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You are cordially Invited to call over the week end and Inspect a full range of Austins. Whether you require a light commercial to lower your dellvciy costs or a heavy duty truck for real lough Jobs you must see the full Austin range before deciding on your new truck Austin Trucks are genuine commercial chassis and em body all worth while truck features. Any model may be purchased on low deposit with the balance spread over a period to suit the cresent condition of your business. This amazing petrol economy by a 10 h p Ca.

Call write or phone for details of the new Austin 10 h p and details of this official test. MODEL in excel. Have N. Nothing to spend. Outstanding condition. Regis- tered May, mechanically excellent, this model has no knee action. Trade car or motor cycle. The owner of this cor has enlisted, hence reason for selling. We will accept your car in part-payment. Terms if. Roadster, registered, Rumble seat, new heavy tyres, 4-whcel hydraulic brakes. This beautiful economical car Is in the finest possible mechnnical condition, maroon duco unmarked.

Apply a Parramatta Road. Burwood, near Bui wood Road. We have ONE only left to be sold. Sec us for a special proposition. Brand new. Must be sold to-day. Camperdown Authorised Chevrolet Denier. Open all day Saturday. Duco and original uphol- stery are equal to new; fitted with spacious en- closed luggage trunk, 5 excellent tyres. Tills car is in original condition throughout. Chrome leather upholstery. No-draught ventilation. Body, bumper bars, front and rear, full kit tools, instruction book, all In- tact. You will be delighted on Inspection.

Any trial. F light D Spdan. Genuine standard licht six 4-door Sedan. In outstanding- condition. Will give 90 dav. Trade-In car. Weighs 24cwt. Full Sports Model, smarlv ducoed, 5 new tvres. Care- fully cared for. Faultless motor, fest, reliable, gears, transmission, steering, brakes excellent con- flation. Must sell week-end. Dudley Street. Inspect this car first; you w11! Excellent condition throughout. Still retains its original duco. Solid leather upholstery. Light 6 motor.

Bumpers, luggage carrier, wind deflectors, sun visor, etc. Looks and luns well. Imported body, dicky seat. In phenomenal con- dition throughout. Original duco unblemished. Mechanically perfect. The condition of this car will amaze you for its model. Excellent tyres. Mileage 28, In excellent condition throughout. Duco dark blue. Good tyres. Examined this week by N.

Nothing to spend on it. Report shown 'to buyer. Terms, trade-in. Only done 32, One owner since new. Original duco. Upholstery in excellent condition. Roller blinds, bumpers, wind deflectors, electric wiper, sun visor, luggage carrier, etc. Registered 5 months. Deposit " Genuine mileage 27, A perfect car in every detail.. You could not spend a shilling anywhere. Not a better kept car In State. Weight 25cwt. You will be delighted on inspection. Examined by N. Report shown to buyei.

Croydon opposite Harkness and Hillier. Huge save on new car price. A car you would be proud to own. Cannot be. Gives highly satisfactory demonstration. Any trial gladly given. A beautiful car to handle. Beautifully ducoed. Well shod and registered. A very smart little car, which gill give the. Worthy of closest Ulai and examina-. We have carefully selected and reconditioned this exceptionally fine range of commercial vehicles.

Bought March -. J- cellent mechanical order small mileage Tyres. A test or 60 mila trial LMT. Sunshine toot full De I uxc model Excellent con dttlon inside and out Been veiy well cared foi. Road tel dueoed. M notitlvelv as new model Must be seen tiV. Cj-esceni Homebush.

Lons, rcglcira- ' 1. Registered nu' 'Oetobei. Foi further details 'phone Mr. Oreen, W I to spend onvvhere. Trade-, ,1n. Saturday morning. For a limited period we are offering the famous. Covereo 10 mib-s. Two to choose. In excellent condition. New tyres, long registration, etc.

In one. If unable to call,. Dlckv sear. I for Ton Truck. Ls ducocd. Privately owned, and no! Creniorne Junction. Home all dav Sunday. Annly 13 Gilftlths Pt. Genuine- Snap. Open all Week-end. Skip to content Skip to search.

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Line 0. Little-known dishes that come. Sheer luxuries,. All the way. Save their smooth, salty flesh. This morning's stage. BOX AA. For it was she who. It was shs who. For It Is a shocking fact that man'. Of people over. If you take. Obtainable from all lead-. A man with imagination has springs.

