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How To Use VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

We do not source products. Our platform features offers from merchants who have signed up with PriceCheck. I also spent some time looking through several DIY book reader web sites diybookscanner. But then I bumbled on to the price of the DocuPen and yes I also happen to be the cheapest person on the planet.

Think it did the job? First it is about a foot long and about an inch wide and deep. It has an indentation on each of its sides, providing a good grip when scanning. This is in part due, I believe, to the way that a scan is performed: you first hit the scan start button, do the scan, then hit the start button again.

Additionally, the scan light only illuminates when the little rollers on the bottom of the device are in motion more on that in a bit. On the top of the device are two buttons that allow you to choose between color or black and white and or DPI.

Digitize your documents anywhere and everywhere

Two LEDs indicate when a scan is in progress and if an error during the scan was detected. The scanning will only take place while the rollers are in motion, a notion that is very important to remember as we go through this review. Wash, rinse repeat. By default, the scanner turns on in color mode and in the DPI resolution. Pressing one of the two option buttons allow you to easily change these modes. Overall, the design is pretty sweet. The LEDs and display offer simple and intuitive feedback. If the ERR LED lights up, it indicates that the scan was not successful, although the scan is nonetheless saved off as a file.

Some of the scans that were reported as an error actually looked ok, so I would often times end up with near-duplicate scans of the same page when editing. Below is a screen shot of the contents of the micro drive when connected through the USB port on a PC after several scans:. Scanning actually took me a while to get used to because I kept trying to scan my book excerpts from top to bottom. Once I dawned duhed onto running the scan sideways it usually became a breeze to scan a few pages here and there.

I am a klutz so it was easy for me to foul up scans a number of times and the scanner would illuminate its ERROR light when that occurred. My main purpose in using the Magic Wand was to scan a few out-of-print books that I have that are literally falling apart and to scan certain chapters out of technical manuals so I focused my scanning on that type of target. All of the resulting images were fine.

No complaints on the quality of the results. The following examples show some of these results. The biggest problem I had during scanning trying to get all of the information of a page into the scan on certain books that have the page numbers at the very edge of the pages. The reason that it was difficult to get the page numbers included on the scan is that the scan actually occurs only when the little rollers on the bottom of the wand are in motion.

Magic Wand – Portable scanner for Legal Firms

And, when page numbers are at the very edge of the page, the roller wheels roll off the page first, and the scanning turns off before it can read the page numbers. Some books have page numbers in a nice place, others in fact most of mine for some reason have the page numbers way at the edge or nestled deep in the book crack heh.

This is a little hard to grok, so the following photos attempt to demonstrate the issue. You normally will want to take each image, rotate as needed, despeckle as needed and do some overall clean up. Having the page numbers on the scanned images helps you in this process in putting together the final ebook but also helps once the ebook is complete and you need to skip around pages; having the page number on the scan just makes that easier.

I tried several configurations with the wand to attempt to get the entire contents of a page and the page numbers, but on some books this just was not possible. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on scanning many pages. My final decision is that when faced with these type of books i. I used the following scanned image as the OCR candidate. You can see in the second photo how the image is a little skewed, has some bleed-through from the page in the book beneath it, and has a few speckles.

So I zoomed in on the page to increase the text size on the screen and re-ran the OCR with the following results.

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  7. So after zooming in, the scan went much better. But imagine trying to do this for multiple maybe even hundreds of pages. These two tools could help a little with batch processing many pages. Following are a few screen shots of running just FreeOCR and its results. Once you have your text, you can then convert it to PDF format.

    This is a nice scanner, well thought-out and at a nice price. For batch scanning it could work out but you want to watch out for books with text near the edges of the page. The wand seems better for single page one offs of receipts. When I make ebooks for myself, I first cut the binding off. For magazines I use a paper cutter for books I have Kinkos chop the binding off. It takes 15min. For books, I OCR, proof, and make epubs. Those can take awhile but the scanning is less than an hour of the whole process.

    Mind if I ask, I noticed the position of the roller is critical for the lights to actually work. With that in mind, are you limited to only scanning in one direction? Or can you flip the device around and change its orientation to ensure the rollers are always making contact with the page? To further elaborate, say you were scanning the left side of a book. Can you start from the spine of the book, and scan from middle to left? Or would you have to scan from the left edge for a page, towards the spine?

    Would seem really useful for textbooks since my plain flatbed scanner always curves any words near the spine of any book.. Andy — yes you can flip it around. The problem is that when I did that for the particular book I was using, the text that was of course scrunched near the binding would then be cut off. I also tried scanning top to bottom vertically and that would sometimes work, sometimes not; the rollers tended to get caught along the sides of the pages.

    I thought it was some sort of mechanical issue where the roller would only shine their lights if rolled in one particular direction. Ja, I used the scanner left, right, upside down and backwards. But I gotta say, more than three or four scans in a row was hard to do. Great review. Also one point, if you could slide a larger than the paper being copied piece of card stock underneath the page, then it would increase the total area that can be scanned since the rollers must touch something to roll, then you can crop out the excess afterwards.

    I am having a hard time transfering scans to my computer from the wand-I use the scanner for basically receipts and single items that I would like to set up fiole on my computer-can anyone help? It still cuts off on some pages, but overall the card stock does improve the results. I have found a way to get around the problem of the Vupoint cutting off the last part of the page of a book because the rollers have gone off the edge of the book. It also works best to support the left side of an open text book with another book of about the same size.

    Hope this info was more helpful. I tried this and it worked great as far as getting the entire page including the page numbers in the scan, but my results were slightly blurry I tried with both the low and high res settings. Great idea in any case. I have a question. Can you scan something larger than 8 12 x 11 and then stitch the image together?

