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Let's say, you have two Quick Parts named " Thanks for support " and " Thank you ":. Press the Enter key and the content is inserted straight away. If you have many building blocks and you cannot remember the name of the particular snippet that you want to use, find it in the Quick Parts Gallery:.

If you'd like to change several entries, this can be done faster via the Building Block Organizer :. The Modify Building Block dialog box only allows renaming Quick Parts and changing their attributes, but not the content. If you want to permanently remove a certain building block from the gallery, this is what you need to do:.

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In Outlook , AutoText was the only type of the available building blocks. In the modern versions of Outlook, the only difference between Quick Parts and AutoText is that they are different galleries. In all other respects creating, editing and inserting , they are absolutely the same. To add a new AutoText entry , select the text that you want to store and do one of the following:. Below I will share a few little secrets can make a great difference in the way you use Quick Parts in Outlook. To always have the building blocks at your fingertips, add them to the Outlook Quick Access Toolbar.

As you already know, Quick Parts reside on the Insert tab. If you plan to frequently use them in your work, it can be more convenient to have your building blocks on the default Message tab. To have it done, carry out these steps:. To back up your Quick Parts, close Outlook and copy this file to a save location.

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To restore Quick Parts, copy the file from your backup location to the Templates folder, with Outlook closed. Please note that aside from Quick Parts, the NormalEmail. So, when you back up and restore Quick Parts, your custom styles are also copied and restored. The good news is that there are at least two other ways to automatically add attachments in Outlook:.

The Quick Parts and AutoText galleries surely beat manual copying and pasting. But I personally do not use them in my work. Because I have even a better alternative - Template Phrases for Outlook.

The Template Phrases tool has a number of unique features that make it superior to Outlook Quick Parts:. As an example, let's create an email template for sending a new price list to your partners. So, you compose the message, add the desired graphics and formatting, and then do the following:. In this example, we are going to add attachment and fill in the Subject line. For this, click the Insert macros button and select the corresponding macros from the list. As you hover over a macro, a hint will tell you what this particular macro does. The selected macros are added to the template automatically, without you having to do anything but browse for the files to be attached and type the Subject text.

Additionally, if you plan to frequently use the template, you may want to insert it into a message with one of the predefined shortcuts the currently assigned shortcut can be removed at any point later. Click the Save button, and the new template is added to your collection. This is only a quick and short introduction to Template Phrases, but there is much more to it! If you are curious to know other features, you are welcome to download a trial.

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The add-ins work with all versions of Microsoft Outlook , , , , and A free version of Template Phrases for Outlook Online is available. E-mail not published. What is Outlook Quick Parts? How to create Quick Parts in Outlook To begin with, type the desired text, format it the way you want, and include graphics if needed. When your new piece of content is ready, here's what you do to add it to the Quick Part Gallery: Select the content that you want to store. For the most part, you'll only need to a give a unique name to your new building block and can leave the other fields in their default values, as shown in the screenshot below.

By default, new AutoText entries are stored in the Normal. You can add AutoText entries to custom templates, but there are limitations with this that we will discuss later in this article. To begin, create a new Word document and enter the content text, images, tables, etc. If you want your AutoText entry text to be stored with the paragraph formatting for all the paragraphs in the entry, including the last paragraph, make sure the paragraph mark at the end of the last paragraph is included in your selection.

The paragraph mark stores the formatting for the paragraph.

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Any character formatting you applied to your AutoText content is automatically stored in the AutoText entry. We recommend making the names of your AutoText entries different enough so you only have to type a few characters of the name to insert each entry into a document. You can also change the category for this entry.

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This will save the AutoText entry in your Normal template. When you close the last Word document you have open, the following dialog box may display asking if you want to save the changes made to the Normal. Create a new Word document or open an existing one. Select it to insert the content in that entry. You can also insert an AutoText entry simply by starting to type the name of the AutoText entry.

The contents of the AutoText entry are inserted, complete with the original line breaks and formatting. Say you moved to a new home and you need to change your address in your AutoText entry. Here's two different ways that you You can use the Paste Special feature in Excel to multiple the values in a range of cells. If you don't want Excel to Spelling errors can result from improperly ordering letters in a word, or from adding spaces where they shouldn't be.

This complete guide shows both professionals and novices how to master VBA in order to customize the entire Office suite for their needs. Did you know that Word tries to keep track of who the author of a document is?

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This information can be easily added to Fields can be a great way of adding small snippets of dynamic data to your documents. However, you may want to get rid of Tired of getting the fields in your document overwritten by regular editing tasks? Here's how to make those mistakes more Enter your address and click "Subscribe. Your e-mail address is not shared with anyone, ever. Maximum image size is 6Mpixels. Images larger than px wide or px tall will be reduced. Up to three images may be included in a comment.

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How to Insert an AutoText Entry into a Document

Commenting privileges may be curtailed if inappropriate images are posted. I get how to set up the page number x and start it at one on the correct page. My question is how do I get the total number of pages y to only include the total number of pages of the document, not to include the cover and TOC. Word 15 for Mac does not have a NumPages field, so total page number can't be displayed. I tried Damear's suggestion Ctrl - F9 and it worked.

Easier than shuffling the document through Word I have recently installed Word I struggled with how to insert the total number of pages. The selection for X of Y just inserted "pg. X", just the page number, not including the number of pages.