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Using the Contacts app on your Mac has a lot of benefits, but with them comes the challenge of duplicate contacts that can as well cause a lot of chaos and eventually affect your user experience adversely.

Mac Address Book OS version 10.6 Part 8 Making a smart group

Duplicate contact entries are almost always found no matter what, making your address book messy. They may appear due to mistakenly entering contact details, or updating your contact backup list, or contact changing his or her name, phone number, email address, etc. This post is dedicated to taking you through the various ways, processes, and procedures how to clean your MacBook Pro or Air, iMac or Mac mini from duplicate contacts.

How to create a group of contacts on a Mac

On your Apple computer, the Contacts app enables you to easily merge duplicate contacts and then totally delete the exact duplicate entries from your Mac. This process works well for removing duplicate contacts because it does not replace your original contact information, but only combines them.

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The data can be unmerged in case of mistakenly combining different contacts. This can be done by simply clicking on the contact and selecting edit, then clicking the red button or Undo merge button shown along the details.

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As a result, the contacts will be automatically unmerged. It is highly advisable to always backup your contacts on the time machine before beginning the merging process in case things go out of hand, and you need to revert to the former list.

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  8. While it's a really nice app to manage your emails, contacts and tasks in one place, some annoying problems happen from time to time. Duplicate contacts are one of them. In this article, we'll teach you how to delete duplicate contacts in Outlook quickly and easily. That's a question a lot of Outlook users ask themselves when they see dozens of duplicate contacts in their account.

    How to Merge and Remove Duplicate Contacts from Mac and iCloud

    The most likely reason for these duplicates is syncing. When you sync Outlook with another device or app, your contacts are updated with new data and some of that may be duplicates. This usually happens because different devices use different fields when you create contacts. Syncing and importing them into your Outlook contact manager will create new listings when in reality they are the same contacts. Another common scenario is when you create a new contact instead of updating an existing one.

    This happens when you add a new email or a new phone number for someone who's already on your list and save the entry as a new contact.

    Contacts+ for Mac - Contacts+ Support

    The easiest way for how to delete duplicate contacts in Outlook is to use software that can identify the duplicates, merge contacts, and remove true duplicates. Here is how to delete duplicate contacts using Easy Duplicate Finder:. If you want to get broader results, uncheck everything except Email in the Contacts category.

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