How to Dual Boot Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra on a Hackintosh

If your Machine only has one single hard disk, then the only option is to reinstall it again from the scratch and divide partition into two using Disk Utility. One for macOS and one for Windows. Make sure you install macOS on first partition and windows on the second partition. It can! If you have other question please ask in the comment section. Okay, this is how I settings the clover bootloader for my hackintosh that dual boot with Windows If no partition is found it will try to boot the active partition defined in MBR.

This bootloader is a good choice when you have Windows installed on the same disk because Windows wants to have its partition active. Source: Clover installer ]. When installing clover finished, it will automatically mount the EFI partition. You can open it in Finder. If you see I am wrong in some point writing error, typos please correct me in the comment section. In this guide, we will try to upgrade your Snow Leopard hackintosh to Mac OS X Lion, and also explain a thing or two regarding dual-booting your hackintosh with Windows.

So if Snow Leopard v Now it is to be noted that upgrading to Lion is totally your own choice. If you are satisfied, enjoy your hackintosh the way it is.

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But if you want to upgrade, be sure to perform a backup first. This is just a precautionary measure, so that if anything goes wrong and Lion cannot be installed on your hackintosh, you may easily revert to the previous working condition. You can also use the recently released rBoot rescue CD by Tonymacx Before you image your hackintosh, make sure you have everything working perfectly. So before upgrading, you have to download the necessary stuff. So if you have a slow internet connection, you should have a lot of patience. Apart from that, you might need MultiBeast, for enabling the devices that may get disabled due to the OS upgrade.

You might consider using the latest released MultiBeast 4. If Snow Leopard is working perfectly for you, Lion will probably work perfectly for you. So before you make the move, have a look at the forums.

Dual-Boot macOS 10.12 and Windows 10 on a PC! [FREE]

See how people with similar hardware got it to work. You can follow the original guide as well. Lifehacker also covered the upgrade method, be sure to check that out as well. The installation proceeds as follows. We are going to copy the installation files to your Mac hard drive, then move those files into a new partition on the hard drive, and then boot from that partition to install Mac OS X Lion on top of Snow Leopard, or on a new partition. Once the installer is open, click Continue. This installer is not going to actually install Lion right now, it will just copy the installation files.

The next screen will ask you to select the hard drive on which the installation files are to be be copied. Select your hard drive on which Snow Leopard is installed. Select the hard drive, and not the Snow Leopard partition. Name the new partition Installer and make it a bit more than 8 GB.

You Snow Leopard partition will not be affected in any way, except that it will be reduced by 8 GB. Mostly, users install Lion on top of their working Snow Leopard.

Hackintosh Sierra and windows 10 Pro Dual boot

Think of it as this, you have a single hard drive with the installer partition and the Snow Leopard partition right now. When you will boot into the Lion installer, where are you going to install it? I assume that you followed the pre-installation section clearly. Reboot your system and enter into Boot Options. If that goes well, you get a clover bootloader menu. Now the trouble begins! Most likely, you may get some error on the next screen.

All these are common issues and I faced most of these errors during the installation. Worry not, I will be providing the fix for all of these issues at the bottom of this post and it will be frequently updated with new fixes. Instead, choose the Disk Utility from the top left side. Under the Disk Utility, choose the partition you created for installing macOS.

Preparations before Making a Dual Bootable (Win 10 & macOS) PC

Now erase the partition with the following options:. Now click Erase. So be careful. After that, it will restart. This step is very important. If you choose the first option, it re-installs the macOS again, which is a time wasting process. Finally, macOS Sierra will be booted. At this stage, nothing works perfectly. But before that, we need to install the bootloader as a first priority. Why is this so important? It directly boots Windows instead. We start with the bootloader installation there.

Kexts stand for Kernel Extensions. In order to install the kext files, we need kext installers. Kext Utility is the recommended tool for this.

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Along with these, we also use Clover Configurator tool to mount the EFI partition which is hidden, by default and to edit the config. Before that, you need to list the hard drive items on the desktop. For this, open Finder Preferences top left and check the boxes as shown below. I hope you have downloaded the provided post-installation tools folder. Though there are various other methods to install the bootloader such as installing stand-alone clover installer , I suggest you perform the Multibeast method.

By performing this, the hidden EFI folder will get displayed on the desktop. Now open the Multibeast app and check the Quick Start option.

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If your system is an older legacy device, you ought to choose the Legacy option. But do not uncheck the default options as I mentioned earlier. The installation drive is automatically set. Then click on the Install button. This will install essential configurations and the bootloader.

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