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Has anyone else seen this? I upgraded from PING cap SSH failed to start up session with host ' Yeah on It used to work behind the scenes in A couple of people have posted work-arounds, but it would be really nice of JAMF to restore this functionality. What is the "preferred" method for enabling screen sharing? I have been using this command on an "as needed" basis but would like to push something out to all devices.

Is this pretty much the way to enable it? Like I say, I am just looking for the best way to push this config change out to all devices. And if I go this route, does this open screen sharing for anyone? Not just the people I have assigned in the JSS?

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Screen sharing is enabled. That's the strange part of this.

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Judging by the strange error SSH failed to start up session with host ' It's more than enable screen sharing. I was able to screen share this morning. Has anyone seen that error before? Ok I can connect but it goes in Observe mode, but I can connect now through Casper remote. All very weird. Also exclusive to modern OS X releases Note that connecting to remote Macs may require additional steps if the machine is located behind a firewall or router.

For example, if a Mac at home is connected to a wi-fi router with several other computers, the VNC port must be opened on the router so that the VNC connection can be made from a remote machine directly to the Mac.

Sharing Your Mac Screen (New!)

Because routers and firewall configurations are different from situation to manufacturer, it would be impossible to cover every example here, but users would typically would find such settings available under preferences named for ports, open ports, or port forwarding. Finally, Screen Sharing is made even better because it uses VNC, a protocol which has clients available on virtually every platform. And remember, the Mac has a VNC client built-in! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. The two systems are in different networks. How can I solve this issue? Please help me. Any suggestions? Using an Airport Extreme router from Apple. I have this set up so I can boot my mac using my ipad from work. I use iTeleport. Why does this article espouse this procedure as a simple one?

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  • When clearly, unless I even know what a DMZ is, or how to open ports on a router, this is a minefield!!! It seems that all this article really does is allow me to avoid getting up and walking over to a computer in another room? I have tried and tried to connect using vmc commands to my parents iMac….

    Does not work? Proper configuration is necessary. If this is the case, you need to set up port forwarding for port Airport base stations have a built in setting for this under Port Settings in the Network section of the setup utility. If the computer is connected to the cable modem itself and there is no firewall running i. If their computer has an IP that looks like How did you get the old wallpapers to show?

    I had to copy the pictures themselves to the main folder. Mind you, I only tried this with Lion. Does it work now? On that router you have to be able to set send broadcast messages to the LAN, as that is what is needed to weak up computers behind that router. Not that easy anyway, unfortunately, as routers doesnot basically support this.

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    Google a lot…. This sounds easy for me to control my Mini at home when I am sitting in another room using my MacBook on the same home network. XXX IP address. Normally home network routers are set up to handle outgoing requests and deny incoming requests or do not forward them past the router. Or place the laptop in a DMZ on the router where all incoming traffic is directed to that computer. That basically subverts the firewall. Not an approach for non-techies. You only need to open up Port on your router. Not The external port can be arbitrary; it need only be known by the potential client.

    Remote Control a Mac with Screen Sharing in Mac OS X

    It need map to the expected lan port — which also may be changed. I have tried 3 vnc setups, a trail of irapp terminal server etc. No matter what I do any screen sharing is stuck at the macbook airs native resolution. It makes no sense.

    How to Set Up & Use Screen Sharing in Mac OS X

    No, not likely. Thing is that RDP uses a terminal session, not the actual console session and thus it can make use of this virtual session and display it in whatever resolution you want. On the opposite, VNC captures the real console sessions screen and sends it over the TCP connection, so it can only display what is already present on the MB Air screen, for this matter. On a VNC related note.

    True Airplay on Mac coming with OS X El Capitan

    Is there a way with OS X to ssh into an account and launch a separate VNC server so as not to disturb the person sitting at the computer i. Yes if you create a new user on the Mac. More than one user can be logged into a single Mac at a time. Yes, I can ssh into a machine.

    The question really is how do I start a per user VNC server? Sorry for not being more clear. No, 4 gigs of ram is not enough. Please install NO less than 16gigs ever. Why invest in a racing stallion if you plan to gouge out an eye, or keep it in a stall with a volume slightly larger than the horse itself.

    This is just silly. A current Macbook Pro is way more powerful than many virtual instances running sites that we all know, serving many requests a minute. We used to run a 20, unique visitor a day site on a p4 with megs of ram. On old Macs that dont support this I think