    If you can does the scanner come with stitching software? My Mom owns a t shirt store and sometimes has to copy t shirts directly. That being said, your scan width is limited to the width of the scanner itself, but the length of the scan would depend on how long you can keep the roller in tact and rolling. Hope that makes sense. So bottom line: you can scan images longer than 11 but not wider than 8.

    The 8 Best Portable Scanners of

    Thanks for the info cobinrox. I was going to get her one, but it sounds like she might be better off sticking with her flatbed that she has been using. I may get one for myself for book scanning and let my Mom try it out for her t shirts. Hey greetings from Argentina. I just have 1 question, the errors that occured during scaning, did they happened when you scaned a lot? Without the tag board, the file error rate really goes up. This saves a lot of scanner time because you keep the book and scanner physically in the same spot for the odd pages and then for the even pages as opposed to scanning in a page, flipping the book, flipping the scanner and scanning the next page, then blah blah blah.

    Also, to save even more time, I can actually slip the tag board underneath about 5 pages and be able to scan those 5 pages pretty well, without having to move the tag board between those 5 scans. I have the VuPoint Scanner and have lost my owners Manual. I managed to find your helpful site. But I am at a loss as to how to delete files that are on the micro-SC card.

    I have tried pitting the SD card in the computer to delete files and in my camera. No Luck. Camera says it needs to be formated but will not format it for me. Thanks for any help you are able to give. Gale: not sure what the problem is, but am pretty sure it is not related to the scanner. The memory cards should act like any other external drive to your PC, allowing you to navigate through its contents.

    What type of errors do you see when you attempt to delete the files? How kind of you to answer so quickly. I can actually read and save files to my pc. I am quite sure it is an operators error. I have just used it to try to see how it works, then said maybe I should clean the sd so it will not have to many files on it. I simply do not know how to erase what I have on it at this time. Thanks so much.

    In this age of ultracheap optical mice, it would seem cheaper to use a couple of laser assemblies instead for more reliable tracking. Better still, with 2-dimensional tracking, such pickups should be able to detect horizontal motion as you scan vertically down the page and automatically compensate. I bought my wand 5 days ago. The first time I formatted and used the scanner I noticed that the create date was Jan 1, Now five days later the create date has updated to Jan 5, How do I reset the internal clock to todays date? I also just got my wand a few days ago. Now 3 days later the create date has updated to Jan 3, How do I reset the internal clock to the correct date?

    How do I fix it? Thank you. Great site! Decided to see what info was available online in case I had any problems. Now THIS is what we need for all products! Sure would save a lot of time and headaches. Kudos for your thorough and understandable info! I have this scanner and I am getting all kinds of light banding. Not one clean picture. It has light and dark bands across half the page.

    Whats wrong? I must have messed up the white calibration, because I did it again and the banding is gone. My fault, I love this thing. It really works well. Thank you for posting such a helpful site. The scanner on my 4 in 1 printer broke and I thought this would be a good replacement. It appears this will be more useful than my former scanner. Thanks again for taking the time to provide such useful information. I have had this scanner for months and it went really well in the beginning.

    I have done nothing different, however, over half of the scans come out reversed like a mirror image. Anyone else having these issues? Any answers? Did you try removing and re-inserting the batteries? I am more interested in scanning old photos of my children. I am ignorant when it comes to technology. Are you able to label each photo and group them in a folder, for example one folder for each year? I did scan from top to bottom and now I cannot change mirror image. It would mean so much to me and my daughters.

    Just got my scanner. How do you scan small pictures without the background showing the full size of the screen? The demo looked easy. Need to know how to remove scans off the SD card.

    Best Portable Scanner

    Clean it up for more space. I hate downloading all those pics every time I download too. Hope that makes sense and what you were asking about. If I sort of understand the issue, you could use somehting like photoshop or paintshop to crop out unneeded areas. When I press the time set button, I get 1 09….. I have no idea what to do…please help me. Any ideas for that type use? The 1 means that this is the first thing you have to do in order to change the year. Press the scan button to advance to 5.

    What causes this, and how can I fix it? Does anybody know what the differences are? Great write-up. Anyway, sorry about the wordy essay, but I was really PI Sed about the storage format of the device. They should have made it with an option to store the files on the microSD card in a. I will be trying to find a similar device that does just that. Any thoughts??? After reading all comments — very good info but the A has a time set button and the does not.

    Still waiting to here from VuPoint. I will check back later on this but the great thing about this is if for instance you wish to make a t-shirt print this device will scan a mirror type for you if you scan in the opposite direction.

    Magic Wand - The Portable Scanner by VuPoint Solutions

    You can print it out yourself or upload it to CVS or Rite aid to make a cup or shirt or something. Will check back on the time set for the older [ purchased a month ago ] ones. OK — found out a little more where this is made [ China of course ] but the real model number — TSN do a Google search with or without pdf and you will get a large result. More later as I continue to search. Put one hand on the document so you can hold it in place.

    Slide the scanner slowly and evenly down the page with the unit held flat against the paper. Connect the other end of the cable to an unused USB port on your computer. The microSD card shows up as a removable disk, just as if you had plugged in a flash drive. To copy scans to your hard drive or view them off the memory card, click on the "Open Folder to View Files" option on your screen.

    Elizabeth Mott has been a writer since Mott has extensive experience writing advertising copy for everything from kitchen appliances and financial services to education and tourism. Skip to main content. The scanner ships without a card.


    Calibrate the scanner if it displays the message "ERR. Clean the sensor before you calibrate the unit. Refer to the manual for calibration instructions. The scanner shuts itself off in three minutes after you stop using it.