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Thank you! Dota 2 Wiki uses icons and values extracted from Dota 2's game files. This is also a useful way to get attributes of newly released or hard-to-get cosmetic items.

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To open Dota 2's. Once you have opened the vpk file, you can see directories and files. Once you have found what you want inside GCFScape, right-click and extract to the desired location on your computer. To open. This is where all the cosmetic item attributes are defined—rarity, slot, hero, associated custom animations or effects, default gems, etc. You can also see contents of sets and treasures. Hero icons, item icons, and ability icons can be found in their respective folders.

[SOLVED] No sound in Steam games

Make sure that when you pair the headset you select "use as wireless headphones" or similar instead of "use as headset". The headset profile was designed for phone calls, and you should only use it if you're pairing a headset that does not support A2DP. Your Plantronics headset probably supports both if it has a microphone because some devices switch between the two profiles for music-listening and call-taking.

I have a Motorola A2DP headset and on occasion with it pairs in headset mode with my MacBookPro it's very staticy and the sound is sub-par.

Usually, by disabling bluetooth and then turning it back on and resyncing everything it works fine again. It's pretty rare that it ends up with bad sound, but I get the feeling that Apple has pretty crappy bluetooth drivers. Try the method explained by Casey Liss in this post at Casey's Tumblelog. It tweaks the bitpool setting which makes all the difference in the world.

The above blog post points to an article on Scott Dier's blog that no longer exists.

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However, it can be found on The Wayback Machine here , and it says:. So you'd figure with Snow Leopard that sound quality with some a2dp headsets would be better — turns out it isn't. I changed the bitpool minimum to 40 and the sound quality is MUCH better. I'd figure that 40 is ok for me, but might not be ok for others — use this at your own risk. Some headphones have a headset mode and get connected in that mode incorrectly and sound awful, so you should endure that your headphones are not being connected in headset mode.

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You should also try your headphones with another computer to ensure that you bluetooth adapter is not faulty. While I tried a lot of these options that everyone is presenting as solutions, I ended up fixing my headphones a different way. I went to system preferences on Mac and then went to Bluetooth. From there I right clicked on the device Beats Solo3 Wireless that was having issues and clicked "remove". After I did that, I reconnected them and now they work fine.

Dota 2 Soundboard

My initial problem with the headphones wasn't on an individual platform rather a problem on all platforms within my mac, which includes Spotify, Youtube, FaceTime and anything else you can think of. This will give you another option to try and I hope it helps.

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  • I was having the same issue with a pair of Coby E7 bluetooth headphones where they sounded muffled. I rebooted the headphones and repaired them and the issue is resolved and now the headphones are listed as the output source under sound. The top answer by linesarefuzzy worked partly for me. In addition to switching to internal microphone, I also had to disable dictating otherwise it had no effect.

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