Line 1. AND O. In England I. In Hong Kong ,. Tasman or m. Nieuw Holland,. For detailed informa-. Konlnklilke Paketvaart, Maatschappli ,. Is Canada's most fam-. Alpine Chalet delightfully situated on the. Harvest of the Grape! Joinj Ex-. Motor, and Boat. Prince's Highwav 14 daysi. Line 2. Passenger SerWce 1-JO.

Line 3. Optional Port. Mon TA ed Frl am. Line 4. AND W. I Adelaide S. IHoward Smith. IMelbourne S. Howard Smith, Ltd. IHoward Smith, Ltd. Time omits Calms. Cargo only. LTD, George St. Dunedin, Outports. Are Tiereby? Bombing Exorcises, using Bird Island. The Danser Area will he within the. Our 3 H. Another Special is the Famous. Including clutch, tank,. Fuel Oil Fjiglne. Reduction gear models. Immediate delivery.

We are open week-end. Simplex Launches from. Champion Outhoards for Easter, 2. Lightweight, modern. It it's for a molor boat, sall. Send in your queries. Prices right, deliveries. Intelligent service. Bosch Magnetos, etc. All Models. Inspection invited at any Um. Alio Surf Skis and Folding Boals. Large slock. Giar, few goo'i. Tclr,, W Apply No. The Soil. Tapara silk. Line 5. It costs. A chapmen Launch. The spacious.

FREE mooring and. Blaxland Twin, Model' TX,. Blaxland Pup, Model S. High speed, medium duly, and. Sizes range from 30 h. Any site low prices. A BAR-. Hercules marine engine,. Half-cabin Launches, Open. Rushi-uttcr Bay. New foot Launch, fitted Fisherman. We ara open -weck-anda. ApnW v. SMAl L. Sizes to 52, left or rlsht. Lycoming Marine Motor. Excellent i,ea boat, 6 months old Pcnta.

Williams hullrt. Carvel-built, iour. KM Chapman, with. Berowra 32;. Naval Architect. Stock Plana for. Vim engine and Svracruse re-. Hoyles Boatshed, Victoria Road,. Ooddard and Sons, Palm Beach,. Ernie Messenger. Double Its. Tree Tops, Kyle.

PR Lighting SOLO 250

Kvle Bav. Graham's Boatshed, Watson's Bnv. Speedboat Hull, 16ft, 51t beam. St Ralmain. Launches, new, 2nd-hand. New irom. Anderson, 34 Frailer St. Line 6. Abby'White: will be. Some delightful clothes. Sailors and Sold era'. No chaige. Party commences at 10 o'clock. I'i ed Webber, Dick Fair,. Box C, G. Grey marine engine, capable high spcedr. Owner scrv. Malcolm Campbell, Ros. Kauii built, Wil-. Everything as new. Suit big game. Vinco, per. Balma m. A very fine ciaft. Careening Cove. Heavy-nuly Victor Marine.

Chapman, Reverse clutch, shaft, propeller,. Vinco, clutch, shaft, propeller. A Bargain. Sayonara Boatshed,. FMI Invincible engine. Perfect order. NBW mid. See at Bnsche's Boatshed. Cronulla Paddle's, Rushcutier Bay. Will sell separately. We3t Point, Mosman Bar. Apply aller 2 p. George's Cres. Geoige footer, 3 cuits, all gear. Short St, Balmain. Cadillac Sedan, 6-passenger, pcrlrrr.

Twln-ii'-llneicr Foiir". Balma 1 n. Continued on Page 2 Scroll to previous page. Scroll to next page. Only the best. Every livening at a. Matinees: To-day and Wednesday, al 2. Magnificent Programme for 5 more nights and '1 matinees'. Prices pius tax. Full particulars: at Box Offices. Rupert D'Oylrv Carte. Theatre Royal and Paling's. Manager, Theatre Royal. Hook and Be Sure. This came to pass nn Salindav night.

Direction: Miss Muriel Connel and Mr. By Kmlyn William. Membeiship enquiries at Studio, 13P Elisabeth Street. Bolh catines not suitable foi General Exhibition. Sessions from Nn"v showing at both Thentics. Both features Paramount. Pitt Street next, Liberty. Associate feature, Hplvyn Douglas. Waller Pidgeon. St vie. From No. Fare 4d. Children Id carn war. Booking for Motor, Steamer, and Air Services. Leaving Sydney every Wednesday at 9. Camera Obscuia. Continued on Page 3 Scroll to previous page. George and Wynyard gtirrts.

