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The common error occurring, again and again, is apple. Even the user has tried to re-establishing the account but the error has not been fixed.

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If you are also facing the same problem then, in this article I would like to share some of the Out of the blue techniques to resolve this problem. It is very easy to configure and sync Yahoo Mail to Mac Mail but sometimes due to abrupt settings and Yahoo Mail restricts it from connecting to the Mac Mail. So I will be discussing various possibilities which you can try to connect both the email clients.

There might some obstacle in your Yahoo account and therefore it is not syncing to Apple Mail.

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If you are using Yahoo Mail on mac then it is always recommended that you should keep your mac operating system updated. Sometimes the older version of Mac is unable to load the Yahoo mails on the mac mail therefor you must update the OS and then try to connect. Sometimes email setup issues lead to yahoo mail corruption and the user finds that Yahoo mail is not syncing with mac mails. For example, the message might refer to a connection that timed out, or too many simultaneous connections:. If you're connected to the Internet but the connection timed out, your email provider could be experiencing a service outage.

Apple's system status page shows the status of iCloud Mail and other services. If the message refers to the number of simultaneous connections, too many of your devices are checking your email account at the same time. Quit Mail on one or more of your other devices. To view your current settings in Mail, choose Preferences from the Mail menu, click Accounts, then select your email account.

Then compare them to the settings you see in Mail preferences.

Email delivery is scheduled by your email provider, and delivery time could also be affected by your Internet provider. URL Name.

Accessing Free Yahoo! Mail With Mac OS X Mail

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Yahoo Account to Apple mail Using IMAP

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