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Disk Utility tries to detect the type of storage and show the appropriate format in the Format menu. How to erase a disk for Mac Use Disk Utility to erase format a hard disk, flash drive, or other storage device for Mac. How to erase a disk Disk Utility can erase disks, add volumes, check disks for errors, and more. You can also find it in the Utilities folder of your Applications folder. From the sidebar in Disk Utility, select the disk or volume to erase. Disk Utility shows a compatible format by default. Click Erase to begin erasing.

Quit Disk Utility when done. You received a message that your disk isn't readable by this computer.

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The macOS installer doesn't see your disk or can't install on it. August 22, at am. Varshaa Ashish says:. June 21, at am. Help says:. March 18, at pm. Ron Grimm says:. January 27, at pm. February 21, at pm. Mitch says:. March 9, at am.

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MacOS Secret Trick: Reformat APFS to Mac OS Extended with Disk Utility!! Recovery Mode

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    Format an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive for Mac OS X

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    Format an External Hard Drive or USB Flash Drive for Mac OS X

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    Keith says:. December 17, at am. Jared says:. July 6, at am. July 6, at pm. Sayna says:. April 29, at pm. April says:. October 10, at pm. Use the Size and Free fields to differentiate between the disks, if necessary. Type "active" and then press "Enter" to mark the partition as a system volume.

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