Perpetual Trustee Chambers. Applicntlon will be made after fourteen days from the publication hereof Ihut Probate of the Will-and Codicil gianted by His Majesty's High Coull o; i -. Next Camden Inn. Argyle Street. I Dilve-hi entiancc. Good natural liglit. I r'lirtlipi particulars may be obtained fioni the I undersigned.

Pro- fessional rooms. Klcenio and Murray. Suit Professional, Watehouse. Also large Sub-Ground Floor. Apply foi. Ring FM; oi L. Kings Cross. After Hours. Epping Two lifts, l-'irepioof building. Spilnklcrs throughout: - ' R. Bri t. T week. Ca Inering St. D2 Pitt Street. BW ll'OR a terni. II rom ft to 80,ft G.

Good order. Near tram and school. Key Pymont: HlOOfl Glebe. H-I3 Bligh Slreel. J Ground Floor, area 11,ft, saw tooth roof Reduced Rental lo tenant on lease. Goon lease; low rent. Plenty of daylight. About 5, square feel. Also splendid aruund-ltuur b'aeiuiy, eveiy con- venience. Apply: W. Suit large fumllv-r Applv 4. References necessary. C1 KO Cl. It out, conveniences. High position. Main Forest Road.

Cornel position. LU1O02 I i Established 34 years. Septic tank. Apnlv M H. Kimsn-ove Station. Thyrd Rod Co.. Dulwich Hill. Right in Busies! Centre, Between Pill and George Slreeis. Opportunity seldom nccurlng. Reasonable Rent. M; nudley. Hunter Street. Hogarth, onnoslt. Pallon Hotisr. Moderate lental. Castlereagh St. Corner position, large window space.

Suit any business. Low rent. Potts Point, available three weeks. About 12 s 24 feet. Double Windows. Modern Unfurnished Bungalow. I- 8 spacious rooms, complete offices. Delightful Grounds. Excellent position, neai parks and bend Three bedrooms, lounge, dining-room, 2 enclosed verandahs, 2 bathrooms, offices. Most Exclusively Situated.

Modern Unfurnished Bungalow, bedrooms, 2 reception-rooms, 2 bathrooms. HoUwaler Service. Estate Acenls, Hornsby. Licence George Street near King Streeti, Sydney. I Two lines 1 a Dont 12 woid. Moderate Rent. Facing park Bnd opposite Wynyatd Station. Excellent Lift Service. Merchants' Offices and Showrooms. Area square feel. Natural light on Three Sides. Goods and Passenger Lilts. Fraver House. Granville Rulldlng. Richmond House. LTD t Strcnl. Continued on Page 4 Scroll to previous page.

Bungalow I ' vcrv 1TI. C mom kitch-n open views hot watei mocleiat-. L Spatiou Ground Plooi list 5U 1 lieoronm. V or double hedroom la. W SOU! MION 4. Continued on Page 5 Scroll to previous page. Burra A". Continued on Page 6 Scroll to previous page. Continued from precc-inR page-. Lake Illawarra. R Ilaitin Place Illustint d ta-llf foldpi oi appli allon lo Mir? The Glen. Accom I modnfr no Reiiijeratlon, ele. Adjacent to beautiful Leonay Golf Links. Tele Orange. Fishing boating, oysters. Dancing Gol! Tennis, boating riding, golf, pianola.

I Book caily fm Easter. Clly Olflct I 'Phone. O Shellhaibotii 'Iel. Sewerage Phone "1. Special Sunday Poultry Dinnci. Opposite Siatior ts' eomfoil assurrd Ml-. Agent, Springy-nod. George's Basin. Guests Overlooking Olympic Baths ptomenade lennis parapi sewp. Pli vvellarte 11? Size 65x65 Cutting and drilling can therefore be carried out without the risk of damaging the gel coat on the inside surface of the tunnel. Lenght x width x height Weight Kg Ideal for meeting the needs of engine starting and power services for use on board boats, etc.

