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Disabling the login screen means that a rebooted Mac could have any and all files accessed by anyone who happens upon the computer to restart it, which poses security risk to many computer users. This is really a feature that is best reserved for distinct user accounts in computer labs, or private computers in a secure location, like within a household.

Even in the latter scenario, having distinct user accounts and using logins is recommended, or at least having the guest user account setup for non-primary users.

My computer is no longer supported. What should I do?

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. Yep, I use automatic login. Even my headless Mac Mini is configured for automatic login, so apps like Arq and iTunes can operate.

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Maybe, if I could arrange for a password prompt to appear when I press a key, without automatically locking it, I would desire no automatic login. You might as well just start leaving your car unlocked too. Anyone who is too lazy to enter a password to access their computer should not having one.

What if you work alone in a safe room eg at a bank where not even a cleaning lady comes in? Never seen that happen, the tellers in my bank are even require a login even when they walk away fro their terminal for 15 seconds to get a customers cash withdrawal from the central cash dispensing machineā€¦. Name required.

How to Change Mac User Account and Home Directory Name

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Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Sebby says:. May 9, at am. Howie Isaacks says:. I work in an enterprise environment that is mainly Windows based, but also have a handful of Macs and a Mac Server. The issue I have is the MacBooks display the "Network accounts are unavailable" prompt at login.

I got told my our firewall support company that Macs perform some sort of test at startup. If they don't have full access to the internet the wireless NIC goes into a semi working state.

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  5. It is only when they have internet access that it goes into a fully operational. Our Firewall company just can't remember exactly what service performs this function on the MAC. Does anyone know what it is called? Posted on May 20, AM. Page content loaded. May 20, AM in response to cojaxx8 In response to cojaxx8.

    How to Use Automatic Login on Mac OS X

    During its execution, rc. For example, it performs network and if any local mounts. The idea is to redirect writes to the shadow file, which hopefully is on local storage. May 20, AM.

    May 30, PM in response to cojaxx8 In response to cojaxx8. I have the solution to this issue. Turns out a new firewall that got installed was blocking access to certain websites. The solution was to whitelist the following websites so the laptop could reach them. If these websites aren't reachable, it appears the NIC goes into a semi working state and displays the symptoms as mentioned above.

    May 30, PM.