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It also fixes a bug where your right arm always blows off first. It's a little tricky to get the patch installed. It deletes the old versions of files, copies the new ones in, but they all end up named things like mech2. So you need to manually find all those and rename them properly. But if you are using a joystick like I am, I consider this patch vital. Civguy 0 point DOS version. LWidebody -1 point DOS version. This is a fantastic game that still holds up today. The level of immersion as well as the overall tactical technique required, along with the almost-limitless possibilities of 'Mech customization, give this game great replay value even now.

Mw1 its great game for its time, but shitty for todays standards. Mw3 had annoying sound acting, shitty plot, i hated the idea of main charater, and AI was stupid, and they tried to fix it with adding more enemies. MW4 was a fucking joke.

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Plot was even worse than mw3, acting also. Also the plot was horrible cliche, that faggot looking prince avenging his family. Gameplay was too action based, unlike mw2 where you need to use some tactics. Also game encourages you to play with third person view, that was horrible. Mercenaries expansion for mw4 was almost playable, but it was still mw4, with stupid voice acting and gameplay, mw2 mercenaries beats it. CUE" files in the zip i downloaded. I helped get this game up to snuff. Should have all the music and video tracks. Seaman Staines 1 point DOS version. I hope the emmulator will work I had the chance to try this game too in dos mode and it performed quite well for a dos based program with all the stuff you had to prepare to make it run like virtual memmory and stuff Battlestar 0 point DOS version.

I miss it deeply. Graphics got better but these days its all just whatever feeds the masses. Never thought I would ever be calling on good old days but here it is. On that subject: Mighty fine game. I've come to check MW2 after having played MW4. MW2 is a frigging joke in comparison! Utter bilge! Saverio 0 point DOS version. Hi, do you also have the windows 95 version? I ask this because it has hi-res textures, cinematics, etc. L24D 1 point DOS version. It's hard to believe I've got this on a CD, along with many other games listed on this site.

The golden age of gaming. Hugo Aldazoro 1 point DOS version. Mechwarrior 0 point DOS version. If you are using Boxer it says on their page that they do not support sound for CD games. Jason 0 point DOS version. At the end of the first mission, the game freezes and you can't go further.

Carlsgro 0 point DOS version. Colonel 0 point DOS version. I not getting any instructor voice instructions.. I hear the music, I hear the female computer voice but I do not hear the instructor telling me what to do? Running DosBox.

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Luzilyo 1 point DOS version. I can't even unzip it properly. If yes, wich? Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you'd like. If you have trouble to run MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, read the abandonware guide first! We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available. Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentations when possible. If the manual is missing and you own the original manual, please contact us!

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat

List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. MyAbandonware More than old games to download for free! Browse By My Abandonware. Developer Activision, Inc. Perspectives 1st-Person, Behind view. Download 32 MB. Review By Alexander P. Thanks for downloading, and enjoy! Obvious 4 points. I got this game bundled with my sidewinder joystick, and played it many many many hours. The graphics were good for it's day, and I loved all the little touches like the HUD modes, and customization.

If you do use a stick I would say that rudder control is essential. The game has great ambiance, and even when things are quiet and you are making your way to the next waypoint I never had the sense of boredom or wishing there was more action on a 10km hike. If anything "killed" this game for me, it was myself.

I was tinkering with loadouts and stumbled upon an unbeatable mech design, at that point the game became too easy and I moved on to waste even more of my life on X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, a game that I would rate x better than EA's sad cashgrab even though they had access to the entire prop studio and production materials , and would still be playing that today if it didn't feel so clunky in an emulator.

My "magic" loadout was a Nova chassis with 5 large lasers enough heatsinks to fire them and not blow yourself up, Jump jets not enough to fly but enough to "skip" along the landscape at approx Kph, and whatever armor you can fit in after that. You become too maneuverable to hit and a single strike on a leg 2 vs. You just need to get good at mobile sniping. Mercenaries was nice too, but featured only the Blackhawk variant of the Nova, with no torso twist. So I wasn't as much of a fan.

Same as I will take Xwing vs. Just no comparison in quality. Nano 0 point DOS version. Aries 2 points. OK, the last comment I posted was how to get the grungy old dos version to work from within DosBox. An easier an prettier way to do it is to follow this guy's directions. I don't think it's the prettiest it can be, but I'll keep looking. Aries 3 points DOS version.

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Remember, you need to rename the. CUE file, not the. BIN file! Type MECH2 and your game should start! If not, I have NO idea, sorry DireWolf89 -4 points Windows version. Downloaded the Windows version. Can't say I'm surprised, but it is disappointing. EXEs but im on win10 so it just says "application". LoTA 0 point. I used to spend countless hours perfecting my tactics and loadouts.

This Game got me through a lot of bad times growing up and I will always be grateful to the creators of this masterpiece. Bookmarking this page to start on DLing later.

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Thank you so much dear OP for making this game available to us all! Funky Spingers 1 point DOS version. This game is nostalgia heaven for me! And this is the first time I've played it in years with the music! Had no problems running the preinstalled ISO, runs as sweet as a nut. Making the config easy on myself and using DBGL as a front end. Anyone got the Windows and 3DFX versions?

MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat (PC/DOS) 1995, Activision

Also the NetMech expansion. It's also worth noting that the mechwarior 2: mercenaries game you have here is considered an expansion to this one, despite being stand alone. HEHE 1 point. OMG good old times I remember buying this in a jewel case for 99 cents along with its expansion. All the commenters on this site that complain that dosbox is hard to use or they can't get games working are hilarious. Stop being lazy and read the Dosbox manual before using it or the online wiki.

I've been able to get all dos game to work perfectly with a few rare exceptions. LOL this is why I hate windows, it enables it's users to be lazy and dull about computing, they expect everything to be like McDonalds. Go Linux baby, and take control of your masheenn. I wish all the instructions to install this both the write-ups and videos were not done by I.

Kyle -2 points DOS version. I don't get it. Using dosbox 0. What am I doing wrong? DzSma 2 points DOS version. Ok, MECH2. Wish me luck. DzSma 0 point DOS version. When I try to mount the disc image, dosbox says image not found - I've triple checked it all, not sure why it isn't recognising the cue file I'm on a mac but I can't open the disc image, I think the. Any ideas? Alex 0 point DOS version. Doctor Bell 1 point. This game is a fantastic mech game. Lemon8or, on 16 December - AM, said:.

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  • Katadhoum, on 16 December - AM, said:. DevilJade, on 16 December - AM, said:. Posted 11 November - PM Hi all, I would like to play on my mac Mechwarrior and I think most people who own a mac you play this incredible game play, ask managers to communicate to the creators of this fantastic game you support a Mac OS X. Thank you very much. While Apple is a huge company, they still lag far behind in personal computers. Fromwhat I understand, you can load Windows onto a Mac, so just use that Edited by verybad, 11 November - PM.

    Posted 11 November - PM Yep. Boot Camp. It works. Second: CryEngine is based on DirectX, a microsoft product. Third: Format your mac and install a real OS lol!!