The total leak molds to put in any position, even upside down and inside the cabin. Resists well to charge and discharge cycles. Orbital technology. High start-cue. Zero maintenance. Very fast recharge time 20 min Amp.

Opposizione allesecuzione ai sensi dellart

Maximum resistance to vibration. Article Series Trust kg. Kg Lenght. Easy to install, requires only a simple electrical connection. The Stern Pod unit is mounted directly outside the hull, then the assembly is simplified and also avoid working in the interior areas of the transom, usually accessible with difficulty. Engine and ignition system are protected in a sealed cylinder, away from water and corrosive environment of the bilge. Power contacts in solid copper, maintenance-free composite foot, hardened spiral bevel gears.

Article series propeller Thrust kg power kw power hp volt amp. This results in a thruster that has a good turning effect on the yacht, often even allowing a unit with a lower thrust rating than its tunnel equivalent to be used with excellent results. Furthermore, retractable units minimise loss of buoyancy. Manufactured from isophtalic GRP resin, they can be easily integrated into new build GRP yachts or retro-fitted to guarantee a quality installation.

Aluminium yachts are catered for with suitable aluminium flanges. These are designed to be welded onto the top of a yard manufactured mounting base constructed in the hull. Electric battery isolator. Connecting to the power of propeller control, which detaches the power when not switched on under control. Step 60 mm. Voltage 80V. Resin body anti-flame, brass contacts. Complete with transparent polycarbonate cover for protection against accidental contact. Breaking Charge Kg. Length cm. Parafil wire in white plastic sheath for guardrail, in spools of 50 m.

Strong like steel, but much lighter. AISI Wire rope in white plastic sheath for guardrail and rails, in m. Article D1 L1 L D Ideal as emergency tool on sail-boats. Plastic coated handle. Rubber handle. Equipped with double security for that we can avoid accidentally attach to any obstacle. Max opening mm.

Ideal for sun top tightening. Pack 10 pcs. Breaking load Kg. Weight gr. Spool m. Ideal for mooring. Sinking, easy spliced, ideal for mooring. The tensile strengths are purely indicative and relate to new rops. Breaking load kg. Ideale for parabordi ed usi vari. Outside high tenacity polyester. Medium tenacity core. Very soft.

Medium tenacity white polyester braided rope. Round line 12 strand high tenacity polyester braided rope. It stays always soft. Colour Navy. Clean and safe prevents damage when stored, not create galvanic currents and corrosion to the springs. Vertical load kg. Safety factor With protection against abrasion. Clean and sure, easy sthourge, no eddy current to mooring springs. Medium tenacity 3 strand, double torsion, bluee polyester rope.

Hand spliced. White polyester rope protection sheath. Closed by scratch. S protection profile against mooring ropes friction. Thickness 20 mm. Fastening with bolts. Braided ropes for halyard and sheet High tenacity polyester double braid. Special manufacturing with opposite torsion for a long lasting and the maximum strength.

Pre-stretched, soft, handy, low lengthening. Suitable for halyard and sheet. High tenacity double braid — External Matt, Braided core. Suitable for sheet. Woolly look. High tenacity, white with colour flag. Suitable for sheet, halyard, genoa, spi. Exceptional performances. Light, high breaking charge, strong, long lasting, very high tenacity and easy spliced. A special protective treatment in urethane resin improves his handiness. Ideal for halyard, sheet, and for trailers winch.

Can be put very easily on the pulpit. It is suitable for tubes dia. It keeps up to 80 m. Sizes : mm. With adjustable clutch and dismantling handle. Stainless steel Mounting clips for tubes mm. Gipsy capacity : m. A B C Gipsy Capacity : m. Spool da m. Hournge High Tenacity white nylon braid, suitable for sewing, binding, splicing, etc. High tenacity nylon braid for boulters.

♫ Lyres 250 MSD ♫

High tenacity Helical nylon braid, for o. Color Spool mt. Paraffine Color White and black. Bags no. Nylon hook mm. Black nylon snap hooks for shock cord. Clip mounting. Nylon hook. Wall or tube 25 mm. Size : mm. Hole mm. High tenacity. Rolls m. Polyester covered Shock cord. White Bluee Navy Height mm.

