Flash Fill Full Support Comes to Office 2016 in Update 16.15 for Mac

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One of the most popular questions is how to autofill numbers is Excel. This can also be dates, times, days of the week, months, years and so on. In addition, Excel's AutoFill will follow any pattern.

For example, if you need to continue a sequence, just enter the first two values into the starting cell and grab the fill handle to copy the data across the specified range. You can also auto-populate any arithmetic progression sequence where the difference between numbers is constant.

Flash Fill Button

It will even alternate sequences if the selected cells don't relate to each other numerically, like on the picture below. And it goes without saying, that you can use the AutoFill option to copy a value across your range. I think you already know how to make the same value appear in the adjacent cells in Excel. You just need to enter this number, text, or their combination, and drag it across the cells using the fill handle.

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Presume you have already heard of the features I described above. I still believe, some of them appeared new to you. So go on reading to learn even more about this popular yet under-explored tool.

Using Flash Fill in Excel

All AutoFill Excel options - see the fill handle at its best Double-click to automatically populate a large range Suppose you have a huge database with names. You need to assign a serial number to each name. You can do it in a flash by entering the first two numbers and double-clicking the Excel fill handle. This hint will only work if you have values to the left or right of the column you need to fill as Excel looks at the adjacent column to define the last cell in the range to fill.

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Please also keep in mind that it will populate by the longest column in case you have values to the right and to the left of the empty range you want to fill down. Excel - Fill down a series of values that contain text It's not a problem for the AutoFill option to copy across the values that contain both text and numerical values.

Using Flash Fill in Excel 2013 and 2016 (6 Examples)

Blog Directory. News Home. Monday July 2, This feature first appeared in Excel for Windows and continued with Excel Based on numerous requests from Mac users, Microsoft is releasing full support for Flash Fill in Office Mac starting with the version 15 release in July Share Facebook Twitter Email Print. Topics Technology.

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Excel shows its predictions as you enter a value in the second cell. Although the first 2 numbers are correct, predicted values suggest copying the values down. For these types of situations, continue entering values manually until you get the correct prediction. Updates on original values will not affect automatically filled values, so you need to use Flash Fill again.

How does Excel Flash Fill work? Mainly there are 3 ways for using the Flash Fill feature: When working with data matching certain patterns, Excel can detect the data structure and suggest to use the Autofill feature. You can select the target range and then click Flash Fill button from the menu. You can drag the Autofill pointer with a right-click, and then select the Flash Fill option. Preview Method You may have noticed Excel making suggestions to automatically finish your typing.

Empty rows will auto-populate after clicking the button. Autofill Menu Another way to use Autofill is from the right-click Autofill menu.