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This content is likely not relevant anymore. Try searching or browse recent questions. Original Poster - Chris Fuchser. And what would the difference be in how Google Photos appears when viewing Google Photos via a web browser or via an iPhone app?

Where are the photos I imported into Photos on my Mac?

Would there be a thumbnail file next to every photo, ruining the experience? If the option is unchecked, do the titles not get uploaded to Google Photos? What about the GPS coordinates? Does the metadata get embedded in the photos and videos, or does it get placed in separate files that just get in the way of browsing the photos when using Google Photos in the cloud?

If the metadata gets uploaded as separate files, are they stored on the Google Photos side or the Google Drive side? Google, you really need to document your products. Tell us up front the consequences of having this box checked vs unchecked. Tell us WHY we might want this option checked or unchecked. Backup and Sync , Web. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 1. Recommended Answer.

I would really like to have a way to truly sync my local Mac photos to Google Photos such that when I correct wrong dates "date taken" metadata field or add photo captions to my local photos my master copy , those updates would be propagated to Google Photos my reference copy. I then rotated a photo within Apple Photos. Still, about 9 files were updated, but they were not all the strange extensions listed above.

They appear to be all sorts of thumbnail files, all with a. I then rotated a. So I conclude that Apple Photo Libraries use. But was the original. It is inexplicable to me why BUS would sync thumbnails that don't display on Google Photos, but not the file itself. I can only conclude that Apple Photo Libraries do not store changes in the original file, which means that BUS cannot upload an updated photo file to Google Photos after changing that file in the Apple Photos app.

Next, for kicks I added a couple separate. I added them to the same file folder that contains the Apple Photos Library. BUS then uploaded those files. A few moments later those two photos showed up in the Google Photos web app. To my surprise, BUS re-uploaded the actual.

Where are photos from the Photos app located on your Mac?

Then I used Windows 10 File Explorer to rotate the photo. BUS uploaded the actual. This gave me hope that perhaps the version of the photo in the Google Photos cloud would be updated. But when I checked Google Photos web app, the updates had not yet propagated to the copies in Google Photos. I waited 30 minutes, and still no update. I'm not sure how long this will take to see the updated photo in Google Photos, but maybe BUS will propagate local photo changes to Google Photos, even if it takes a long time for those changes to propagate?

Upon reflection, there is no real need to use Google Photos to back up the Apple Photos Library Metadata, because supposing both my Apple Photos Library on a USB hard drive and its backup in Time Machine on a separate USB hard drive get corrupted and I have to restore the photos library from scratch, there is no way within Google Photos to download all those weird metadata files back to my Mac. Apple Photos Libraries are stored as single cabinet files containing a hopelessly un-navigable labyrinthine folder structure.

On a Mac, there is no way to change a photo's "date taken" field from the Finder file browser. Therefore, one must import all the photos to the Photos app, which has an "Adjust Date and Time" function that works only if you select photos with the same starting date. If you run the "Adjust Date and Time" function on several photos simultaneously with different dates, then the function seems to adjust all the photos by the same relative amount for example 6 years and 26 days , leaving some of the photos with some strange "date taken" dates like the year On a Pixelbook, there is no way to change a photo's "date taken" field from the Files file browser.

On a Windows 10 PC, the File Explorer file browser allows you to change a photo's "date taken" field by simply displaying the "Details pane", highlighting the photo filename, and changing the "Date taken" field in the Details pane. The update to the "Date taken" field works with multiple files selected, and updates all those files to the specified absolute date, rather than the Apple Photos method of updating the field by a relative amount.

Why am I so hung up on adjusting the "date taken" date? Because over the past year I scanned in my entire collection of family photos over a century, starting in These photos were taken prior to having a digital camera that would accurately embed the date. So I need a photo management system that allows me to change and update the "Date Taken" field as I notice photos that are out of place.

The Apple Photos app is a great means to view and see all my photos in a chronological order, much better than viewing the files in any file browser. I cannot use iCloud because the way that iCloud works, it syncs ALL photos in ALL locations, which means it would try to put my entire GB photo library on my iphone, which won't fit. This is what an Apple Tech Rep told me on the phone. Repeat this process whenever you import new photos into Photos or iPhoto, so you always have a current backup of each library. Do not, however, overwrite any existing backup as this would defeat the archival process.

Instead, give each backup a unique name. If you've created multiple iPhoto libraries , be sure to back up each iPhoto Library file. Photos supports multiple libraries. If you created additional libraries, they need to be backed up, just like the default Photos Library. Additionally, Photos allows you to store images outside of the Photos Library.

This is referred to as using reference files. In many cases, reference image files are stored on an external drive, a USB flash drive, or another device. Reference files are convenient, but they present a problem when you back up. Since the reference images aren't stored within the Photos Library, they're not backed up when you copy the Photos Library. That means you need to remember where any reference files are located and make sure they're backed up as well. If you would rather not have to deal with reference image files, you can move them into your Photos Library.

iPhoto where are the pics stored?

After you have all the reference files consolidated to your Photos Library, they are backed up whenever you back up your Photos Library. Another method for backing up your precious photos is to use a third-party backup app that can handle archives. The word archive has different meanings depending on how it is used. In this case, it specifically refers to the ability to retain files on the destination drive that no longer appear on the source drive.

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Where are the images and videos from the Photos app saved on my Mac?

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