Shock cords with PVC hooks. Shock cords with grummet and nylon bolt. Sail ties with nylon bolts and s. Safety Net for boats, suitable to be put on the guardrail or for objects. Made in high tenacity nylon, hand made knots. Rolls of 30 m. Article Length cm. White Black H mm. Spool mt. Soft and durable, ideal for various uses and lifeline. Band polypropylene footrests and various uses. Rolls of 50 m. White or black nylon buckle. Platelets fixing strap stainless steel. Article Dims. Colour Lenght m. Capacity kg. According to CEN standard and safety laws.

Oval carpets made in 3 strand mat polyester rope Welcome carpet made in soft, strong anti-slip PVC, resistant to oil, fuel, sea-water, U. The upper layer is made to keep dirt and dust. Cleaning with vacuum cleaner, shaking or washing with soft soap. Blue colour. Length cm, width 25 mm. Webbing with winch buckle Other sizes on request. Tip-up chromed brass rowlock Chromed brass rowlock for ribs Fastening with two screws.

Nylon hook for boat hook Dim ext. Zip opening and mounting the pulpit and side rails with adjustable straps. It may also contain prescribed line Available in 2 colors Rina No. With retro-reflecting tapes, polyurethane outer structure, filled with polyurethane foam. For yachting use. Rina , no. CCE approved. With retro-reflecting tapes, polyurethaneouterstructure, filled with polyurethane foam. Same as art. With handles for a sure hold. Approved by the Ministry of Transport and Navy no.

Length 30 m. Breaking Charge kg. Si accende a capovolgimento, voltage con 1 pila. Secondo direttiva MED I. La suforficie particolarmente liscia e la speciale conformazione facilitano il traino del salvagente fino alla forsona da salvare. Completo di cima cm. Lifebuoy smoke-light. Solas 98 approval for coaster fishing boats.

Provided with stainless steel holder. The light is switched on dipping into the water. The smoke has a handy primer. Batteries life : about 4 years. Weight 5,5 kg. Complete with stainless steel support. Activation smoke occurs with manual trigger. Height 50 mm. Roll of 50 m. Price per m. Powered by a D battery not included Worn permanently. Article Size Weight Kg Height cm. Chest size cm. Statement MSC 80 Approved for work boats, fishing, passenger.

Approved under the new RES. Approved for work boats, fishing, passenger. Lifejacket Nadir. Specifically designed for active safety, thanks to the modular neck for added head protection. Regulation system consists of: zipper, belt with quick release buckle, crotch and lower closure. Reporting system comprising: reflective tape and whistle. Designed specifically for continuous use on canoes, kayaks, small sailboats.

Adjustment system comprising: strip quick release buckle with elastic waist. Equipped with safety lanyard hook. Recommended by the best samples hobbie cat. Regulation system consisting of 3 straps with quick release buckles. Equipped with lanyard attachment for safety. Ergonomic design for dinghy racing and competition. Zip pocket. Regulation system consists of long double slider zipper, belt with quick release buckle. Especially suitable for dynamic sports, water skiing, jet skies, etc.

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Padded back protection. Regulation system consists of 4 straps and buckles for quick release. Designed to help the child learn to swim and stay in the water, safely, with constant adult supervision. A pair of arms and baby bag in the box. Reporting system consists of reflective tape and whistle. Tape recovery, lifting handle. Life jacket for babies. Distribution of floating masses, designed to ensure an optimal position in the water of infants and children.

Closure system with adjustable abdominal belt, backpack, lightly padded, 2 quick release buckles. Locking system with quick release buckle acetal and attachment security tape. Accessories for fishing: hook for landing net - rings and multi-purpose pocket - man-made port. Thanks to aerodynamic design, you can start easily and precisely to those in need. Small footprint for maximum yield. Automatically or manually activated with monitoring indicators of the state, buoyancy chamber fabric polyurethane high frequency welding contspoolate electronically, especially canvas enclosure with reflective inserts high-tech, high resistance to ultraviolet and hydrocarbons, zipper , neck fleece - Harness Safety Certificate CE - ISO 12, with steel buckles and rings for security tape.

Backpack backbone, carrying case in fabric technology and network. Standard accessories: retro-reflective tape, whistle, lifting handles, window verification activator recuforo belt, carrying case. Automatic activation or manual provided with an audit of the state. Special canvas enclosure with reflective high-tech, high resistance to ultraviolet and hydrocarbons, zippered, fleece collar, backpack back.

