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Make sure that the "Show Input menu in menu bar" option is checked. OS X With the introduction of SBL Greek installation and use 1. Double-click the downloaded font file. In the right side of the menu bar, change the active keyboard to Greek Polytonic. You will now be typing in Greek. If you need help finding the a specific key, you can refer to the Keyboard Viewer, also found in the menu bar. Click "Continue" for all steps of the installer, reading the instructions as you go along.

You will need an administrator password for this step. SIL is recommended unless you are familiar with the standard Israeli keyboard.

How to Type in Hebrew | AHRC

In the right said of the menu bar, change the active keyboard to a Biblical Hebrew keyboard. You will now be able to type in Hebrew. When you are ready to type using transliteration characters, switch to the Transliteration keyboard using the menu bar. Layouts for both keyboard are available in the respective manuals on the SBL website. Click the plus icon in the lower-left, then select the Other category and then one of the Biblical Hebrew keyboards.

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Repeat and add the other keyboard if you wish to activate both. Click the plus icon in the lower-left, then select the Other category and the Transliteration keyboard. Click the plus icon in the lower-left, then select the Greek category and the Greek Polytonic keyboard, or the Other category and one of the Biblical Hebrew keyboards. Click Add. Repeat as necessary to add other keyboards.

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Make sure that the "Show Input menu in menu bar" option is checked, then close the Keyboard window. Search SBL. SBL Hebrew installation and use 1. Open the downloaded Biblical Hebrew Keyboards Installer to unzip it. Modern Hebrew: Also called the "Aramaic square script," this is the font that is used today in Hebrew Bibles and books as well as the alphabet used in Israel today.

This font was created by the Ebionite. Moabite Stone Middle Semitic : This is the script used on the Moabite stone, which is written in Moabite, virtually identical to the Hebrew language and the Paleo-Hebrew script.

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Early Semitic: This font is similar to the "Ancient Hebrew" font above. It was created by AHRC many years ago before any ancient Hebrew fonts existed on the internet , but is a little outdated as much better fonts are now available.

We have chosen to continue to offer it here as many are still using this font. The best method for typing in Hebrew is to add the Hebrew keyboard to your computer. This will allow you to type in Hebrew from right to left. With the Hebrew keyboard you can use various styles of fonts, much the same way you do with the English keyboard.

In order to type in Hebrew from right to left, using the Hebrew alphabet you must configure your computer. The following steps for various operating systems will give you a step by step procedure for doing this. Modern Hebrew: Once your keyboard is set up to type in Hebrew, it will automatically type with Hebrew characters. However, there are plenty of fonts available for Hebrew and if the "David" font is not already on your system, I recommend it. To type Niqud in the Hebrew versions of Windows and Word, place the cursor after the letter you wish to add Niqud to, enter Caps Lock mode, and press shift in conjunction with one of the keyboard character identified in the chart below.

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Besides using Hebrew fonts, an alternative is to use the Hebrew Unicode. HTML and word processors use special codes to add special symbols to the text.

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  • Keyboard Skins;
  • Below are the unicodes for the Hebrew alphabet, the nikkud vowel pointings and other Hebrew symbols.