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When I was in the music biz in Hollywood I always had an engineer to do the mixing, etc. Now I am trying to figure out how to put some of my songs on youtube with just a simple black screen and the lyric over the music. Startpage got me here for an upgrade from 6. Thanks so much for the archiving of the application. Stopped at On youtube I have been unable to discover how to work with text. Using the editing button and the music video title is very limiting, either right or left and short sentences. Any suggestions?

Any ideas? I loved this version so much! Almost as much as I hate the newer versions. I had all but given up on video editing. This download was perfect and I am excited to jump into all the home movies that have been sitting untouched for the past two years. Sad if that connection is lost now. I made the mistake of updating when a few errors started reoccurring in my old HD software. Without your link, I would have lost 7 months of hard work. I really wish there was something out there that is free, similar to this software, and runs with little error. Anyways, thank you. Get a sufficiently large external hard drive to exceed what you have already filled on your internal drive and use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable copy of your entire hard drive.

Then, when you want to work in iMovie, boot up with the external drive. Also, if you find you have lost the sounds in iLife Sound Effects, in the Audio pane of your iMHD6, you can still find them on your hard drive and drag that folder to your desktop, from where you can select the sound effect you want and drag it into your movie. Any ideas, what to do? Thank you for posting this. Importing an mp4 file gets converted to a dv file. When I force quit iMovie, I can usually find the. Simon Update… When importing large files into iMovie 6, like a file converted from a VHS tape, the system may report that the iMovie application is not responding.

Robert — Can I give you a big kiss? Pay you something for your efforts? Sweep your floors? Wanting to transfer my old miniDV tapes to my computer, I just spent four hours trying to import a 3-minute clip into the newest iMovie. The dang thing kept chopping up everything into individual clips and placing them out of sequence in the Events window, just to make it even more confusing and difficult. Thanks for nothing, Apple. Based on things I had read elsewhere, I was expecting to have to hack something in order to get it to run, if it would run at all.

I held my breath and launched it. When I saw that old familiar opening splash screen pop up, I just about cried. I jumped out of my chair and fist pumped. Dave LOL. Happy New Year, everyone! Not surprised to find lots of other users who love imovie HD and hate the more recent versions. Any good tips out there? Thanks Robert for keeping the flame alive. I still have not found a better editor — just got to sort the exports!

If you are wanting to take your movies from the old iMac to a newer model, you could share them back to your video camera, from which you load them onto the new iMac. Preferably you want to share back with a miniDV, or tape format cam, which should make your new video lossless. EJ : Hey folks, it has been months now with no reply to me asking for help ?? Would appreciate some tutoring. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!! I despise all the later iMOvies. They have no finesse. I had to hang on to my old computer just to run iMovie 6. If you have an old photo shop that will work I will be forever in your debt.

Forest EJ, I agree with Forest. Still sounds kind of painful though. I am trying to figure out how to do one simple thing. I want to be able to put my lyrics on a black screen in sync with my songs. When I try the text is limited to just titles with a small window for seeing them. I see videos all the time with text all over yhe screen in different fonts and points. Can this be done with iMovie? Something more complex would likely require software like Final Cut Pro. Robert, Please. Just need a little help on how to put full screen text my lyrics on a black screen to put on youtube.

And thank you yet again. That was on January 12th. Forest I found that post and some others that were awaiting approval. Forest See for my basics. I mis wrote about youtube but meant imovie. Seeking the most simple presentation of my music and lyrics. Music plays from embedded mp3 and words are on the screen duuration of each song part verse, bridge, chorus 10 years ago I made a youtube vid with imovie 2.

OK, that YouTube reference kinda threw me off your intentions. It is quite easy really. Play with those by adding some text into the box which appears when you click on one of the 4 scroll options, to see which suits you — then — with text in the box, click on the scroll option you like in order to see it play on the movie screen.

Now, the tricky part will be to time your scrolling words with the playing of the music. You can vary the speed and duration of the scroll and also select what font and size you need for the text. You can make it like the Stars Wars opening scene, where the text scrolls off into the distance if you want. It might be better to use small blocks of video with text added, as you go, rather than one big video clip containing all of the text.

Making use of the timeline, based on 30 frames of video per second, which runs along the bottom of the movie window, you can time how long a lyric section lasts and then very precisely time the scrolling words to the music by using the speed and duration sliders in the editing pane.

Forest Thanks a lot. Somehow I am not communicating my simple desire well enough or iMovie is not used on youtube and some other program or application is used? The video had music under it and still pictures that faded with the music. We all have gone a million times to news sites, etc. Then another will show up, perhaps different text or something but it hangs there for a while also.

Have you been to that forum to see if someone there can offer any advice?

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I recently bought a used MacBook Pro retina running Sierra I want to work on a video project and want to use iMovie. I will be using Raw files from a Nikon camera- stills only. Whats the best version of iMovie I could use?!? Good luck, though! Hi Rob, thanks for your reply. Forest Well, I am in the ball park now Forest.