Standard equipment: reflective tape, whistle, lifting handle, verification window activator, tape recovery. Housing in high strength fabric technology. Standard equipment: reflective tape, whistle, lifting handle, tape recovery. Custody fashion fabric.

Housing in high strength fabric technology, without harness, belt life with quick release buckle acetal. Standard equipment: reflective tape, whistle, lifting handle, tape recovery, backpack, lightly padded, to attack security tape. Double control and grip. Float glasses, ultra light, ideal for yachting.

Equipped with high-quality polarized lenses. Technical design wraparound glasses designed for use in racing. Rubberized matte finish. Equipped with high-quality polarized lenses, ergonomic protections to protect the eyes from wind and water, quick-release safety strap to secure the eyewear to the face.

Net cm. Dim cm. Equipped with six carrying handles attached to the entire width of the bag, zipper U-shaped and transparent plate for identification. Fit to smother small fires is particularly suitable for extinguishing small fires from oil. Supplied in hard case with the possibility of wall mounting and quick release.

Operates for 24 hours. You do not ever strikes, it is floating, easy to install and utilizzo. Batteria Lithium, 5 years of life. Operating time up to 8 hours. Skeleton anticrushing, 2 pockets for tools, connections for safety measures and special padding for comfortable to work at the masthead for Length time. Length 2 m. A universal clip allows the T-coupling of models of jacket. Made of strong nylon, PVC coated inside for tightness, nylon zip. Kit with no. Empty bag Safety harness. Aluminium hooks. Mandatory for recreational boating, as envisaged by the new Regulation for implementing the code of the boat, used on boats and pleasure craft to use rental.

More than 12 miles from the coast. Revised every two years. Liferaft for pleasure mod. First review after 3 years from date of manufacture and then every 2 years from the previous year. Drop height mt. Expiry 2 years. Width cm. Weigth kg. Capacity Engine leg max HP Small in size and have a deep cockpit floor. SOFT-LINE Equipped with inflatable keel that allows for easy disassembly, and inflatable dunnage of a special high rigidity which ensures a very comfortable level of support combined with great ease of stowage.

The is the smallest boat with inflatable floor on the market. Accurate semi-rigid inflatable boat with fiberglass hull, are particularly strong while maintaining a low weight. Tender products for those who want the ultimate in safety, comfort and elegance. Complete with: inflation pump, oars, repair kit and manual. Optional: seat kit, pillow and cylindrical cover ROLL Agile and light, are ideal for those who want to maximize space on board. With extensive background in tubular and synthetic material made from rigid rods, blinds are quickly and easily, stow anywhere, transportable in one convenient bag.

Handle mm. For oarlock Flush dia. The security rope cannot be seen, because under the plug. Fully flat. Pushing the central red button the valve will open. Pushing twice the valve will close. Provided with no. Inflator with a capacity of selection pressure in a special gauge. Automatic stop at selected pressure up to 1 Bar It can inflate and deflate.

Alim 12V max. Complete with fittings and kites and inflatable bag with shoulder strap. Inflator with ability to select the inflation pressure. Coloured bellows. Universal adaptors. Double chamber professional pump 6,5 lt. It allows the best inflation of the bottom and of the tubes.

Opening the plug, the pump automatically uses only the smaller chamber to easily have 1 bar pressure. Stirrup pump. ABS case, volume 2xcc. Openingtheplugthepumpwillbe at simple flow, to easily have the maximum pressure. Pressure mbar. RIB of 7 m. Electric wire and tube of 3 m. Consumption Amp. It can also deflate. Particularly suitable for boat builders and garages. The new system of orienting handle is easy to keep steady the air flow.

High speed Inflator, lt. Pressure can be settled up to mbar 11,7 psi. Suitable for inflatable bottom RIBS. It automatically stops at the settled pressure. Power 12 V. Weight 1,5 kg. Super Turbo BST Heavy duty and high pressure inflator. Pressure can be settled up to mbar 4,4 psi. Consumption 10 Amp. Suitable for traditional RIBS. Weight 1,9 kg. A - Check the pressure during inflation B- Check the pressure Inflating high flow and high pressure. Suitable for traditional inflatables. Equipped with 7 Ah rechargeable battery that allows a range of about 15 minutes at full load.

