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I have used TurboTax for years but until this year never needed help. Once I finally was connected to a "supervisor" he explained to me that I paid for turbo tax to prepare my taxes. I explained to him that I input all my information and I submit it not them and had I walked into a tax service a live human being would have done this for me. So no they had not in fact prepared my taxes. I will admit I was frustrated so I asked to speak to someone else, anyone else who could help me find a next step in getting my return. I said this is a huge company with a ton of employees, "let me speak to someone who is not you!

Now I don't want to get into all of my personal information but all I was looking for was some clarification on who to call and how to handle my bosses payroll company submitting inaccurate information for my last year's earnings because I had the correct information.

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All I needed was a phone number and even though I paid TurboTax they could not be bothered. I did speak to three nice people who wanted to help before him. They just lacked the experience to do so. Next year TurboTax will lose me and the family members I referred to them as customers because we will all be using a service where we can walk in and talk to someone who cares face to face. After all when you pay for a service you expect to receive that service. I filed tax with Turbotax. I entered my W2 but later after filing I found out they haven't my foreign earned income tax exclusion.

Other than deducting, it has added it and it showed double of my income which ended up paying registered postage and international phone bills for more than 38 dollars back and forth to resolve the issues with IRS. Be careful with turbotax. Still not done with IRS. Will never file my taxes with this company. You will know after you pay only that's something has gone wrong. TurboTax is one of Intuit's many financial services products.

Intuit, which was founded in , has kept TurboTax at the top of the tax software industry. In , more than 26 million taxpayers across the nation used a TurboTax service. Expert advice: TurboTax customers can chat live with a tax expert at no extra charge. Business support: A Business version is available for use by multi-member LLCs, partnerships, S corporations, C corporations, and estates and trusts. Review: Intuit removed the option to have a return reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant, a benefit that set it apart from competitors.

Customer service: Contacting customer service by phone is challenging; the TurboTax website requires customers to use a web form to provide contact information and view online help before releasing a phone number. Melissa Hincha-Ownby is a freelance writer who finds joy in doing her taxes, testing new tax software programs and sharing her experiences with others.

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Join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest reviews, recall notices, and brand recommendations. To see why, sign up below! Sort: Top reviews. Top reviews. Most helpful. Filter by: Any. Page 1 Reviews 1 - Original review: Feb. It happens all over the place, with all kinds of programs.

Tax apps for iOS review: File your taxes on your iPad or iPhone

It could be that your return was filed and rejected. It could be a glitch in the system that day. But, you sound like a responsible person who normally files his taxes on time What I would do is contact the IRS and explain the situation. You thought you had filed, and once you discovered the problem you immediately corrected it. Note: it sounds to me like you fixed it before the IRS caught it.

How to Use Turbo Tax Business 2018 on a Mac

They usually grant that to people who normally file properly but just make a mistake — like you. You thought you had filed, You thought you had paid. The IRS is usually good about dropping the penalties in a case like that. I found out when I was later planing to amend it. I found out that the payment was not debited from my bank account. I went to the local IRS office an met with a representative. She said there was no trouble with my tax return.

I checked with a representative of Schwab Bank. She found that there had been no withdrawals from any of my accounts in the amount to be paid. I then mailed the IRS a copy of the return I electronically filed and a check for the correct amount. Up to the date I sent the copy I had not received any letters from the IRS about the failure to file. I download brokerage detail directly to Turbo Tax. The package assumes dividend and interest income is similarly taxable on the Tennessee return as the federal return.

This is incorrect. The download function has to be avoided and all data input manually. Is there a way around this?

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Otherwise the state option is a waste of money. We were so busy this year I fell behind on the blog questions. Our contact information is on the contact page. Sorry I missed you. However, I noticed that you review individually prepared returns. Where can I get more info? I used Turbo Tax last year to file my Taxes. I had previously done some contract work for an Internship and entered deductions for the miles driven for this work.

This year Turbo Tax is expecting me to enter more information for this contract work I labeled Internship. It is claiming that I need to enter information for my car that I used for deductions in my contract work last year. Is there a reason that it expects information for my previous contract work a even though I made it clear I have no income? Hi Patricia, It could be any number of things.

TurboTax for Mac won't open when installed - Intuit Turbo Real Money Talk

You need to call the Turbo Tax hotline and talk to one of their consultants. One thing I can tell you, your state return should not affect your federal refund. I qualify for EIC because I only made 21, last year. I filed both my federal and state taxes with turbo tax I used this last year it was easy and I received refunds for both. Will that effect my federal as well. I lost my job and need the Money. Hi Thomas, NOLs can be a little tricky. So the important thing would have been—did you make an election to carry forward the NOL?

Is it worth hiring a professional to do this? I am having trouble with an NOL. I had in , thought it was applied in , just went to see if there was anything left for and realized TT does not support NOLs so they did nothing with it. I used TT Home and Office last 4 years. I had bad years in and due to poor health, but I am back in full swing as sole proprietor with a good year in I got a job in to get health benefits and kept it all this time so I have additional income and the NOL might have had an affect on Should I just cut my losses?

Try to figure out IRS publication ? Or hire a professional? I am guessing I might have to ammend and then the NOL will be used up. Your email address will not be published.

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    That said, I have a few ideas: 1. Hi Wesley, Hmmmm…. I had many s with interest, royalties, retirement, etc. I had kept a copy of the form. Tax apps for your smaller handheld devices are geared toward users who are likely to only file the EZ. As April 15th approaches, as has been the case for the last couple of years, these filing fees may rise. Intuit's SnapTax makes quick work of your EZ but may eat up your state refund with its state filing fee. Another important note: Many people who file their taxes using the EZ form are high school and college students who have small paychecks.

    For these filers, filling out and sending paper EZ forms may be the better choice. When it comes to filing taxes on your iPad, TurboTax is king. Otherwise, either of these two apps will be enough to meet your basic tax filing needs.