I have the basics of Scrolling Box, etc. My problem is this: I have followed the iMovie help and still am not able to lengthen my clips??? I select it with correct prefs set up. I put the slider at the point to be stretched to and the clip deselects. I try changing the time in the editing and even double spacing the lyrics to see if it makes a difference.

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Your advice has gotten me far along. Can you figure out what I am not doing? I am really anxious to get my music on youtube. Are you putting your text over a photo image, a video clip, or a black screen video clip? Photo image times can be extended, but the Scrolling Block of text, whether over black, a photo image, or another video clip, can only be made to last for 31 seconds, by sliding the speed slider far right.

If you can clarify the exact steps you are taking, I might be able to figure out what you are missing. It says which prefs to have active. I select the clip, and when I drag the playhead to the spot I wish the clip to end the selection goes off. Rinse and repeat, each time I touch one the other goes unselected. I try to adjust the playtime by repositioning the clip a bit. I highlight it then drag it right or left from within the blue clip with just the curser arrow visible.

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If the clip appears too long I can choose it and the cross appears and I can drag it left to shorten it. The ghost image is there but no movement of the clip to lengthen the clip. I fuss around with double spacing some of the lyric to make it longer, and that sort of typing stuff within the clip. Thanks for all your help. EJ OK, I am thinking you want to edit the over black clips you have your text inserted into — maybe eliminating some of the beginning and end where you just see a black screen before and after the text has scrolled past.

Then, highlight that clip to blue by clicking on it. You can now work on that clip in the timeline. There are 30 frames in one second of the video clip. Using the timeline numbers, you can precisely time your edits. This is the feature that makes iMovie HD6 superior to all iMovies that followed. Each time you work a clip in the timeline with those sidebar controls, you first need to have clicked on Scrolling block to have that sidebar function working again.

It has many more features than iMovie and is much like the software that professional video editors use, so this task would be a lot easier, but FCP also has quite a steep learning curve. It does everything I need for my home videos and there are aftermarket software plug ins that enhance its functionality easily. What I am doing is about as Basic as it gets but with my learning curve I am unable to articulate my situation. I want to put my music on youtube.

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  • I load it into iMovie. I want to have my lyrics visible. I choose Scrolling Block on a black screen. I add it to the clip line. I can shorten the clip by selecting it, then draging to the left from the edge. I move the playhead to the point I want to lengthen it after I select the clip, it turns blue and the ghost point disappears. Fine tuning where a clip begins and ends. The clip volume levels must be deselected before you can work with this.

    Maybe you missed that step? You do know that you can make several video clips over black, with added scrolling text in each and they will flow seamlessly together when played? Forest Thanks ever so much for your time and offerings Forest.

    Free iMovie Plugins, Free iMovie HD6 Download (full app)

    I intuitively came up with the small clips to create the flow of the lyric as some of my songs have a verse that lasts longer than 31 seconds. I have put together three songs already. At some point in the future I may try adding pics as well but for now I just want my great stuff he says modestly on the web. I will give you a link when I am successful at posting on youtube. Been saving the iMovies in the choice for the web. Your welcome for whatever I offered that got you moving forward with your project.

    A link here to your YouTube productions would be interesting to see. Forest Well, I did it. Please check them out on youtube under EJ Doyle. The letters in the scroll look crappy to me. Any suggestions on how to make them crisper would be welcome. Again, thanks a lot for the help. I spent a couple of days trying to learn iMovie and this is what I came up with. Need help in getting the text crisp. Thanks for having this site.

    Thanks and congratulations on getting it done. Just a guess! Now I want to start shooting 4K and am wondering, doubting, that HD6 could handle that. I will miss the ease of HD6! My macbook pro running Yosemite will not let me open your iMovie HD application because it is not from Apple.

    Apple offers iMovie HD 6 for free to iLife ‘08 owners

    Any way around that?? Any ideas on what I am doing wrong. The best video I have was done 9 years ago on my Pismo in 9. Greetings from Greece and many thanks for posting this. I was looking all over for it iMovie HD is the best! Lelila It would probably be good if you gave the make, model, etc.

    Forest Did you ever get the opportunity to look at my youtube video? EJ Had a look at Get Back in Line Boy and it looks like you accomplished what you had wanted to do, with good timing on the scrolling blocks. Are you the artist singing? Thanks for the reply. My concern is why do the words look so blurry?? On the polished music it is hired folks back in my Hollywood days. I have had about views of my stuff now and all I average is 1 min of viewing time.

    People need constant stimulation I guess rather then actually listening to a song?? And who wants to see a 75 yo man singing anyway? A few years ago when I was directed to this site, I tried it thrilled that all my plug-ins were intact and it crashed in the middle of a project. Has anyone tried Filmora Video Editor? I know that program like the back of my hand, but still want the quality of iMovie. As far as I can tell, the quality of the titling is limited to whatever the Apple developers wrote in there years ago.

    Maybe there are underlying assumptions that are different. Are you dealing with a DV project? Or an MPEG-4 project? Yeah, a late comer but getting iMovie 6 back with little effort is tremendous and i will donate as appreciation. Thank you for posting this version!

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    • If I close the app, I more than likely lose everything. Not ideal. I also wish I could use Streamclip again. These other editing programs are not as user friendly. Almost a year now of being frustrated with the results in iMovie 6. I am wondering just what do people do with it?