Weight 4,8 kg. For use during daylight when at anchor. A X. Made in light alloy with plastic protection cups. Can be easily and quickly assembled. Max reflective area 10 m2. Suitable for navigation beyond 12 miles from coast. Wall bracket. According to A list D. Public Health Service no. Must be filled with medicines listed inside, to be bought in a pharmacy.

Article Kg Manom. Weight Kg Scatola pz. Saturated m3 Weight Kg pcs. They are rated according their capacity of extinguishing different types of fire. A coefficient states the capacity of extinguishing and a letter the type of fire that can be extinguished buy a certain model. A -- Fire of dry material paper, wood, textiles, etc. Certificati Francia, P.

Portable fire extinguishers for naval use, for commercial, fishing and passengers boats, with bracket. Approved P. Automatic fire extinguishers, class of fire ABC, ceiling mounted. Articolo Kg Manom. Peso Kg Scatola pz. The valve has no. Mounting without thread, extremely quick and easy. PVC Extinguisher 1 kg. Velcro fastener Aquapac - Waterproof case that allows the use of mobile phone without taking out it from the bag. Ideal for using on board, on a beach, on the snow, on a boat yard, under the rain, etc. Check tightness before using Navy blue colour.

Comfortable, hygienic, anti-stress and odors. Lining to 3 layers: - The layer intercepts Coolmax sweat and leaves the skin; - The layer polyester absorbs perspiration; - The layer of polyamide increases the resistance to abrasion. Internal environment: fresh, dry, thanks to the use of antibacterial Coolmax fabric. V-neck in the back reduces pressure on the tendon when walking. TPU spike-covered steel, highly resistant to abrasion.

Splicing spike and shackle key Diving knife with sheath. Coloured handle. Stainless steel blade. Diving knife with sheath, coloured handle, Stainless steel blade. Diving knife with sheath and hammer, coloured handle, Stainless steel blade. Leather sheath for hanging on belt. Article Length mm. Blade mm. Nylon handle colored glass fiber reinforced.

Sea hedgehog cutter, stainless steel blades, colored handles. Complete with nylon sheath. Article Model Color Dim. Pack of 10 pieces Ethylene, Vinyl Acetate, Copolymer New floating, closed cells material. Dos not mark boat hull. Resistant to UV rays, oil, fuel and chemical products. Particularly suitable as fender. Colour: white. Inflatable fenders in soft PVC.

Colour white with black cap. Bow inflatable fenders, made of soft plastic. Provided with 3 eyelets for easy installation. Lenght cm. Colour white with blue cap. Length mm. Buoyancy kg. Thick walls, two holes reinforced coupling. Also suitable as a launching roller mod. Thick walls, a single hole reinforced coupling. Also suitable as buoys. It adapts to any kind of stern. Colour white. Color navy blue. Suitable for boats from 30 to 55 feet. Comfortable and practical has two seats on one side for easily place it on guardrails while browsing. Handle on the other side for ease of use. Fender covers in full navy blue polyester terry with zip top and white high-tenacity.

Ideal for protecting the bow of the boats sailing cruiser and racer. Because of its shape can also be left at sea. It adapts to any type of bow up to 7 cm. Supplied with 2 tops flat passers already mounted. Weight 2,7 kg. STERN Lenght Rope 3-strand fender in pack of 2 pieces. Hook fender holder in stainless steel AISI with closing spring Double clips fender holder, white or black colour.

Are used to set and adjust the height of the fenders without knots. Equipped with high structural strength, bears very heavy loads. Hose for water discharge. Colour blue Orange White Yellow Lt. Colour buoyancy gr. Color hournge. Available upon request Biconical buoy Buoy filled with polyurethane foam, rod through and galvanized steel swivel eye Buoy with hole Buoy for rnets, lanes, etc. Pack 20 pieces. Ethylene, Vinyl Acetate, Copolymer Buoys floating nets and pools. Differ in their high quality recognized by all fishermen in the world. Color orange. Pack pcs. L2 mm.

Weight kg Inflatable buoy for mooring or signaling through hole, thick walls, reinforced ends, orange, nylon-coated steel rod and swivel end. Inflatable buoy for mooring or signaling through hole, thick walls, reinforced ends, orange color. Inflatable buoy mooring, tie rod end swivel and galvanized steel. Colour hournge. Hand bilge pump Priming diaphragm pump, shock-resistant plastic body, stainless steel screws, butyl diaphragm.

