzakiria, Hisham and Scarlat, Cezar Exploring the digital divide issues affecting hotel frontliners.

Kassim, Ahmad Syahir Kedah sasar lapan pingat emas. Balu bangga impian arwah untuk menamatkan pengajian tercapai. Kassim, Umar and Abdullah, S. Procedia Engineering, Katuk, Norliza Progressive assessment of student engagement with web-based guided learning. Interactive Technology and Smart Education, 10 2. Journal of Industrial and Intelligent Information, 1 3. Katuk, Norliza and Kim, Jieun and Ryu, Hokyoung Experience beyond knowledge: Pragmatic e-learning systems design with learning experience.

Computers in Human Behavior, 29 3. Tourism Geographies, 15 4. Khalid, Mujahed and Kumar M. Khalil, Samihah Sistem Pengurusan tatatertib di tempat kerja. Khasawneh, Mohammad M. Kherd, Ahmed and Saaban, Azizan and Man, Noraziah Surface interpolation using partial differentiation equation with positivity preserving cubic Said-Ball curves boundary condition. Kirmanj, Sherko Kurdistan region: A country profile. Kosmo, , 13 penggiat seni terima ijazah. Kosmo, , 71 pasukan sertai bola keranjang IPT. Kosmo, , Pasukan. Kosmo, , Permedia anjur kursus induksi pelajar baharu UUM.

Kosmo, , Tunai umrah melalui skim potongan gaji Uniutama. Kosmo, , Zam bukukan kenangan dalam Saya Bukan Menteri. Kosmo, Kosmo 17 ekor lembu diagih kepada orang Islam Kemboja. Kosmo, Kosmo Ajrina tabik keberanian pasukan keselamatan. Kosmo, Kosmo Awang Had meninggal dunia. Kosmo, Kosmo BPK bermula meriah. Kosmo, Kosmo Beri fokus utama kepada belia bumiputera. Kosmo, Kosmo Dinaik taraf bagi lahirkan lebih ramai profesional dalam koperasi: MKM jadi kolej universiti. Kosmo, Kosmo Kelantangan Malala Yousufzai. Kosmo, Kosmo Pelajar dari Mindanao ditawar biasiswa. Kosmo, Kosmo UUM mahu jadi universiti terbaik dunia.

Kosmo, Kosmo Waspada penipuan tunai umrah. Krishnan, K. Krishnan, Loganathan Conceptualising a fiduciary duty on auditors.

Kruthchon, Thuanthong and Khalil, Samihah Conceptual framework and taxonomy of innovation: A case of Malaysia and Thailand public sector. Ku Ishak, Awanis and Mohamad, Armanurah The relationship between wellness, work stress and personality of prison warders. Ku-Mahamud, Ku Ruhana Big data clustering using grid computing and ant-based algorithm. Ku-Mahamud, Ku Ruhana and Sediyono, Agung A new feature set partitioning method for nearest mean classifier ensembles. Kuan, Siew Khor and Mohamed Udin, Zulkifli Reverse logistics in Malaysia: Investigating the effect of green product design and resource commitment.

Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Kulasagaran, Priya Nurturing holistic grads. Kumar, Pranav Marketing warhorse. Universiti Utara Malaysia Press, Sintok. Kumar, Punitha and Kanyakumari, D. Kumar M. Wulfenia Journal, 20 3. La Pensee Journal, 75 Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research, 13 4. Kura, Kabiru Maitama and Mohd Shamsudin, Faridahwati and Chauhan, Ajay Modeling the Iinfluence of group norms and self-regulatory efficacy on workplace deviant behaviour. Asian Social Science, 9 4.

Kura, Kabiru Maitama and Mohd Shamsudin, Faridahwati and Chauhan, Ajay Self-regulatory efficacy as potential moderator on the relationship between organisational formal controls, perceived group norms and workplace deviance: A proposed framework. Jurnal Teknologi, 64 2. Kura, Kabiru Maitama and Mohd Shamsudin, Faridahwati and Chauhan, Ajay Moderating effect of self-regulatory efficacy on the relationship between organizational formal controls and workplace deviance: A proposed framework.

Kwong Wah, Yit Poh 8 person elder people play harmonica. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Analysis on the debate team. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Campus election. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Chinese vote for better future. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Election battle of the professionals. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Funeral. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Gaining experience during young. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Ipoh traffic increasing. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Lorry crash with bus. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Low fertility aging. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Sharifah's statement was rude.

Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Sister listen popular in internet. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Study on education team up. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Taking family photo yearly. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Travel management about program planning. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh Why no one to save him. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh The drowning case was accident. Kwong Wah, Yit Poh A insurance agent died in accident.

Lajiun, Jenne Programme to prepare university students for real job market. Lakshana, Meena Selangor government has little influence over Syabas: Subsidiary points finger at water concessionaire's majority shareholder for recent water woes. Lamsali, Hendrik An application of Lagrangian relaxation approach in reverse logistics problem.