      Possibly no one has any information that can help you. Terribly sorry. Thanks for the get back. What I am asking is if this is a superior version of iMovie what sort of projects are people working on with it? Did you look at my link? Are there any examples of iMovies available? The only movie I have made in the past was ten years ago on iMovie 2 and it looked perfect?? Thank you so much for the download site for iMovie 6.

      I have just upgraded to El Capitan and was disappointed that all of my iMovie 6 movies, that were stored on my external drives, showed up without the usual imovieHD icons, just a generic document icon. I found your site, downloaded the version you have up, and like magic I could open my most recent iMovie 6! All of those iMovie 6 movies now seem to be working.

      I cannot find words to describe how happy I am that you have continued to provide this service! Will your iMovie 6 work with this system? Hoping yes! First, you need to buy an external hard drive. If you have a number of movies saved already, you would want at least a 1TB hard drive, 2TB might be better for future project space. There was a free version of this software available at one time. Might still be. This cloned external drive can then be used as your start up disc on your new iMac, so instead of seeing High Sierra when you use it, it will bring up your old El Capitan for you to work iMovie in.

      Just a guess here, but I think the problem you have with the text may be because you are not laying your text over actual video clips, but instead one frame still text images made into video clips by iMovie. Still pictures put into iMovie and made into video clips always appear less sharp than actual video clips.

      iMovie HD 6 works in SIERRA OS X 10.9 and up.

      I believe this has something to do with the interlacing involved in processing video clips in iMovie. I have no video equipment and only a flip phone. Can my iPad Air do anything? I live 50 miles from the nearest town in the Arizona White Mountains and it has been impossible to find any help on this. Do you think this the same limitation on all iMovie versions? I see these 15 yo kids with great looking videos and wonder how in the heck do they do them?? Looks like Donna might have an answer for you. My background… I shot my first footage on an 8mm film camera when I was 4 years old WAY back in Joined the Army in I think the recruiter had just got out of Vietnam and had a hearing loss and all he heard was.

      Thank you soooooo much!! You save my life really I was desperate!!! And I can finish my job! I almost cry of happiness when I saw your blog! Thank you thousand times!! I am so frustrated. I love that I can revive this older program. I love it. But unfortunately, the system has glitches. If I shut down my program, most of the time I lose everything. My work in progress, and all my clips. I save all the time even when working on a project just in case it crashes. I even get a window stating that it lost clips. And then when I ok that hoping maybe just the ones in the trash were lost I get a blank slate.

      My work around is to export my work every time I close it, and then re-import. Can somebody out there help me please? Im yet another victim of those lovely Apple people! This is having spent over a hundred pounds on every conceivable adapter, converter and cable! I have a shoe box full of tapes but at the moment I am at a loss as to how I can download them to a computer.

      Camera manufacturers no longer manufacture cameras with mini tapes. And neither do they offer support for existing cameras that still use them. I have hated these other newer iMovies that have made it far harder to edit, etc. This is great. But now I am wondering is there any way I can get this to put on my new iPad Pro. I am guessing they are not necessarily compatible because of the different Ohs? I would like to be able to cut on the iPad as well as the laptop. Rolando Perfect! Thanks to all who take the time to help others. Thank you especially Rolando. Your instructions are still helpful all these years on!

      What version of iMovie had a screen with events and projects separated but you could still drag the orange marker above the video in the projects to create chapters, and you had a lot at your fingertips to edit text in the video. I installed on my new computer High Sierra and was pleased to see that I no longer had to work through the open terminal.

      Thanks a million — I hate iMovie 9 or later. Way too complicated and not of use. So far your version seems to run well even in High Sierra Again, many thanks for sharing this! Problem here…made a movie for youtube. Forest Point is WHY is it there? Is there some sort of buffer or something that remembers your last job? Has this ever happened to you or is just my iMac ? They are big enough to fill the size requirement.

      I have a question. In iMovie 6HD I can have a aspect ratio. In iMovie 10, it only renders in Sometimes I like to use effects in iMovie 10 and then transfer the footage to my go-to vidding program 6HD. But I end up with black bars. Frustrating that iMovie 10 has an aspect ratio default. Is anything compatible like that? I had tried Final Cut Express and hated it, but did love and use Live Type a titling program that came with. Now Live Type is no longer compatible, and I want more fancy.

      I might have finally found my answer. Davinci Resolve. It works a lot like iMovie 6 in how you manipulate clips, and it has a lot of fancy with Youtube videos to guide. And, after a lot of tests renders, it can render in I have never found a way to get still pics into HD6 without some unwanted artifacts — the blurring you speak of.

      Seems to me there is no way to prevent HD6 from doing this when it converts the still image into a video clip. Feb 16, PM. Feb 18, AM. Question: Q: iMovie HD6 free download is back!! More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Forest Mccready Forest Mccready. It appears that Apple has set up a new URL for the free download of not only the 6.

      Whether this was due to demand, or just the lag in getting the new website up, we may never know.

      Download Any Version of iMovie - Here It Is!

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