Suitable for any liquid, which are not acids or fuel. Capacity It. The internal bypass reduces the pulse for a steady stream. It can feed four taps simultaneously with filter and hose quick Article capacity lt. In-line pump. Self-priming electric impeller pump ideal for bilge pump.

Pump body made of bronze and stainless steel hardware, neoprene impeller. Ideal for small boats RULE Ideal for small and medium boats RULE Ideal for medium and large boats RULE Ideal for heavy loads at high capacity RULE Ideal for small and medium boats With automatic switch.

Article capacity lt. When the water enters and reaches a level of about 70 mm, a sensor turns on the pump. Another sensor turns off the pump a few seconds after the water has reached the minimum level. The pump is not working with liquids other than water, such as oils, hydrocarbons, etc. Antifouling impeller. Check valve for preventing the escape of odors.

Equipped with electronic computer that tests every 5 minutes the bilge water if there is active and the extracts. Designed to last a long time even if used in the toughest working conditions. The input and output can be rotated degrees allowing several mounting options. Capacity lt.

Power supply 12V 2,8A, fuse 5 Amp. Voltage 12V. Current Draw 2 Amp. Funziona con due batterie alcaline. Contenitore a tenuta stagna, staffa for fissaggio a parete, interruttore e 90 cm. Automatic self-priming and can run dry without damage. Large rubber pads absorb vibration and noise. Belt drive. Diaphragm pump very quiet with a swivel degrees for multiple installation possibilities. It can run dry without damage. Body in bronze, impeller in neoprene.

Quiet, self priming up to 1 m. Pump Par Medium Duty. Diaphragm bilge pump suitable for continuous duty on medium yachts. Self priming, can run dry without damage. Driving belt. Pump Par Heavy Duty. Diaphragm bilge pump for large yachts. Self priming can run dry without damage. Driving belt on ball bearings lubricated for life. An accumulator tank maintain an even flow. Driving belt on ball bearing lubricated for life.

Built with corrosion resistant materials. It is automatic, self priming, can run dry without damage. Big rubber bearings absorb vibration and noise. Peso kg. Par heavy duty for many taps. It is automatic, self priming and can run dry without damage. Equipped with a bypass valve for a constant quiet flow also for low delivery, avoiding accumulator tanks. Soft rubber bearing to get lower noise and vibration. Self priming up to 3 m. Thermal protection for over-heating, can run dry without damage. Equipped with a bypass valve for a quiet and even flow, avoiding accumulator tanks.

Soft rubber bearings to get lower noise and vibration. Can run dry without damage. Equipped with strainer. R and R e Body in bronze, impeller in neoprene, stainless steel shaft. Tank setting 1,5 bar. Current Draw 8 Amp. Volt Amp Capacity lt. PTFE with bronze gears and, for the transfer of oil, gas, empty bilges, all non-flammable liquids. Complete with in-line filter, brass body. The pump is equipped with in-line filter, brass body, pressure switch and check valve. The kit is particularly suitable for extended operation of washing with salt water and fresh. Spray gun with snap connection, block casting, with check valve and flow control trigger.

Article hose Volt Amp Capacity lt. Body brass and nylon. Height mm. Check valve and electronic pressure switch. Voltage 12 V. Self priming electric brass gear pump for bilge, diesel refuelling and all non flammable liquids. Article Volt Curr. Sel f priming up to 6 m. Suitable for water, oil, diesel, etc. Heavy duty Water pressure system for several taps on large boats. Stainless steel body, shaft and accumulator tank of 20 l. Tank set at 1,2 bar. It is important to put a check valve in the inlet. Stainless steel body, shaft and accumulator tank of 2 l. Hose connect.

At a time when the water level reaches the sensors, and bathes them simultaneously for at least 30 seconds SENTINEL activates the pump which will turn off automatically after 15 seconds as one of the two sensors is no longer reached the water. The two sensors in contact with water are completely isolated, so as to avoid any oxidation or galvanic currents. The aluminum body of the switch is also electrically insulated. No particular problems of positioning: its circular shape with a single central screw fixing allows the orientation of the instrument to the arrival direction of the cables or one that makes it easier for you , thanks to its three thicknesses rear.

The sensors consist of two plates of stainless steel AISI This simple form makes it possible to adapt the sensors to any type of installation.