Management, 3 1. Management, 3 7. Langroudi, Majid Zerafat Angiz Inexact discretionary inputs in data envelopment analysis. Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. Latif, Lina Instigating change in the media world. Lee, Seung Chun An integrated perspective of humanism and supernaturalism for education: C. Interchange, 43 2. Lee, Wen Chiat and Viswanathan, K. Kuperan and Ali, Jamal Entrepreneurship drain in the agricultural sector: Implications for rural development.

Li, Dong and Hanafi, Zurina A study of eco-performance of logistics services in food supply chains. Journal of System and Management Sciences, 3 2. Lim, Hock Eam Discrete choice model. Lim, Hock Eam Overeducation and happiness in the Malaysian graduate labour market. International Journal of Business and Society, 14 1. World Journal of Education, 3 1. Lim, Ming Tian and Mohamed Ismail, Risyawati Purchasing and logistic management: The challenges in coordinating the logistics activities within and among purchaser and the supplier.

Lim, Sin Han and Hassan, Mohamad Ghozali Mardi: Pemangkin industri pertanian dan penyumbang ekonomi negara dengan pemindahan dan pengkomesilan teknologi. Lucky, Esuh Ossai Igwe Exploring the ineffectiveness of government policy on entrepreneurship in Nigeria. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business, 19 4. Lucky, Esuh Ossai Igwe and Mohd Yusoff, Nurahimah A conceptual framework on teaching qualifications, characteristics, competence and lecturer performance for higher education institutions in Nigeria.

International Review of Management and Marketing, 3 3. Mad Jari, Norutul Ilham Pantau harga barang kawalan. Mad Lazim, Halim and Salleh, Mohamed Najib and Subramaniam, Chandrakantan and Othman, Siti Norezam Total productive maintenance and manufacturing performance: Does technical complexity in the production process matter? International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, 4 6. Madam, Chair The accidental politician. Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing, 9 8. Madi, Mohammed K.

Mahapatro, Meerambika Coexistence on women's empowerment and domestic violence in the context of receiving health care in India. Mahat, Nor Idayu Quantitative research methodology. Mahdzir, Nazli Damage for loss of future earning for foreign workers in Malaysia: A lesson to be learned from Singapore.

Mahfar, Mohd Shukor Kreativiti dan inovasi dalam pengurusan. Mahmood, Rosli and Hanafi, Norshafizah Entrepreneurial orientation and business performance of women-owned small and medium enterprises in Malaysia: Competitive advantage as a mediator. Mahmood, Suraya and Md. Noor, Zaleha Human capital inequality and income inequality: Developing countries. Mahpar, M. Hafidz Crowdsourcing can benefit marketers: Companies can tap on consumers for communication ideas.

Maidin, Zainudin 9 sebab BN akan kembali berkuasa dua pertiga. Maidin, Zainudin Said Zahari nasionalis cekal sepanjang zaman. Majid, Embun BN aims to bring progress to Kedah: State poised to become a leading player in many fields. Makkal, Osai Have a freedom life. Makkal, Osai Problems on GE time will not bring benefits. Makkal, Osai Sharifah is lying. Makkal, Osai Singing competition. Malay, Mail Ex-army top guns should have cooling off period before politics.

Malay, Mail Give varsity students choices. Malay, Mail Let grassroots decide top leaders, say analysts. Malay, Mail Moderators tirade in viral video transcribed. Malay, Mail Troublemakers on the prowl: Analyst warns of forces out to destabilise tomorrow's polls. Malay, Mail Young voters split. Malay, Mail Younger members urged to vie top Wanita Umno posts.

Malaysia, Focus Universiti Utara Malaysia. Malaysian, Nanban Bawani denied to comment. Malaysian, Nanban Different think can bring solution. Malaysian, Nanban Grabbed the mic. Malaysian, Nanban Higher education students become borrowers. Malaysian, Nanban Let's unite to retain department of Indian studies. Malaysian, Nanban National level debates competition.

Malaysian, Nanban Solution if change of thinking. Malaysian, Nanban Solution if change of thoughts. Malaysian, Nanban UUM graduation day. Malaysian, Nanban Universities should have Indian cultural events.

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  4. Malaysian, Reserve Coming Events. Malek, Mazrah and Che Ahmad, Ayoib The effect of director-auditor link on non-audit services fee. Key Engineering Materials, Mansor, N.

    Procedia Economics and Finance, 7. Mardzuki, Marlinda Penjawat awam diharap buka minda realisasi aspirasi negara. Marzukhi, Hafiz Farid to get down to business: Barisan candidate: I want to promote entrepreneurship in Pulau Betong. Marzuki, Najib Ahmad Perceived and preferred interviewer characteristics in selection interview. Maskilone, Chris No definitive knowledge of phantom voters.

    Maskilone, Chris Tiada bukti pengundi hantu: Saksi. Masrom, Maslin and Usat, Selisa Understanding students' behavior on the use of online social networking. Masum, Ahmad The right to development and its corresponding obligations on developing countries.

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